Antonio Brown released by the Raiders, becomes member of champion Patriots

Brown saga comes to a close in Oakland/

Antonio Brown exudes insanity.

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OAKLAND — One day, they’re gonna concoct a movie about his black ass because his antics are must-see theater. Since signing a lucrative 3-year, $50 million deal with the Oakland Raiders, it’s been one calamity after another for embattled receiver Antonio Brown. First, he made an ingress at training camp riding a hot-air balloon. Then he comically froze his feet during a cryotherapy accident in France. Then he bitched and complained about getting a new helmet. Then he eschewed practice. Then he tried to kick general manager Mike Mayock’s ass after calling him a “cracker” and a “devil” in front of the entire team during practice.

Then he apologized to the franchise in an oddball, impromptu press conference. Then he was fined more than $215,000. Then he taped a private phone conversation with head coach Jon Gruden and publicized it.

Whew! Get all that?

After the dust had settled, Brown woke up Saturday morning and asked the Raiders for a dismissal. He got his wish. The 31-year-old malcontent was given a pink slip roughly two hours after he posted “Release me Raiders” on Instagram. Brown also waved goodbye to $30 million in contractual guarantees.

The cessation brought a merciful close to a saga that garnered national punchlines on the daily. The truculent Brown never played a down for Gruden’s Raiders despite the fact Mayock gave up third and fifth round draft choices to acquire the star wideout from the Pittsburgh Steelers back in March.

It’s arguably the worst trade in NFL history.

“We just have exhausted everything,” Gruden told reporters on Saturday.

“We tried every way possible to make it work. All I’m gonna say is, it’s disappointing. I’m really proud of our players, our coaches, our owner, our front office. We did everything we could to make this work. I’m sorry it didn’t. I apologize, but I will tell you I am very proud of what we did as an organization to try and I wish Antonio nothing but the best and I’m sorry that we never got a chance to see him in Silver and Black.”

“Very disappointing in my career as a coach,” Gruden continued. “I really looked forward to coaching him, but it’s not gonna happen. I’m not gonna sit here and talk about it all day, we got 12 rookies, we got a lot to be excited about. I wish Antonio the very best.”

Brown, who’s accused of raping his former trainer, wasn’t unemployed for long.

An hour later, he agreed to a 1-year, $15 million deal with the New England Patriots.

Brown also has a $20 million team option for 2020.

So he has a chance to earn more than what Oakland offered.

Was this the plan all along?

Did Brown scam the Raiders?

Was there tampering involved?

Here’s my take:

Brown is indeed a jackass.

But he’s also an astute businessman who’s laid out the perfect blueprint for his peers specific to how to egress contractual obligations. In other words, if you act an ass, NFL owners will be forced to release you. There’s a good chance Brown won’t stick with the Patriots but it doesn’t matter.

He’s won both the battle and the war.

Love him or hate him, Brown is a pompous millennial who understands his self-worth and how capitalism works. See, he realizes old, wealthy white men need his black ass to stay rich. Think about it. Brown called his boss a “cracker” and a “devil” and the Raiders still begged that negro to stay.

He’s not alone.

Running back Ezekiel Elliot swindled Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones out of a multi-million dollar contract despite having two years left on his deal. Zeke and his agent played the elderly Jones because they know he’s old, senile and desperate to win. Ditto for Julio Jones and a few others.

Yessir, millennial athletes have finally woken up and billionaire owners are kissing their crusty black asses and lickin’ their nuts. Personally, I think it’s funny and long overdue. Hate to admit it. But, emasculated negroes from the 1960s could’ve learned a lot from today’s youth.

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  1. BILL BELICHECK is having a free agentgasm right now

  2. It's Me Carlos

    good riddance asshole

  3. Nathan M. LAZER

    Racist Craaackers.

  4. Fiat Voluntas Tua

    Utter Moron.

  5. I last longer in bed

  6. Derrick Nguyen

    Joker or AB – who is the bigger clown?

  7. for 30 million dollars i’ll attend any team meetings, and to wear any helmet

  8. Christina Perry

    That’s pathetic. He gets a $30 million dollar contract, yet he doesn’t even play a single regular season game. 🙄

  9. The GOAT Family

    Raiders fans gonna burn his jersey 😂

  10. It’s all business. Back to football no more headaches for the Raiders.

  11. Good riddance to this racist.

  12. Cesar Guerrero

    Aw man. Good luck AB

  13. 😂😂 it’s sad, you gettin paid millions of dollars to do something you love and you crying about a helmet 😂👌🏽 wow.

