Kevin Hart had successful back surgery following automobile crash in Hollywood

Kevin Hart facing lengthy recovery/

Kevin Hart faces lengthy recovery.

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MALIBU, Cali — It’s gonna take awhile. But Kevin Hart is expected to make a full recovery from back surgery, this according to his wife Eniko Parrish. The diminutive comic nearly lost his life in an ugly automobile accident early Sunday morning in Malibu, California. Medical professionals said Kevin will have to undergo months of convalescence and physical therapy before he’s even close to 100 percent. According to police reports, Kevin was riding shotgun in his 1970 Plymouth Barracuda with his wife’s personal trainer — Rebecca Broxterman — and her fiancé Jared Black, who was driving.

While traveling at high velocity, the vintage vehicle flipped over a guardrail and ended up in a ditch off Mulholland Highway — a steep road that winds through Hollywood Hills. A gimpy Kevin, 40, was able to egress the jalopy and seek medical assistance while Rebecca and Jared were pinned inside.

After emergency workers sawed off the roof, Jared was airlifted to UCLA Medical Center. Rebecca suffered a few bumps and bruises. There were apparently no intoxicants involved. But speeding could’ve caused the ruination. Witnesses told investigators they heard tires screeching before the car went boom.

What’s your take?

Was Kevin the driver?

If so, does he have something to hide?

Listen to the 911 call then watch footage of the accident.

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Maybe you should buy a car where your feet can touch the peddles so you don’t have to let your friends drive.

  2. I hope he was using his booster seat

  3. robert b. howse

    Can you imagine the look on his purty lil face? The freaking jaws of life. O my nigga u gotta stop sippin the ripple when u drives👮

  4. Bob the Slacker

    Brain Damage won’t change his comedy.

  5. Nasty!
    Best of health to those 3.

  6. Birthday Snatcher

    I’m happy for him, he’ll actually be taller in a wheelchair.

  7. He will be fine an making jokes about it in no time

  8. I feel more bad for that beautiful car

  9. Thetragicprelude

    Doing shit he wasn’t supposed to be doing got hurt, yet no criminal charges.

  10. John Smitherson

    A vintage sport car with no safety features…mmm what can go wrong? This is a calling. It’s time for Hart to make better life choices.

  11. Not being funny but maybe these stars should start driving themselves. Accidents are what they are, I’m just noticing that celebrities are being in bad car accidents either at the height of their career or during a hot come back and it’s when someone else is driving

  12. yall making jokes about this. I hope his recovery is short 🙏💝

  13. He’s so short he didn’t even see it coming.

  14. Weird how he was able to walk off with a major back injury 🧐

  15. Kevin should of used his car seat.

  16. S0ciaLButtaFLy70🦋

    Once u fuck up your back that pain seems to never fully goes away. You pretty much going to have back pain for the rest of your life becoming addicted to pain meds. In Kevin’s case I pray this won’t be an issue for him.

  17. Derrick Jenkins

    This wouldn’t have happened if Kevin was at home with his wife and kids. And not out with his female personal trainer. A lot details left out. His wife demeanor and tone was telling. She sounded like “im so sick this man and his BS”!!!

  18. Anthony Camuccio

    Hes trying to hide the fact that he was driving drunk period….because after you leave the police can no longer claim drubk driving….he was scared those people died and his negligence caused it…

  19. Something ain’t right

  20. Kevin is now a cripple

  21. Maryann Kujawaski

    Somebody isn’t telling the truth. There’s only one man who can walk away , go to his house with three breaks in his back . Superman

  22. Guerline Janvier

    Kevin really need to give his life to Christ GOD give him a second chance he better be grateful for that because some people get to car accident and don’t make it out in life . At the end I don’t care how much money he have or how famous he is if he don’t have JESUS he don’t have nothing in life so he better get it together

  23. Kevin had to go home to stash his bag

  24. Bernard Martin

    How can Kevin leave the scene with that kind of injury

  25. 1. Kevin was driving
    2. Kevin had drugs on him that’s why he ran.
    3. He knew very well the ILLUMINATI were on his back. They still are.
    4. Nothing you see or hear is real media is fake news propaganda. I just Hope that Kevin is alright.

  26. Elisa Castillo

    Lying ass. HE was driving. Witnesses said the driver got out & walked away 🤔🤔 hmmm that’s not hard to figure out lol

  27. Who gives a shit

  28. People wanna speculate and be quick to judge like they were at the accident and this is what really happened. I’m thankful kevin, Jarrod and his fiancee survived the crash thank God.

  29. PippyLongStockings

    Karma for his cheating ass . Smh

  30. This fucker cannot drive period…. take any vehicle away from this clown

  31. He will have a LIFETIME of back pain and back problems

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