Suicide Squad 2: Who’s in, Who’s out?

Harley Quinn back for more drama in Suicide Squad sequel/DC Comics

Suicide Squad 2 roster revealed. 

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HOLLYWOOD — After weeks of conjecture, we finally have an idea of who’s in and who’s out specific to the cinematic roster of DC’s Suicide Squad sequel scheduled for release August 2021. Filmmaker James Gunn divulged the lineup Friday afternoon on Twitter with the caption, “Don’t get too attached,” which insinuates many of the newbies will be killed off before the ending credits. WWE icon John Cena, British thespian Idris Elba, comedian Taika Waititi and Scottish actor Peter Capaldi are making their SS debut.

But Gunn didn’t specify their roles.

The list of returning cast members include Viola Davis (Amanda Waller), Margot Robbie (Harley Quinn), Jai Courtney (Captain Boomerang) and Joel Kinnaman (Rick Flag). Surprisingly, Will Smith (Deadshot) and Jared Leto (Joker) won’t be back. Not sure why. Maybe they have better sh*t to do.

Are you excited about the sequel?

Will it top its predecessor?

Share your thoughts.


  1. No Will Smith? Dissapointed

  2. No Will Smith 🙁

  3. I’m glad they dont have Will Smith.
    He is way too famous for movie roles like this. I’m sure it saves on budget too.

  4. I was hoping robbie wasnt in it. Shame, looks like it’ll still be garbage.

  5. It ain’t suicide squad without dead shot

  6. Dumb and Harmless

    I’m gonna miss Will Smith as Deadshot though.

  7. It's Me Carlos

    where the fuck is jared leto??????

  8. Jeffrey Lieberman

    I sure hope they pick a better name for the movie then the almost exact same sounding name of the other movie. Sounds weird and confusing.

  9. Javier Guardado

    Glad captain boomerang is coming back he was cool in suicide squad I have no idea why they are redoing this movie it was already perfect in my opinion

  10. James Gunn is nothing but a filthy PEDOPHILE

  11. Jared Leto definitely deserves another chance as The Joker, cause we haven’t seen his full potential yet

  12. Who asked for ANOTHER Suicide Squad? The other one was bad enough.

  13. I want Jared Leto back as the joker it annoys me how everyone was hating on him bc he was written poorly and we didn’t see half his scenes

  14. Tj Holowaychuk

    Well, it can’t be worse than the other one

  15. Already like the movie because of no Will Smith! 😁

  16. Nishad Francis

    They should at least Give Jared Leto another chance. He got like 3 minutes in the last one

  17. This looks a rip off ….💩 director..💩 new cast…(Except Margot Robbie💗)..nothing like the original..Another 💩 Sequel ruining the franchise….👎🏻

  18. Clément Paillas




  20. Will smith carried suicide squad on his shoulders .

  21. Marvel better tighten up. DC is gathering steam. If enough directors and writers come to DC, they could make a major move because they own all of their characters. Justice League Dark could be a breakout hit if done right.

  22. Dakota Martinez

    No no no. we want the original fucking cast. your can’t make “original movie memories fade” WE WANT ORIGINAL CAST AND SUICIDE SQUAD 2 NOT A TRASH REBOOT. this new “The Suicide Squad” is gonna be a total flop ✌👌

  23. A lot of those actors will happily killed off because they have so many other projects in the works to keep them busy. It may just be Margot Robbie at the end.

  24. I’m not watching it without Leto and Harley. Leto was the best joker hands down

  25. Christopher Garrett

    Love the cast. Ofcourse you expect a movie like suicide squad to kill people off.


  27. Aldo Gutierrez

    Hell No! there is no way they will make me fall once more!
    fool me once shame on you DC… shame on you!!

  28. Diego Van Buggenhout

    captain boomerang and Rick Flag will die in the first 15 minutes of the movie, in a funny way. that’s my guess

  29. sorasak somchai

    Good call not putting will smith in. But a sequel? Nooo…

  30. Christopher Gareth

    This cast is garbage and you wonder why i have a hard time defending DC to marvel fans

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