Kevin Hart got sued by sex tape partner, vindictive model is seeking $60 million

Montia Sabbag suing Kevin Hart over sex tape/

Sex tape partner sues Kevin Hart.

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LAS VEGAS — As he recovers from back surgery, Kevin Hart just found out he’s being sued for a whopping $60 million by his sex tape partner — Montia Sabbag — for pullin’ an R. Kelly without approbation. The 28-year-old model is also seeking litigation against Jonathan Todd Jackson (Kevin’s friend), the Cosmopolitan hotel in Las Vegas and the website “Fameolous.” According to court docs, Montia claims she was secretly recorded giving up the derrière to Kevin who used the tape to aggrandize his métier.

The diminutive comic reportedly worked in cahoots with Jonathan to stash concealed cameras inside his private suite at the Cosmopolitan the night of copulation two years ago. Now Montia is seeking recompense for negligence, emotional distress and invasion of privacy.

She also wants the tape in her proprietorship and all copies destroyed.

“MS. SABBAG had no knowledge that the intimate activity depicted in the VIDEO was being recorded,” the lawsuit states. “To the contrary, MS. SABBAG believed that such activity was completely private, and she had a reasonable expectation of her privacy in HART’S private bedroom suite at the COSMOPOLITAN, and she reasonably believed that her privacy was safe and protected at all relevant times.”

“The COSMO DEFENDANTS violated MS. SABBAG’S rights by negligently authorizing, allowing, and otherwise permitting JACKSON access to HART’S hotel room suite at the COSMOPOLITAN and breached their duty of care to MS. SABBAG,” the lawsuit continues.

“HART violated MS. SABBAG’S rights by negligently or intentionally authorizing, allowing, and otherwise permitting JACKSON access to his hotel room suite at the COSMOPOLITAN and breached his duty of care to MS. SABBAG. JACKSON violated MS. SABBAG’S rights by participating in the secret recording of MS. SABBAG naked and engaged in private sexual activity in a private bedroom. The FAMEOLOUS DEFENDANTS violated MS. SABBAG’S rights by their wrongful disclosure of the private acts depicted in the VIDEO and their unauthorized commercial exploitation of PLAINTIFF’S name, image, identity and persona.”

Does Montia have a strong case?

Will Kevin’s wife forgive him for suckin’ another chick’s tits?

Share your thoughts.


  1. Kevin heart was just in a car accident and he as to go through this now let the poor man heal first give him a break

  2. Girl please! What is this all about. Sit down. You had sex with a married man so what is your problem. Money!!!

  3. This shit is getting ridiculous 🤦🏻‍♀️

  4. Wonder if he was suppose to die in that car wreck and since he lived now they coming after him again for money..

  5. Why sue the hotel? I don’t get that one.If Kevin gave that guy his key, how is the hotel at fault?

  6. 60 million dollars for emotional distress?

  7. $60 million lawsuit? if that was me being sued by a Groupie hoe, I would spend so much money to ruin this women life by hiring a Ray Donovan “fixer” to destroy this women life after the press dies down.

  8. Now why would a married man want to do THAT for publicity?! He was been overexposed enough with his films, comedy tours, etc.

  9. She must have read Kim Kardashians “How to get rich quick and influence people”

  10. She wouldn’t care if Hart was broke. Time to go gold-digin!

  11. Why $60 million, where did they come up with that number

  12. 60 mil? I mean…seriously

  13. First time hearing of this before.. she’s claiming he did it to get more famous and gain more exposure.. yet no one has really heard this bs until recently.. let’s think about that

  14. If I were Hart I would offer to settle the case out of court for $20 and a value meal from McDonald’s.

  15. What happens in Las Vegas doesn’t always stay in Las Vegas.


  17. Brittany Simon

    Maybe they will learn to quit cheating on they wives lol they bring this shit upon themselves. Just ignorance

  18. Kevin needs the magic potion called “Thot be gone “Sells for 3.99 .

  19. Girl go after his friend. Why aren’t she going after his friend? I guess because Kevin has more cash and he is more famous than his friend and she probably is a hungry shark and want cash for free, unless she slept with him and felt like he use her and did not get anything for sleeping with him after Kevin gotten exposed she did not get anymore cash from him. Or she know Kevin is busy recovering from his accident, his focus is on surviving so right now he can’t stop her, she making sure to go get her money before his money goes to anyone else after the accident. Just thinking out loud 🤔🤔🤔

  20. These thots need to be stopped😂 from 69’s BM to this thot. Get a job stop coat tagging on famous dudes and rich guys. They act like that’s the only way they can make it….oh wait opening their legs is their only talent

  21. Kevin Hart is one of my favorite actors. But he needs to make better choices. Treat his wife better stop cheating. 👌🏻🤦🏻‍♀️

  22. Black Cherokee

    Your best bet when you get famous and start generating large amounts of money is to stay with who you knew before the fame.

  23. KᗩTᕼI’S ᔕTᗩᖇ

    I hope that gold digger, gets what she deserves 🙁

  24. They both dirty to me tf wrong with Keven Hart u have family at home no no no and u allowed to be filled omg so stupid anyone can do mistakes but that’s the dumbest thing ever you can do to your self….

  25. If I was rich and famous as Kevin Hart.. Off the camera I rather to be rich and unknown. It’s alot of people mainly women be ready to sue you down your last penny for the smallest things. Not just this is small. Everybody wants to be rich and plenty of them will go by any means of getting rich…

  26. I hope the bitch don’t get shit she also should have respect that he was married and not anything with him another hoe trying to get paid

  27. Arhin Nundhlall

    Kevin Hart will never do such a thing….he is a good man!!!!📣🙌🙏

  28. So it’s an invasion of her privacy now? After all this time. So when she was giving press conferences with her lawyer she never said it then but now its said oh ok I get it. 😏

  29. It sad. Kevin Hart suffered a major car accident. He will have major back problems for the rest of his life! And, this chick decided to sue him now? That’s messed up! Not cool at all! Furthermore, if this case were to even go to court, (which I seriously doubt because any sane judge will most likely throw it out, because it has no merits) If this case were to go to court, all her former lovers and boyfriends would be asked to testify against her, and then the whole world would find out what a little sl*t she really is! If she thinks she’s embarrassed now? Just wait until her old boyfriends and girlfriends testify against her! HA!

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