Mother murdered during ‘road rage’ while teaching her 17-year-old son how to drive

Wilks charged with Smith’s murder/

Tracey Smith got shot in road rage.

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MILWAUKEE — Matthew Wilks, 35, is busy putrefying behind bars after he shot and killed Tracey Smith in front of her teenage son during a senseless road rage altercation. The fatality transpired around 5:15 p.m. Friday evening on a busy thoroughfare in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Tracey, by the way, was a sergeant with the state’s Department of Corrections. She was also a passenger at the time of her murder. According to police reports, Tracey was teaching her 17-year-old kid how to drive when their car was sideswiped by Matthew’s gold van.

The 46-year-old mother immediately jumped out the automobile and “confronted the driver.” A truculent Matthew retaliated by yelling, “Bitch, I’ll kill you!” After more words were exchanged, Matthew pulled out a handgun and opened fire — striking poor Tracey in the heart and lung.

Matthew quickly fled the scene.

But he was later arrested and charged with murder.

Tracey was transported to an area hospital where she ultimately died. Her family is understandably pissed. “I don’t know what to say,” said Ollie Luckett, Tracey’s father. “But I know one thing, the way my daughter lost her life, it wasn’t right. It ain’t right.”

Does Matthew deserve life in prison?

Should motorists stay in their vehicles?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. It truly is sad unfortunate but in today’s society you have to pick your battles and learn that if you’re going to engage with somebody then be prepared to go all the way because you never know what that person is capable of

  2. Praying for justice for you babygirl♥️

  3. This is getting out of hand. It is really not this serious. I been in road rage and drove away. I had nothing to prove, that is why I drove off.

  4. That mouth and the need to get the last word 😂😂😂

  5. Geez!! What in the world?

  6. Wow people c’mon

  7. What in the world is right! Shot a woman , road rage?? OMG !!

  8. RIP😭

  9. Condolences to the family, I 👃the person responsible, be brought to justice. I 👃for comfort & strength for the family.This sweet lady was a mother that will be surely missed by all. Remember the good memories, not how she died, but how she lived. I loss my mother 13 years ago, seem like yesterday, I still miss her everyday. Be blessed👃💞

  10. This world is fucked up

  11. where is black lives matter and al sharpton?

  12. Mohamed Abdull

    Tf he kill her for? Over a small rear end

  13. Hang the bastard

  14. thats fucked up

  15. Saundra Monroe

    Praying for the son and family 🙏🏾❤️

  16. Just a typical day in black land.

  17. What a beautiful lady. What is wrong with people? All he had to do was drive away.

  18. Mostly Black People Die in Road Rage 😂😂😂

  19. My heart goes out to her son. Can we please have a fast pass death penalty for senseless murders like this? This poor child is now going to have to endure seeing his mother’s murderer several times and rehash the story over and over throughout the court proceedings. I hope for his sake things move very quickly to the death penalty.

  20. Boy they sure like killing one another

  21. Another worthwhile contributor to society wasted by an idiot…sad.

  22. Said and tragic story. I bet the short-fused, short-sighted shooter is sorry now. My he rot in a jail cell forever.

  23. A real tough Man, shot a Woman and ran.

  24. How can anybody just get some angry and shoot somebody, especially a women! Very sad world we live in!

  25. this man has done a lot of wrong in one day……he will be sorry for this day the rest of his life,…may god forgive him cause nobody else can….

  26. People need to get a grip and just chill. Nothing in this world should cause a person so much anger that you shoot another person without regards of human life. This young man has no care about life of others or his own. So, sad this beautiful woman’s life was cut too short. Hope, they throw him in jail for the rest of his life. We, need to learn how to live in peace not anger.

  27. He “MURDERED” a young women, over what? Nothing he should get life!!!!

  28. He’s a 35 year old BLACK man, which you failed to mention. If he had been white, it would be news 24/7 for weeks, but this doesn’t fit your narrative, so it’s just a sad unnecessary road rage incident.

  29. if you can’t control your temper you ave no justification in having a driver’s license

  30. a damn shame

  31. This is so tragic. She had so much to offer the decent and good people in our society. The evil is growing stronger by the minute. My thoughts and prayers to her precious child. 😢

  32. They need to give these road rage shooters the death penalty right off the back no sitting in prison for 20 years on tax payers money. You shoot someone in a road rage then you get put to death right away..

  33. Antonio Macias

    Moral of the story is don’t aggressively confront people you don’t know, they might be crazy. When you act like you want smoke they might give it to you. That’s why I try to be polite to everyone, you just never know.

  34. The old saying goes, if you go looking for trouble, you will surely find it! Your not a good mom when you pull your child into harms way.

  35. RIP baby girl Im so sorry u had to come across this evil person!

  36. Killing over something this minor means rehabilitation is impossible. Why not hang him and be done with it?

  37. Danny Young jr

    This is a fucked up situation… can’t blame one without blaming the other….in my opinion….

  38. I hope they beat his ass in prison

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