Tragic Video: Boyfriend dies while giving girlfriend underwater marriage proposal

Man drowns while giving underwater marriage proposal/Facebook

Boyfriend drowns giving a proposal. 

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TANZANIA, Africa — Steven Weber, from Louisiana, is now resting six feet deep after he perished while imparting an underwater marriage proposal. The asphyxiation took place at East Africa’s Manta Resort in Tanzania. The betrothal was also captured on video. Resort officials said Steve “tragically drowned while free diving alone outside the underwater room.” The video shows him swimming up to the window of a partially submerged structure on the seafloor where visitors are allowed to gaze into the ocean. His girlfriend, Kenesha Antoine, stood on the other side of the aperture.

Donning a snorkel and a pair of rubber flippers, Steve disclosed a two-sided note that read: “I can’t hold my breath long enough to tell you everything I love about you. But … everything I love about you, I love more every day! Will you please be my wife? Marry me???”

Seconds later, Steve pulled out an engagement ring then attempted to swim to the surface. He never made it. Cause of death is unknown. Kenesha shared a rueful encomium on Facebook. “You never emerged from those depths, so you never got to hear my answer,” she wrote.

“Yes! Yes! A million times, yes, I will marry you! We never got to embrace and celebrate the beginning of the rest of our lives together, as the best day of our lives turned into the worst, in the cruelest twist of fate imaginable.”

Watch the sad video.

What’s my take?

Well, for starters I’m bewildered as to why Steve felt it was necessary to effectuate that type of stunt. After descrying Kenesha’s panegyric, you can tell she’s totally in love with that dude. Hell, he could’ve popped the question in a Burger King parking lot and she would’ve easily accepted.

As men, sometimes we overcomplicate things and Steve is a victim of this. As I’ve alluded to before, in the United States, women outnumber men at an alarming ratio of nearly 3 to 1. Meaning? If you have to put in overtime to win a chick’s affection, she’s not worth it and chances are she don’t want you.

If you’re trying to pull off nonsensical stunts, if you’re paying her bills, if you’re giving her cash, if you bought her a new car, you’re probably with the wrong inamorata.


End of story.

See… when a woman has an affinity, she’s merely elated to be in your presence.

She’ll cook for you.

She’ll let you watch football.

She’ll proffer illimitable vulva without a request.

It’s the American Dream.

Conversely, you have a bunch of pussy-whipped chumps who are enamored with going above and beyond to achieve something conjugal while being willfully nescient of the fact a result is a result. In other words, doesn’t matter if you propose underwater or in a restaurant, the result is the same.

Doesn’t matter if you expend $20,000 on an extravagant church wedding or get hitched for $100 at the county courthouse, the result is the same. Doesn’t matter if you have sex following a bubble bath with rose petals or f*ck her in a bathroom stall, a nut is a nut.

Not trying to oversimplify.

Just keepin’ it 100.

Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids!

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  2. Stoopid is what stoopid does! #DarwinAward

  3. Idiot! Should have stayed single – he would be alive today!

  4. Ruthless Lover

    black pussy will get a nigga killed

  5. when will niggas learn?

  6. this is why Im stayin single

  7. Oh I wonder why, a race traitor that got what he deserved.

  8. damn whatever happened to gettin on one knee???????

  9. Yeah, that’s kinda stupid.

  10. My heart goes out to you. This should’ve been 1 of the happiest days of your life together. May he rest in peace.

  11. Till death do us apart i guess…….

  12. white pple never cease to amaze or top themselves for dumb whiteman shit.lmao.

  13. Im trying my best not laugh.
    How far deep did he swim down just to do this STUPID stunt?
    Why didn’t he have like a breathing apparatus or something?
    So dumb

  14. Apparently he went 32 feet deep in the water to that underwater bedroom.
    If this is true, he’s a fucking idiot

  15. Beautiful room in a beautiful location and that wasn’t good enough ! , so dumb ass has to make it even more special and dies . Cant feel sorry for an idiot .

  16. Poor guy! All these comments saying he was stupid are extremely insensitive. I’m sure he was really excited and just got caught up in the moment and stayed down a bit longer than he wanted to. Love does make us do stupid things sometimes. Very very sad. Prayers for the poor woman and his family.

  17. He was going up to the surface just fine, how the hell did he die?

  18. You can tell he was shaking towards the end, held his breath too long and went into shock, passed out on the way up.

  19. Two words: Fucking idiots


    So fucking SAD😥😥😥😥😥💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

  21. Worst part she didn’t even give a fuck he dive 30 feet she just giggling as if he can live under water

  22. This is so tragic!!! Smh! I don’t think he thought this through.. 🤦‍♀️😢

  23. How deep was the window? Maybe he hit his head on a part of the structure while ascending? Where are the details of this tragedy?

  24. Melissa Wilson

    Just before he rises, if you look closely at his mouth, bile is ejected. There’s a second amount right at the edge of the frame as he rises up. I think he threw up underwater and accidentally inhaled sea water into his lungs.

  25. Fiction or Nah?

    🤔 “I can’t hold my breath long enough…”


  26. What a dumb butt. Nice ugly tattoos. He had to settle down with the opposite race because no white woman would ever marry an idiot like that. Plus those tattoos are some of the ugliest looking tattoos I’ve ever seen. He should have read the bible because tattoos are scars. Maybe he’s not a true Christian so he died the dumbest way possible.

  27. Only Aquaman could have pulled this one off

  28. You can’t fix stupid.

  29. race traitors deserve to die like that

  30. You can’t light some candles and spread some rose petals in your UNDERWATER CABIN??? Not romantic enough, dude???

  31. Like the old saying says…… ‘ONCE YOU GO BLACK YOU NEVER GO BACK’.

  32. He probably just committed suicide cause of her annoying laughter and made it look like he was proposing

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