School Bus Fight Video: Violent mother ‘attacked’ employee in front of children

Brandi Martin fought school bus employee/Denver 7 ABC

Mother kicked employee’s ass.

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DENVER — “The wheels on the bus…” Brandi Martin, 32, was thrown behind bars after she beat the hell out of an elderly school bus worker. The bout of fisticuffs went down on September 18th in Denver, Colorado. It was also captured on video. Footage from the school bus camera shows a handful of apoplectic parents wrangling with staff members at the posterior entrance of the vehicle as children are heard screaming inside. Much to the chagrin of parents, the employees wouldn’t let the students egress.

That’s when Brandi jumped on board and kicked some ass.

“[It was] pretty terrifying seeing my daughter being held against her will and not being able to get to her,” Brandi told reporters. “What hurts me the most are the screams. I can hear them in my dreams. I feel like any mother was going to get on that bus to get their baby.”

“I felt like I was fighting for my life and these children.”

The employee, who appears to be a 70-something-year-old white man, tried to grapple with Brandi. But she was simply too strong. After absorbing several thwacks to his countenance, the employee eventually buckled over and raised the white flag. Brandi, who’s a mother of five, was the only one arrested.

The employee and another worker were placed on administrative leave.

Parents told authorities there was racism involved.

Watch the disturbing video.

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  1. Good god. If it were me and my friends on that bus he would have gotten his ass beat

  2. More people trying to control people.. no one in this world was born to be controlled… this overpowering and thinking is allllll wrong.

  3. I use to take one of those buses i can tell you what happen just from observation.Kids might have been acting up the bus driver may have stop
    to punish them it happens a lot.Bus drivers are responsible for this kids regardless of who claims is the guardian this very likely was not
    an official stop therefore bus driver could not release them.This thing escalated with the drama the kids were making in the bus and parents
    overreacting.Do you honestly think anybody wants to kidnap a bus full of kids?from my own experience this was the bus drivers way of showing authority
    unfortunately parents have 0 respects for anybody and should be charge for assault on school staff.

  4. Damn that girl threw those punches like she’s a boxer.

  5. So called blacks want to always hold hands with white people And sing “we are the world”. Then when white folks flex on you, it’s an emotional reaction because they hurt your feelings. Stop depending on them to police our children and educate them.

  6. This is one of the
    reasons children
    suffer from PTSD.
    Truly sad for them
    to kidnap those kids.

  7. I see multiple crimes in this video committed. Kidnapping, child endangerment, abuse of power, physical abuse of minor children, physical assault, violation of their constitutional rights, violating their civil rights, violating protocol or operation of procedures, there are probably many more. Everything surrounding public schools in amerikkka is meant to terrorize our children.

  8. What I’m seeing in the video is false imprisonment, neither staff member seem to have any legitimate powers of arrest. If a unauthorised person is detaining you, then you are technically a hostage. Therefore the parents who are the legal guardians of those children had every right to get them children up out of there.

  9. if a parent would have stabbed that piece of shit I would support it

  10. Jeffrey Russell

    A parent was arrested!? How about the kidnappers in the yellow vests?

  11. QUEEN'IKnoWhoIam

    This is what they do BEST and have been doing for damn near 500 years, just in America alone!

    TERRORIZE US and our children!

  12. Shouldn’t the Bus driver had gone to jail along with the bus aide, but the parents go to jail instead, that’s white supremacy for you.

  13. My heart just 💔 when the last young lady was trying to get off. Those children were terrified, we all know those devil’s will do anything.

  14. Smdh, I dont understand black folks man. So, why are they all standing there letting these kids having to fight that old ass dude?? Them parents could of dragged that old a** bus driver dude off that bus. He literally putting his hands on them kids and the parents just standing there. Wow, this video pissed me off. Please protect the children them kids shouldn’t have to fight that old son of a b***h.

  15. R-and-B-MusicLover

    That’s why I never took the bus to school, my dad always drove me back and forth

  16. Let the state raise your kids, they’re doing a great job.

  17. Calista Hendricks

    Fuck that!!! the lady should never been arrested for trying to get her kid off the fucking school bus if it were me as a parent fuck you I will go and swinging to be touching my kid but also starting shit with a parent that’s their kid you do anything to protect your FUCKING child that bus driver need to be fired ASAP

  18. Lynn Alexander

    That parent had a right to get her child. That fucking bus driver touched her first. Nooo. They arrest her and put that asshat on adm. Leave.

  19. Learn your place bitch

  20. Bus drivers don’t get paid enough to deal with this crap.

  21. Bus driver should have gone directly to the school. Never stop in the hood.


  23. Idiots, not talking about the bus driver either

  24. why the fuck was she arrested???? she was only trying to save her baby. smh

  25. Parents are not allowed to step on a school bus, unless they have permission granted by the schools, and/ or bus companies and of course drivers would be notified at that time, many states it’s against the law for that to happen otherwise. Only school bus drivers, school employees, and law enforcement are allows to get on school buses with children on board. It’s a safety issues for schools and/or bus companies. So that’s probably one of the main reasons for the arrest. If the students are being unruly the school districts tell drivers to pull over for drivers to get the kids back under control and don’t move the bus till they start following instructions since it’ll be hard to drive safely with 50-85 kids being unruly, jumping from seat to seat, standing while moving, throwing things back and fourth, etc.

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