‘Bad Boys for Life’ trailer finally released, ‘sequel’ coming to theaters January 2020

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are back/People.com.

Bad Boys for Life trailer is released.

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MIAMI — “We ride together. We die together. Bad boys for life.” On the heels of a 16-year hiatus, Miami detectives Mike Lowery and Marcus Burnett are back to proliferate their body bag summation in “Bad Boys for Life,” the franchise’s third installment set to hit movie theaters January 17, 2020. The film is directed by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah. Michael Bay directed the first two. Will Smith, who portrays trigger-happy Mike, released a trailer of the action-packed comedy. In classic bad boy fashion, the clip opens with Marcus (Martin Lawrence) concocting structural defilement to Mike’s high-priced sports car.

“Aw sh*t… you can get that buffed out,” Marcus said after slamming the door against a fire hydrant.

“No, you can get that buffed out,” Mike retorted.

Moments later, Marcus absorbs a vicious left hook to the countenance from a tattooed malefactor. “I’m gonna penetrate this man’s soul with my heart,” Marcus explained before getting knocked the f*ck out. A satirical Mike replied, “How deep do you think you got into his soul?”

In what appears to be their last hurrah before retirement, Mike and Marcus are out to take down an Albanian mercenary who’s looking to avenge his brother’s quietus.

Again, the film hits movie theaters January 17th.

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  1. Martin has gotten fat

  2. I always wanted a big mommas x badboys teamup

  3. cat .gonzalezz

    My girl gab union better be in this movie

  4. Beyondflawless24

    I know what I’m doing on my birthday

  5. This movie is going to suck.

  6. Bad boys, bad boys
    Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do
    When they come for you?
    Bad boys, bad boys
    Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do
    When they come for you?

  7. Wait till bootleg come out…

  8. Martin looking fat and old…

  9. Damn Martin couldn’t hire a personal trainer before the movie?? Lol

  10. Luis Velasquez

    Holy sh*t there back

  11. Ruthless Lover

    damn martin looks like big momma now

  12. James Johnston

    That car looks amazing. That movie looks doo doo.

  13. Martin has ring rust for sure. Expected this but i cant help but be disappointed at how disappointed i know ill be with this. I cant decide if im at least glad they tried or not. Its like getting a new puppy to replace your childhood pup. Sure its cute, but its just not the same.

  14. Will smith is evergreen ❣️

  15. One Life 0 Limits

    One badass movie

  16. Hell yeah😭❤️ waited a long time for this

  17. Timm Francis The Lover

    Shyt is official💯

  18. Prism Matthews

    Wait…no Michael Bay?????? No wonder things look a little different 🥴

  19. Wait a minute…Will Smith still looks the same…but what happened to Martin Lawrence???…🙀

  20. Martin Lawrence should of lost some weight for the movie at least.

  21. Martin got fat.

  22. Carter Mickens

    Bruh Marin Lawrence still rocking big mama suit in this move? Big mama is now undercover.

  23. Harith Anti Bully

    Stop with the FAT jokes..just enjoy the movie

  24. People keep talking bout Martin like he hasent done a movie in like 3 4 years he might look a little older but hes not out a shape he looks like how a wealthy man his age should look and he’s just getting back into the the swing of acting again Will Smith on the other hand is in a movie every year if not two movies a year wich means he has to stay in shape stay camera ready at all time because hes allways getting new roles or auditioning for one and he’s younger thin Martin you not going to look young your whole life Martin dont even have to do movies any more he did this for his fans will and money of corse

  25. It’s about damn time the boys got back to work

  26. FatBoy Fatboy…..
    what you gonna do?
    what you gonna do?
    When a hamburguer come to you ..!!😃

  27. Martin Lawrence from Bad Boys III look like he ate Martin from Bad Boys I

  28. The legend Martin is back 💯💯💯

  29. Did martin lawrence have a stroke ? Either that or he is going to get one through the movie. Just the way he talks, makes me worrie about his health.

  30. We ride together, we die together Bad Boys for life.

  31. Ariana Westwood

    Will Smith: forever the fresh prince
    Martin Lawrence: forever big mama

  32. ThisIsTheEndPt2

    Produced by will Smith.
    Catering by Martin Lawrence.

  33. Pasha Nor Mohamud

    Only Will Smith can make getting out a car look cool.

  34. Nathanial Dupont

    One of these has aged better than the other.

  35. Bad Boys 3 🔥🔥🔥


  36. Damnnn Martin lost his whole neck over the years 😂

  37. Im glad martin lawrence wont see this comment section, everyone is fat shaming the fella, leave him alone or don’t judge him simple.

  38. LOVED the first one. The 2nd was incredible visually, but I thought lacked the soul of the original. Absolutely mind bending action sequences though. I’m a fan of the series so it’ll be interesting to see a Bad Boys installment without Michael Bay directing. Say what you will about Bay but when it comes to action scenes idk if there’s anyone better.

  39. Can’t wait!!! 🤗🤗

  40. When did having a little weight on become a license to endless insults? Martin didn’t look sick or like he’s crazy out of breath! Stop the drama people. Most people gain weight as they age. A little chubby ain’t never hurt no one. Can’t wait to see this movie, these two together are hilarious. They look healthy and happy!

  41. Martin got a lil big 🤣

  42. Viacheslav Shargorodskyi

    It’s official: Will Smith doesn’t age

  43. SharpWanker Elite

    This is gonna be awful but I’m gonna watch it

  44. This movie is gonna be 🔥!

  45. Christopher Cross

    This looks bad and Martin looks fat and it’s weird.

  46. just your average 2000s kid

    Bet reggie is at least 30

  47. I don´t fucking care who´s fat or not, i´ve been watching bad boys since i was a kid so this is a huge news for me, and the best of it is that the premier is the same day of my father b-day who loves this movie

  48. Johnathan Pitcock

    Its gonna be really great to see Martin back on the big screen, it’s been too damn long since the last time! Greatest buddy cop movies ever made in my book! I’m starting to feel a little old now, can’t believe how long it’s been since the first one came out! Martin has put on a little weight I noticed, too many damn doughnuts I presume lol.

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