Mexican actress Salma Hayek celebrates birthday No. 53 in scanty 2-piece bikini

Salma Hayek still hot in her 50s/Latina Magazine.

Salma Hayek staying spry. 

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HOLLYWOOD — Salma Hayek just turned 53-years-old. But she looks twenty years younger. In an effort to suppress anatomical self-doubt, the Mexican actress shared a breathtaking birthday selfie that showcases her rockin’ bod in a 2-piece bikini. “Yes, tomorrow I’m 53. So!? Si, mañana cumplo 53. Y!?” Salma wrote on Sunday in both English and Spanish. The tantalizing post garnered ample approbation from Instagram users. One fan wrote, “53 or 35?” Another chimed in with, “You don’t look a day over 35… amazing!”

Pierce Brosnan, Salma’s spoony co-star in “Some Kind of Beautiful,” wrote, “Happy birthday dear Salma.” A longtime proponent of body positivity, Salma has battled amour propre issues since entering her 50s three years ago. She expressed diffidence during a chat with InStyle UK in 2016.

“Well, I am entering my fifties so your body confidence isn’t that good,” Salma explained. “I think it depends on the day, for everybody, there’s some days you say, ‘This is it,’ and you love it. Then there are days when you go, ‘This can not be it! Is this really it?’ So I think it’s up and down all the time!”

Like a bottle of fine wine, Salma continues to improve with age. The “How to Be a Latin Lover” star got hitched at 39 then gave birth to her daughter Valentina at 41. Now she’s donning scanty swimsuits well into her fifties. Damn, what’s next? A porno? Is Salma the hottest 53-year-old ever?

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  1. Ruthless Lover

    Id still fuck her

  2. Is she still hot? Definitely, especially for a 53 year old…but she’s past her prime

  3. Im 53, so yep, id hit it coz i could say ‘i smashedddd selma hayek’

  4. Joshua Cummings

    I Wonder how many people she has been with sexually ?

  5. she.still looks good..but you are hilarious😂😂😂😂😂😂👍👍

  6. Christopher Campbell

    I would hit it still

  7. She looks amazing but she probably kept up her looks,stayed feminine and never hoed around like a smart women because she has a billionaire at the palm of hers hands and knows she can easily be replaced thats real reason why

  8. richard plantan

    She looks great from the chest up.But her stomach is nowhere near the younger version.Also,i would like to see a picture from behind. I bet she would look wide.

  9. I would do anything to her that she wanted me to do.

  10. For 53 shes a hot Milf. She could never compete with a big tit skinny 20 year old.

  11. I think she looks Amazing,, I’d Shag her so hard that her teeth would rattle….!!!!!

  12. BamBam Bigelow

    Classic women, trying to look young/fertile when well past their fertility. I almost feel bad for them….almost.

  13. 🎵You’re just to good to be true. Can’t take my eyes off you. You feel like heaven to touch. I wanna hold you so much.🎵

  14. Jordan Carpenter

    Salma hayek is so F’ing beautiful!

  15. Hottest latina actress on the planet!

  16. bet she got some good azz old pussy

  17. The goddess

  18. SillyAssWhiteBoy

    I wanna lick that plump mexican booty

  19. Timeless beauty. Hope l look like that in my 50s I’m 32 🙊

  20. I hope I age as good as she has 😩❤️

  21. How old was she when she got her first nose job?

  22. My Mexican goddess

  23. Beautiful woman!🤗😍

  24. She is like a fine wine.Only gets better with age.My GOD she is so HOT!!!! But I also love her voice..Just pure class..

  25. Shes is the only woman in the media that looks amazing for 53 , Jennifer Aniston looks really good but when you see her face you can tell she got surgery and Botox already

  26. Casie Silverman

    Shes like a mix of Catherine Zeta Jones and Penelope Cruz.. with a hint of Demi Moore!

  27. Salma Hayek is a great and hooooot Mexican actress 🇲🇽🔥

  28. She is my dreamwoman

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