Ric Ocasek, the lead singer of “The Cars,” passed away, Billy Idol suspects ‘suicide’

Ocasek found dead, leaves behind wife and children/Billboard.com

Rick Ocasek was found deceased. 

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NEW YORK — Damn. First Eddie Money. Now this. Ric Ocasek, lead singer of “The Cars,” has migrated to that big recording studio in the sky. The lanky, sunglassed musician was found deceased inside his Manhattan apartment Sunday afternoon. He was 70 or 75, depending on the source. According to the New York Police Department, officers were dispatched to Ocasek’s residence around 4 p.m. after receiving a 911 call. When they arrived, the rock icon was found dead from what appears to be heart disease.

Medical examiners determined there was no foul play involved. However, British artist Billy Idol disseminated a communiqué via Twitter that indicates otherwise. He suspects suicide. “Sorry 2 hear about #ricocasek RIP loved his work with the band #Suicide,” he tweeted.

Ocasek’s quietus comes a year after “The Cars” were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Shortly after getting enshrined, we learned the “Drive” vocalist and his wife — supermodel Paulina Porizkova — were seeking divorcement after 28 years of holy matrimony. They share two children.

Ocasek and his sidekick — Benjamin Orr — formed the band in 1976.

Do you believe the suicide rumor?

Was Ocasek depressed over his marriage?

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  1. So that means his wife is up for grabs? Hubba hubba

  2. So sad😔 another singer/entertainer has passed. RIP RO🌹 & EM.🌹

  3. arthur workman

    In the same damn week – Eddie Money now Ric Ocasek – wow who’s next. The had a string of hits – “since you’re gone” – “Let the good times rule” – “drive” which I fell in love with almost immediately. My heart goes out to both Eddie Money and Ric Ocasek’s families and friends and other associates. Both of these legends will be truly and greatly missed. They are both pioneers in music. Most of these 90’s & latest rock artists & groups wouldn’t even exist if it were not for these two greats.

  4. Brenda Paddlety

    Heartbreak after heartbreak 💔 2 great guys of rock gone 😢 Rest In Peace 🙏

  5. RIP The Great Ric Ocasek!

  6. Ric’s death just came as a shock to me as Eddie’s did. I grew up listening to the Cars in the 80s when Heartbeat City was selling and producing hit singles like You Might Think, Magic, and Drive. Will this be a repeat of 2016 when we lost Glenn Frey, Prince, David Bowie, And George Michael to name a few other artists? Rest in peace, Ric and Eddie!

  7. Loved the Cars growing up. R.I. P. Ric O.

  8. RIP Rick! 😢🙏🏼☮️❤️

  9. It’s getting bad folks – everybody is leaving. RIP Ric

  10. What? No!!! 😢 R.I.P.

  11. Was a huge fan of the Cars and Ric Ocasek in the late 70’s! Amazing music and amazing times! You made a difference in so many lives with your music! R.I.P. sir!

  12. Horrible week for rock….Ric and Eddie Money were REAL talents

  13. One of my all time favorite bands…

  14. Damn it…💔💔💔💔

  15. Why couldn’t it have been Justin Timberlake instead?!!

  16. Im just wondering when mick Jagger is going to die

  17. Robert Zoccano

    At 75? Why divorce? I think he was heartbroke. Common sense. Hmmmm.

  18. Awwww the memories and music that made MTV great. So sorry he’s gone. Loved the 70ies and 80ies. Love MTV back then when music was fun I miss the good ole days

  19. Scribbler Squire

    RIP; thanks for the music and fun times.

  20. RIP Ric. WTF,,,,?? Was he 70 or 75???? Anyway, a lot of great times listening to The Cars.

  21. Laberta Jean Largo

    OMG 🙁 Sad to hear . We’re going g to miss you you RIC Ocasek RIP
    But your music will never die. Let ….The Good Times Roll.

  22. R.I.P. Ric, your music and songs are in my
    fond memories. 🎸🎶

  23. Ric Okasek produced the second album by the band named SUICIDE, I’m sure this is what Billy Idol meant, that he loved his work with that band. His sad demise was a result of heart problems and he passed away not long after complicated heart surgery.

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