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Canadian star Bianca Andreescu spanked Serena Williams in the ‘2019 U.S. Open’

Bianca Andreescu takes down Serena Williams/Getty Images.

Serena falls to Canadian star.

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NEW YORK — Last summer it was 20-year-old Naomi Osaka. This time it’s 19-year-old Bianca Andreescu. For the second straight year, Serena Williams locked horns with a chick half her age in the finals of the U.S. Open. But, unfortunately for her, it was the same ramification. The 37-year-old Williams went down 6-3, 7-5 in straight sets Saturday afternoon in front of a partisan crowd of 24,000 at New York’s Arthur Ashe Stadium. Poor Andreescu had no fans in the stands. Had Williams won, she would’ve tied Margaret Court’s record with 24 Grand Slam titles.

Film director Spike Lee, Dutchess Meghan Markle and CBS news anchor Gayle King were among the many celebrities in attendance. At first, it looked like a blowout. But, after falling behind 5-1 in the second set, Williams won 4 games in a row to tie the score.

“I was just fighting at that point,” Williams said during the post-match Q&A.

“Just trying to stay out there a little bit longer.”

Yessir, Williams fought hard but it wasn’t meant to be.

Andreescu, from Canada, took the last two games to win her first major.

“I’m just beyond grateful and truly blessed,” said an elated Andreescu. “I’ve worked really hard for this moment. This year has been a dream come true. Being able to play on this stage against Serena, a true legend in this sport, is amazing.”

Speaking of Canada, it’s been a memorable year for the northern country. The Toronto Raptors won their first NBA title. Andreescu mimicked the feat, giving Canada its first U.S. Open championship.

“Bianca played an unbelievable match,” said Williams, who was making her 33rd appearance in a Grand Slam final. “It was incredible tennis out there. I just wish I could have played better.”

Williams has lost her last four Grand Slams and she ain’t gettin’ no younger.

Will she ever win another one?

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Sports are just so fake. Canada gets their first grand slam champion the same year their only NBA team gets their first championship? Hahaha

  2. Serena looks sloppy and bewildered at times.she better get ready next year to break record, now 0-4 in finals since having child

  3. The US crowd should be ashamed… so much disrespect towards Bianca 🇨🇦🥇

  4. The wannabe princess Meghan Markle all the way from the U.K. looks rather distressed. Almost
    the same SICK expression that Queen Elizabeth had listening to the black Jive Choir at St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle for the royal wedding.

  5. Serena got steamrolled, and couldn’t blame it on a sexist chair empire.

  6. I’m surprised she didn’t have another cry baby meltdown like last time.

  7. Never watch tennis before but are the female tennis players always this thicc

  8. Love how all the blacks cheer exclusively for their black champion, Serena Williams, while the white folk cheer for their friends, regardless of color.

  9. Serena hands down gracious in defeat. For a guy with those many slams..awesome really.

  10. US Open fans are ghetto for sharking Bianca! Anything to help SW the career drug cheat

  11. I have a question, and maybe I am wrong about this and maybe it’s just the camera or perception, but why do black fans cheer predominately for black athletes , while anglo fans seem to cheer for which ever is their favorite, whatever their ethnicity.

  12. @Christian: Because black people, at least the vast majority of them hate white people. You are not imagining anything. You are simply observing the obvious, black people are very tribal and will always cheer and vote for people who share their skin pigmentation.

  13. It’s official: the Duchess of Sussex is Serena Williams’ bad luck charm.

  14. I love you Serena!! You are the GOAT 🐐 God Bless You And Your Beautiful Family!!🙏🏆🏸🎾🏆🐐🥰😘

  15. So hard to watch, Serena yet again 4th opportunity at a shot of grand slam title, fail to convert

  16. Every time. Markle shows up for serena she loses. Maybe markle should have put her efforts to the. Bahamas instead of showboating.

  17. Multiculturalism is white race extermination. Say goodbye to blonde hair and blue eyes, red hair and freckles, green eyes… everyone will just be brown. Sad.

  18. Serena is a fat pig 37 cant run and Andreescu is the real deal all court game and mentally strong.

  19. 24,000 pro americans,a princess and serena couldnt stop the new queen of tennis!!🐕

  20. There is not a player in this world who is not subject to a loss,whatever Serena decides to do from this point on is her choice,but one thing no one can deny are take away from her is,that she will be in history as one if not the greatest champion of all time only Margarett Court has won more champioships than her,my God what an accomplishment,any thing else is just a bonus so whether people like her or hate her no one can (truthfully) deny that

  21. Good to see that racist crowd led by the very racist head klansman Spike Lee lose to the Canuck.

  22. I keep telling everyone this fact: Serena cannot win without her serve. Watch literally every grand slam match in the past…she had an ace everytime she needed one. Facing a BP? Ace. Opponent playing well? Ace their confidence away. Ever since her comeback, she’s not the same as far as her serve goes.

  23. Serena is nearly 40 years old, going against 19 year old athletes, plus she’s a woman who had a baby not to long ago. She was never going to be on top forever. It wasn’t even that her game was necessarily off. It’s age. It’s catching up. Serena was a freak of nature. Put a 19, 20 or even 25 year old Serena against these girls who recently defeated her, and she’d have destroy them. All athletes, and especially female athletes, have only so much time while they’re in their prime. Serena is a legend, and she already left her mark. Time for the new breed to leave theirs, which they’re doing by taking out the old guard. It’s SUPPOSED to happen this way.

  24. All of you serena haters out there if she never hit a tennis ball again her record will never be broken in my lifetime or yours so you have a lot of years to be miserable so sad remember they said tiger would never win another green jacket.

  25. That crowd made me want to vomit. Bianca totally outplayed and outsmarted Serena, loved every minute of it. Go Bianca!

  26. Williams has always been over-hyped and over rated. Now she is little more than an over the hill player that just won’t retire.

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