Rihanna throws 5th ‘Diamond Ball’ amid scuttlebutt she’s barefoot and pregnant

Rihanna’s Diamond Ball was off the chain/Getty Images

An Insider dispels pregnancy rumor.

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NEW YORK — “Throw it up, throw it up. Watch it all fall out. Pour it up, pour it up. That’s how we ball out…” Amid scuttlebutt she’s barefoot and gravid, pop songstress Rihanna threw her 5th annual Diamond Ball on Thursday in New York. The star-studded fundraiser was held in honor of the Clara Lionel Foundation, an organization that proffers medical and academic succor to penurious communities worldwide. The association’s moniker was derived from Rihanna’s grandparents. The shindig was emceed by ‘Late Night’ host Seth Meyers.

Meek Mill, Cardi B, A$AP Rocky, Carmelo and La La Anthony were among the many celebs in attendance. Performances were given by Rihanna, DJ Khaled, Pharrell Williams, Fat Joe and 2 Chainz to name a few. As for pregnancy rumors and Rihanna’s alleged baby bump? An insider dispelled the bavardage shortly after the charitable gala, saying there’s no bun in the oven (at least not yet).

In case you didn’t know, Rihanna is the inamorata of Saudi billionaire Hassan Jameel. They’ve been together 2 years. Word on the street claims Hassan prohibits Rihanna from donning risqué apparel. Nevertheless… during her performance, Rihanna said she’s giving birth to a black woman.

Does that mean she’s pregnant?

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  1. Sanskriti Karki

    Of course she is . When I saw her vacation pics I already knew it

  2. Madamelogicbombdropper

    Sweet! Hope she has a healthy happy baby😍😍😙

  3. Maybe Rihana is pregnant 🤰 she looks like it !!!!

  4. Jason Shampansky

    So what if she is pregnant , is she the first woman ever to get pregnant smh 🤦‍♂️ there just celebrities there not from another planet

  5. she must be pregnant…wonder what Breezy is going to feel when he finds out! Chris can u handle this ?

  6. Im so happy for her this is a new chapter in her life and everybody she be excited for her decision 😊❤

  7. I’m soo happy she doesn’t give a fuck about y’all views.

  8. MsDeeTheHoneyBee Wilson

    They say she’s pregnant every 3 months. She might just need to boo boo.

  9. She said she is giving birth to a black woman! Soooo it really sounds like she is pregnant and knows the gender!!! It’s not body shaming to think someone is pregnant, it’s beautiful! It looks just like a baby bump!!

  10. why does media think every female celebrity that doesn’t have a flat stomach is pregnant?
    its actually so fucking rude.

  11. She said she was going to give birth to a black woman … Shes having a girl ❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

  12. She is on the top of her game, why would she get a baby now?!

  13. That woman will always be one of the most beautiful people in the world, no matter how her body looks like ❤

  14. Guys just coz a girl wants to eat food and enjoy life doesn’t mean she’s pregnant ok

  15. I hope she’s pregnant
    She will be a great mom💕

  16. Crystal Franklin

    She’s pregnant

  17. She not pregnant. Dress just cut weird. And she a lil thick!

  18. Rihanna is beautiful 😍

  19. It’s her dress people. She’s not pregnant 😒

  20. God Bless Rihanna! This is one of the most meaningful charities, I hope she raised a lot of money for cancer research and helping those who cannot pay for treatment.

  21. It’s Ri-hanna Nigga!!👑♥️♥️🎵🎶

  22. She’s saying she’s gonna give birth to a black woman because she is BLACK. Not cause she’s having a bby right now. She does look kinda pregos tho

  23. Im pregnant and nobody cares lol

  24. Why does it even fucking matter? Billions of women have given birth. She isn’t fucking special

  25. Mermaidreviews469

    Aww the diamond ball is a pretty good I always thought it was just for fashion I never knew it was for charity that’s wonderful

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