Courthouse Video: Singer R. Kelly made ‘another’ appearance, 2 motions rejected

R. Kelly makes another appearance in court/Getty Images

R. Kelly made his court appearance.

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CHICAGO — Donning county orange, R. Kelly appeared in court on Tuesday where prosecutors sought to augment his $1 million bond amid trepidation he’s a flight risk. Also, Valencia Love — the chick who posted Kelly’s bond back in February — submitted an entreaty seeking a $100,000 reimbursement. Her attorney, John Collins, claimed Valencia was nescient of additional allegations against the 52-year-old pedophile when she coughed up the mazuma. The hearing took place at the Leighton Criminal Court Building in Chicago, Illinois.

It was also recorded.

The Cook County judge spurned both requests, calling the proposed bond increase a “moot point” because Kelly can’t post bail anyway. The judge also told Valencia she lacked a legal basis to pursue a refund at this time. Kelly will remain in custody on a myriad of charges tied to sexual abuse.

Do prosecutors have enough evidence to convict him?

Watch Kelly’s court appearance.

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  1. Sandra Phillips

    I believe some of these so called victims are lying just to ruin him and his career. SMH 😫

  2. Free that man!

  3. O’L boy toe up from the flo-up!!

  4. Why is this man in jail again? This man did not rape or kill anyone. If he’s in jail – half of the men I know should be in jail.

  5. How long are they going to drag this case out? Smh

  6. the media and me too movement are behind all this. to be fair r kelly is accused of statutory rape not violent rape like weinsten but the whole government is against r kelly and weinsten is free

  7. Stormy Stephens

    Bond should be increases because he’s a monster !!!

  8. Jeraline Bloun

    Let that black man free 💪👊

  9. Did he pee on the judge ?

  10. jonathan hilliard

    He’s going to go free. No good evidence. Just a bunch of trumped up cases.

  11. Guess that dick wasn’t good enough to keep them quiet… RIP Aaliyah justice is served

  12. What a bunch of fuckery! R kelly was wrong for what he did. But what about the long line of white men that should be standing
    in front of a judge….on video just like Kelly. We can go on for quite some time pointing out those catholic priests. They should
    be paraded around in front of a judge too. I bet all of those rapists think Amerikkka is great! Because NONE of these so called
    laws don’t apply to them obviously. I bet if you dig deep enough….that judge that is judging probably would be standing in
    front of a judge as well. Because Amerikkka has a history of rape. I don’t see any indication of it slowing down either. So in a nutshell,
    this country doesn’t care about women being raped, or sexually abused. Never has and never will. Only if the perpetrator’s skin color is
    dark. Give me a break!

  13. He looks great in orange 🍊! Happy people “ yeah “yeah yeah “ yeah yeahhhhh 🎵

  14. The 6th and 7th book of Moses give by God

    Only God can judge R Kelly not white men

  15. 400degreez Twitch

    R.kelly: drops soap 🧼 inmate: (singing) seems like your ready …

  16. R Kelly you should have left the United Snakes of America a long time ago . Moved anywhere

  17. Meanwhile all the high profile white men accused of sex crimes are quietly having all their charges dropped or reduced….this system is so corrupt

  18. Toya Sagittarius

    This is sad
    And what I mean by that he’s the man who use to make us laugh cry dance etc.. for years
    And to see him reach there that’s f**kup
    They give him so many chances now is time to give him he’s sentenced.
    Now you can fly Robert

  19. He should just plead guilty. Money won’t save him second time around.

  20. This is so sad to watch..a great singer now dressed in an orange boilersuit and handcuffed..and in jail…I cannot make any judgement here..only God is entitled to do this..but this is sad to see…such a great singer as he!

  21. Warren Covington

    Jesus, Father God, Holy Ghost Make Sure He Gets
    His Just Punishment No He Needs Prison Those Girls Aren’t Lying..

  22. So there’s no bond and no increase for a bond but this damn Judge still wants to keep the womans money! Just give the woman her money back!

  23. Such a talented man in prison 💔King of R&B I feel pain really 💔😭😭

  24. This is so sad 😞

  25. Lynne Franklin

    I feel sorry for all the victims but he is a victim as well. He needs help he will never be free again and I pray he gets the help he needs

  26. This is how theze krakkas and the black women work together to destroy the black man.

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