Dennis Rodman claimed singer Madonna offered him $20 million to get pregnant

Rodman claims Madonna offered cash to get pregnant/

Dennis Rodman shares wild tale.

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NEW YORK — In his 1996 publication “Bad As I Wanna Be,” Dennis Rodman divulged some wild particulars about his high-profile affinity with singer Madonna. Fast forward 23 years and the NBA Hall of Famer has even more dirt to confabulate. During a recent “Breakfast Club” chinwag with Charlamagne tha God, Rodman claimed the “Material Girl” offered him $20 million to make her gravid. But he wouldn’t see a dime until nativity was reached. “She asked me if I got her pregnant she’d pay me $20 million,” Rodman said.

“That’s if the baby was born.”

When asked if the solicitation led to their severance, the 58-year-old replied:  “I tried [to get her pregnant]. I was rolling the dice in Vegas and she was in New York and she calls so I say, ‘Hold the dice.’ I [answer] the call and she says, ‘Dennis, I’m ovulating.’ And I say, ‘What? You’re ovulating? What is that?'”

“I was trying to f*ck with her,” Rodman continued. “And she was like ‘you know, ovulating.’ So I say, ‘OK, great. I’ll be there in five hours.’ … So, I put the dice down and said ‘hold the table.’ [Madonna] sent a plane for me — a G5 — and I went to the airport, flew [to New York], went over to her house, did my thing, went back on the plane, got back, they held the table and I started playing dice again.”

“That’s a true story!”

Rodman also took credit for making Madonna eminent, not the other way around. “In 1993, I think her career was declining and she said the reason why she dated me was because I was a bad boy,” he explained. “That’s why she dated me. I was going up and she was pretty much leveling off.”

Damn! Do you believe Rodman’s story?

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  1. Big Ed Da Assassin

    This nigga was gross back then and he’s still gross now 🤮

  2. Dennis really wants to stay relevant


  4. We all knew, early on, that Maddonna was a “Try-Sexual” but we also know there ain’t a hetero guy around that wouldn’t have “laid up” with that slot until the $20 mill “cake” was in the oven!

  5. The headline of this story should be: The Rodman Shoots Blanks”. Thank you Dennis for sharing that incredibly unbelievable news with the world. You da man.

  6. Madonna would pay Rodman 20Mill, if the baby was born, but he should have charged her at least 5million for the stud fee weather the baby was born or not.

  7. He should pay her $20 million if she has a baby w/ him.

  8. snuggle kitten

    Thats the most polluted womb in the history of the world. If it were a geographical region it would be a Dubai slum, and even more trampled upon.

  9. I wouldn’t give him 20 cents..ignorant

  10. Eeeeewww

  11. She might have sent a private jet but it wasn’t a “G5”. They, ahem ‘dated’ in what, ’93 or ’94? Gulfstream didn’t make the “G5” until 2003…

  12. Couldn’t get it up huh? Sorry for ya son.

  13. Pretty fine line between that and solicitation

  14. She just wanted a black baby to show off like a leftist badge of honor of some kind.

  15. Ah yes. The old “I will give you $20 million dollars if you get me pregnant”, trick. Well played Mr. Rodman. Game, set, match.

  16. I always was a Rodman fan.


    Dennis Rodman lived his life the way he wanted.

  18. Gigi Thorngate

    Ahhh haha yeaaaa ok! Madonna made him famous…even now every interview he has they ask about madonna, and noone asks madonna about him cause she dosent care, hes still making money off that relationship he had with madonna for 2 months! Lol her career leveling that weird cause I remember.. the following yr..number one album and song, following yr another top album, than evita top movie and soundtrack, then wins a golden etc etc etc……and it keeps going..damn hes pathetic…who talks about someone they dated over 20 yrs ago..oh yea he does cause hes need that paycheck…

  19. Madonna had Rodman dick and she ended up with guy richie’s? That’s a terrible marketing campaign…

  20. Dennis Rodman loves 💰 and White 👩, and he’s already proven that he isn’t very picky when it comes to who he’ll have a child with. I do not believe he passed up the opportunity to have it all.

  21. Robert Hightower

    Madonna and Dennis dated in 1995 after she dated Tupac. The era was Bedtime Story and even if her music sell wasn’t high like known them to be at the time. She still was Madonna and even at her lowest peak she still is bigger than Dennis and that’s just facts.

  22. that would be one ugly baby

  23. 58? One of my heroes. I’m getting old.

  24. My favorite basketball player from 1989 and beyond. Still my favorite of all time… for those that didn’t know he started all the tattoos.

  25. I can see Madoona saying this in jest way back when when she wanted kids so badly. He’s now claiming she offered him $2000000 to get her pregnant. I’m not a big Madonna fan but I’m guessing it was in jest. Let’s face it. Dennis is fun and quirky but he’s also a bit of an asshole. Everybody knows you don’t discuss intimate details about your x lovers in a book unless you’re a bit of a moron or a really lousy lay trying to pump up something when you really haven’t got a clue. My guess is Dennis is a lil of both. After his details of Madonna in that book a number of years back I’d be surprised if he ever got laid again. Lol He presented himself as a complete tool and unknowingly stripped himself of a good deal of respect. But that’s what tools with limited sexual prowess do. He probably doesn’t have much down below. Either that or it’s a big slab of dormant meat that he flops around like a lost salami searching for grey poupon.
    Sadly, it remains lost to him and, more importantly, to the woman (or man) he encounters.

  26. He hit it then quit it.

  27. Bruh💀

  28. nigga please

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