Trans woman Bee Love Slater is ‘brutally torchered’ before her body is set on fire

Transgender woman Bee Love Slater brutally murdered/

Transgender chick brutally murdered.

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CLEWISTON — Law enforcement officials in South Florida are investigating the grisly quietus of 23-year-old Bee Love Slater. She’s the 18th transgender person murdered this year. Most of the victims are African American he-shes. Bee’s cadaver was found burnt to a crisp inside an automobile on September 4th. The fatality transpired in Clewiston, Florida. Many believe she was roasted alive. “Trans women deserve dignity and respect, just like any other person,” said Micky Bradford, an organizer with the Transgender Law Center. “Unfortunately, the only time we seem to be on anyone’s minds is when we are murdered.”

It took authorities several days to identify Bee’s corpse because it was “burned beyond recognition.” Hell, they had to use dental records. Those close to Bee believe it’s a hate crime. “I think she was targeted because of her life style,” said Desmond Vereen who’s known as Bee’s “gay mother.”

Gina Duncan, director at Equality Florida, echoed a similar sentiment. “It’s frustrating, it’s heartbreaking that we continue to witness the absolute slaughter of transgender people,” she said. Rumor has it Bee was hogtied and shot execution-style prior to getting scorched.

Has transgender violence become an epidemic?

Are down-low men most culpable?

Are chicks with dicks being targeted?

Share your thoughts.


  1. Crazy Boyfriendz

    Every trans woman of color needs to be armed at all times; it’s bordering on genocide at this point. Ladies, learn your state’s gun laws and sign up at the nearest shooting range..

  2. 90% of transgenders killed are black. I’m beginning to think this isn’t a transgender thing, but a black thing.

  3. 🐨The murder of trans and biological women hurts and angers me too! To help avoid these dangerous encounters. 1, One must not be involved in relationships where the other party is embarrassed to be seen with them. 2, If one are “turning tricks” then a safe location should be designated, like some form of brothel. Obviously you can’t account for every scenario but I have noticed in recent years that the majority of these murders whether they’re trans women or biological women have followed these two scenarios. I know of some transgenders who are evil and manipulative and all they care about is making money and exposing men “on the down low”.My prayers going out for all, God bless and protect the innocent!👼🙏👼🐨

  4. That is crazy! R.I.P Beautiful! 🙏🙏🙏

  5. Rodney Herring

    Rest in peace beautiful I pray for Justice Heartless heartless heartless

  6. To all my trans ladies, if a man can’t give you love openly and respectfully then keep moving on.He will try his best to dispose you to keep his life a secret.

  7. The hate is very real


  9. dont trust black men, they are the ones killing our transgender sisters of color, spread the news

  10. That man looks like a woman. And that’s the problem. Transsexuals lie about who they are and try to form a relationship with heterosexual man. When the truth is discovered the head of sexual man goes crazy and leads to situations like this

  11. The scary thing is, most of us trans girls have gone on a car ride at night with these “straight” men. This coulda been me a year ago. Very sad rip

  12. I am so dam dam upset and overwhelmed as so many of us leaving so rapidly….over fake love, fake men,, fake illusions of relationships… Please young ladies please pay attention and follow your heart it will never lead you wrong when you get that first inkling something’s not right run with it please…..

  13. Oyebanji Favour

    I don’t accept the whole lgbt way but i will never justify violence based on that or any means. Its sad what happened to him and i hope his soul rest in peace. Nobody deserves this cruelty.

    And if your gonna come at me for calling him a he, they you seriously don’t have anything going on 😔😔

  14. This is so heartbreaking. The world is full of so many evil people, people who take someone’s life like it’s a normal thing 2 do. I pray this women gets justice, so she can Rest In Peace.🙏🏻

  15. If down low men are killing transgenders, then basically this is nothing more than LGBT on LGBT crime… Call it what it is…😐

  16. Diary of an angry black man

    So if these weirdos know the dangers so-calledand the discrimination a phase why not just be normal it’s not like being black I can’t take my skin off you could easily just be normal like the cuz a lot of them be tricking straight man I seen tv. But a lot of those straight man definitely be on thecuz I can definitely tell if a woman or so-called woman is a tranny or not I don’t call them women are not women

  17. Stop calling this mentally deranged individual a woman. This was a man in pantyhose. These indoctrinated liberals attempting to shove insane narratives down our throats and expect us to share in their delusions. Just proves you slap on a wig, some false titties and high heels doesn’t make you a woman. If you were born male you will die male.

  18. Just wear shirts with “gay” on it, because , you’re not women, never will be , and dressing as a woman is deceiving on purpose! You’re embarrassed to be gay and should be, because , you look ridiculous.

  19. Imagine If y’all were going through what their going through . To not be accepted, to be murderd . I can’t stand the hate that these women get

  20. They chose to pretend to be women so they should deal with the consequences

  21. Yall better stop messing with these DL Black Men.. they killing yall left & Right.. Just stay away from them

  22. Yes take em all out one by one keep up the good work killasz

  23. He is a he.

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