  14. SirYeaouschAlot

    Welp pats winning the bowl again

  15. The raiders traded away a 3rd and 5th for 215k hahahahahahahaha

  16. Christian Soldier

    Jerry Porter… Randy Moss….Antonio Brown…… The #84 is cursed for the Raiders SMH

  17. Who wants this stupid bastard?

  18. Ruthless Lover

    fuck that nigga

  19. ho hum just another reason I stopped watching the NFL

  20. Jeremy Newhouse

    If you don’t believe this shit is fake now I don’t know what else you need to see.

  21. Clinton Alford

    Brown and New England Patriots set up this entire situation.

  22. Collusion

  23. Brady gets Antonio Brown, Edelman, Amendola, Randy Moss, Gronk, Hernandez, and in the past Troy Brown, etc…..never a fair fight. Brady’s had the cheat code going on 2 decades….he must be killed.

  24. Every Villain Is Lemons

    AB played both the Pittsburgh Steelers & Oakland Raiders like fiddles
    He will find that Coach Belichick is kind.
    All he requires is that he kneel.

  25. AB’s three sons: where’s ben roethlisberger ain’t he the quarterback?
    AB: Naw, I don’t play for him no more, I play for Tom Brady! The G.O.A.T,
    AB’s three sons: what happen to derek carr? I thought he was your new quarterback
    AB: derek who?

  26. TIME is on MY SIDE

    😆 Goat Belichick
    Planned all along get ready for the launch of

  27. It’s Over NFL! Patriots Champions AGAIN!!!😆😆😆

  28. NFL has to start investigating tampering

  29. reggie simmons

    Tampering is obviously not a thing in the NFL 🤣🤣🤣

  30. La Familia 5 C

    Once again Patriots executing their plan all along. AB praising Belichick and Tom Brady – unbelievable if he could play vs former team Steelers.
    Have to feel bad for Raiders
    Next AB running for 2020 😂🤣

  31. I’m sorry, weren’t Raiders fans saying “good riddance” like , 2 damn hours ago ?? Lol…signs with NE and all of the sudden now its a conspiracy 😂

  32. Antonio, Gordon, Edelman, White, Michelle, Brady, Captain America, Superman, Goku, Hulk, Batman, Us. Marines, Pikachu and Little mac. Jeez these Patriots.

  33. Patriots should be instant favorites. Unbelievable.

  34. This is why Bill Bellichek is the grandmaster of the chess board!!! There is no such thing as fair in competition

  35. I hope he causes all kinds of problems, and the Patriots have a horrible season !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. That mf aint crazy. Fronting. Who wants to be in pitt or oak??? Cant blame him. Job well done AB. You just may have an acting career after you get yo ring(s). This why they need to stop bsn around with paying players. Made a fool outta NFL.

  37. God must really love Tom Brady

  38. Even Pats fans know this reeks of tampering lol All credit to the Pats though..well played..Gronk announcing he is coming out of retirement by week six in 3…2…1

  39. I would love to know when the scheming to join the Pats started. After the frozen feet…maybe after or during the helmet thing? Maybe even before all that?

  40. Can you say collision? I bet of the league was to investigate, they would find contact by either a player, coach or front office person with AB or Drew. Why else would AB tell the Raiders to release him and then within hours, New England picked him up. Collision baby!

  41. NFL is becoming a corny wwf soap opera

  42. Calvin Barboza

    Antonio Brown?
    More like Antonio Clown!

  43. Eduardo Mendez

    Good luck AB
    Doubt you’ll get forced feed the ball with Brady at quarterback
    Your stats are gonna suffer and can’t wait to see you complain
    Patriots Receiving leaders
    2018 Julian Edelman 850yds 6td
    2017 Brandon Cook 1082 7td
    2016 Julian Edelman 1106 11td
    2015 Gronk 1176 11td

  44. David Bertrand

    Thanks to AB and the Patriots for proving yet again if you have the talent to play in the NFL you will regardless of personal behavior. Staring at you Kaepernick.

  45. Weird that he was on a plane to N.E. hours later after being cut by the raiders.
    No doubt this was planned.

  46. He acting like a slave getting his freedom.

  47. Nintendad816 *

    What an embarrassment . The best move of the raiders off season was releasing this clown

  48. look up the texts that he sent to that girl that he came on her back.. seems like a pretty stupid 2 sided person

  49. Raymond Carnevali

    The Steelers could never win the big games with this guy he cost us the game in Denver last year. Ben has had many great receivers Hines Ward, Plexico, Santonio Holmes, Mike Wallace, JuJu Smith Shuster was the best last Year. This guy ran away because he couldn’t stand being the second best receiver on the Steelers behind JuJu

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