Bloody Video: Khaseen Morris was fatally “stabbed” as students record his murder

Khaseen Morris murdered in front of classmates/NBC New York.

Students recorded classmate’s death.

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LONG ISLAND, New York — Wannabe rapper Tyler Flach, 18, was thrown in the slammer for the stabbing death of 16-year-old Khaseen Morris. The fatality transpired in front of dozens of students Monday afternoon outside a strip mall near New York’s Oceanside High School. According to police reports, Tyler and a handful of accomplices confronted Khaseen after school amid dissension over a damn thot. As the donnybrook intensified, Tyler disclosed a machete and stabbed Khaseen in the torso.

Rather than conciliate and/or provide emergency succor, many of the 50 to 70 onlookers pulled out their cellphones and recorded the sanguinary ordeal. Some posted it to social media. But nobody stepped in to help. “Kids stood there and didn’t help Khaseen,” Detective Lt. Stephen Fitzpatrick told reporters.

“They’d rather video. They videoed his death instead of helping him.”

Khaseen was transported to an area hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Tyler is charged with second-degree murder.

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  1. That’s how the world is now take video and post online. So sad.. Maybe they should ban knifes also right. Take away assault rifles they will use pistols, take those away they use knifes or whatever else. Quit killing people!

  2. BlessedChild Kels

    Wtf is wrong with human beings!!!!😣

  3. This is so messed up, I hate how people just record this stuff without trying to help at all

  4. Wake up parents…if you do not grab a hold of your children and bring them up in the way they are to go then this will be your child next or this will be the result of what your child has done to someone else. If you are a parent that still believes that people are good and this will never happen to your kid, then you have already set your kid up death.
    People need to stop feeling sorry for thugs no matter how old they are. Because this is the type of things thugs do…I DNT want to read or hear another damn comment about black lives matters or what the white man is doing to black people when you sit around and record a black child being stabbed and beat and then post it on YouTube and Facebook.
    Bring back the day of public execution….yes the Bible days were an eye for an eye had validity. And you were killed for killing someone. But because we put them in prison and hide them in your neighborhoods, you will continue to mourn the loss of innocent people while allowing a demon to live…

  5. theeternalwisdom

    dumb thots

  6. This is what happens when your community doesnt take responsibility and blames systematic racism on bad behavior.

  7. lamborginikid412

    For the kids who video taped it y’all are fucking pussies

  8. Over a girl son Fr 🤦🏿‍♂️shit crazy

  9. Bandoolu james

    This is America!!! Kids are trained to Kill and Record it!!

  10. It’s always about a girl…..ALWAYS!

  11. no fathers.
    just baby-mommas pumping out kids for the money, without bothering to raise them.

  12. James Asterwolf

    Poor kid. Deserved better honestly. If only he didn’t live in such a trashy place with so many trashy animals for humans. Unfortunately this is what the world becomes slowly. A world where animal like excuses for humans are praised for being disgusting pigs and the good people in the world tend to get left in the shadows. Rest in peace friend.

  13. Every one of these cowards that stood around and did nothing WILL RECEIVE A HUGE DOSE OF KARMA ONE DAY!! We may never know when they receive it but be guaranteed they will know when it arrives!! And as far as the KILLERS, VIOLENT OFFENDERS SHOULD CEASE TO EXIST IMMEDIATELY WHEN CAUGHT!! But that won’t happen because of all the “bleeding hearts” out there that say these THINGS have rights! What about the victims rights???

  14. I hope they throw these kids in jail. Then people can fight over who gets to fuck them instead.

  15. Stacy Castello

    Poor teen.
    He didn’t deserve that.
    Over a girl you’ll never even marry?

  16. 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥so sad I’m sick!!! Wht is goin on in broad daylight,,, peeps see this it’s dam shame and they just standing there you mfer’s cowardz…could’ve broke it up call 911 or sumthin…

  17. Parents need to teach their kids about dating life. Just because you’re dating someone or married to them doesn’t mean you own them. Evil Ass Kids. Smh!

  18. This generation is sick! They lack morals and humanity. “Who videos a murder or casually watches one, unless your in league with Satan himself.” There should be laws passed if anyone videos a crime and purposely doe not contact police for help or posts to social media sites just for likes, should be charged. Tyler Flach, a grown man in college fighting with kids and helped victimized a 16 year old kid that he knew couldn’t defend himself against him and his friends. I do wonder why Khaseen, would have felt he even had to meet up anywhere with these fools. That wannabe gangster who killed Kahseen, I hope they send him to New York’s most dangerous prison Riker’s Island, where everyday he wakes up in general population, he experiences the fear Khaseen Morris, experienced.

  19. J. Milton Jeffreys

    what THE FUCK is wrong with these goddamn kids? Omg. I can’t even imagine being the victim or the parents and his family. No words.

    For America, FUCK YOU. this is the result of these coddled and worshiped children who never catch a fuckin’ ass whoopin’ from dad b/c of the despicable leftist police state we live in.

    kids desperately need discipline and some good old fashioned FEAR that if they get out of line, they aren’t going to be able to sit for a week without pain.

    jesus FUCKING christ america, you are fucked up

  20. He’s white, he killed a black student. I sense a slap in the wrist twist ending.

  21. Kid threw his life away over a girl smh 🤦‍♂️

  22. Listen to the 18yr old murderers’ rap and it will tell you everything you need to hear about the POS he really is shitty job his parents did… not for nothing the RAP culture of guns, drugs, and hoes doesnt help much either but, PARENTS NEED TO DO BETTER

  23. that shit is fucking sad

  24. What a piece of shit

  25. anthony Henderson

    Filming provides context, evidence, and will ultimately be used in court to convict this guy beyond a reasonable doubt.
    What do you honestly expect a 15 year old to do in this situation? Take the knife out of the killers hand? Render life saving heroic measures?

    Don’t forget to place blame and disgust where it is truly due: At the 18 year old man that senselessly stabbed a 16 to death in broad daylight.


  27. Aaron Hollander

    The murderer thought he was hard. Now he’s going to find out what hard really means.

  28. The people who were videoing were stupid and should be and jail

  29. can you see me

    Lose your life over a female 🤦

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