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The Butlers and Johnsons are back for season two/CBS

The Neighborhood makes a difference.

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LOS ANGELES — Season two of “The Neighborhood” premiered Monday night on CBS and, even though the show remains racist as hell, it’s downright hilarious in an Archie Bunker – George Jefferson kinda way. As anchors of a variegated cast, Cedric The Entertainer (Calvin Butler), Tichina Arnold (Tina Butler), Max Greenfield (Dave Johnson) and Beth Behrs (Gemma Johnson) portray familial rivals who are intent on annihilating cultural boundaries through derogatory humor and jocularity. Jim Reynolds is the creator.

During a recent chinwag with Matt Weiss of CBS, Tichina said the sitcom does a meritorious job of illuminating ethnic polarities while magnetizing reposeful dialogue. “I think the show is going to make its mark for years to come,” she explained. “It’s just a show that’s going to make a lot more people socially conscience and aware about our cultural differences. We’re doing it in a funny way and a way that it’s palatable for everybody to digest our differences…”

“We are definitely raising a lot more [social] issues this season,” Tichina continued.

“We just want to continue the integrity of the show and what it’s about. Jim Reynolds, he loosely based this show upon his life because he was this white man moving his white family into this predominantly black neighborhood, that’s where the idea for this show was birthed. We’re talking about gentrification, we’re talking about all of these social issues that we need to talk about.”

Are you a fan of the show?

Should we laugh more at our cultural differences?

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  1. Cast is good but the writing on this show is horribly basic. Get some new writers asap.

  2. Retired Stitcher

    The show is supposedly in a rough neighborhood. But everyone dresses like they live in West Hollywood with Ralph Lauren type clean and crisp bright new clothes. Not one well-worn tee shirt. No tattoos. Clean new fashionable shoes. It’s more like a black family moving into an upscale neighborhood. I wish my kitchen and living room looked modern like these families!!!

  3. Brian McDougall

    It would be funnier if the white guy was more like archie bunker

  4. Woo hoo I love this show

  5. I like the premise of this show, just as I liked All in the Family! My only complaint is the son of Cedric and Tichina…he looks way tooooo old!

  6. Tichina Arnold please keep you hair natural..

  7. Love ceddy bear. Hes too cute

  8. This lasted more than a few episodes, surprised

  9. Cedric the Entertainer can not act , very very very bad show , it sucks

  10. Saw it… Didn’t care for it.

  11. This is more racist propaganda and nothing more . Created by the Jews to divide blacks & whites. I love comedy and i love to laugh but there was NOT 1 single funny line in this show . I love Cedric too and i understand a paycheck is a paycheck but i wont watch this garbage . Remember : United We Stand & Divided We Fall .

  12. agiftedrighter

    This is dumb garbage.
    Just perpetuating division in a sneaky way.
    A lot of these stereotypes don’t apply to anyone I know, white or black.

    Just divisive propaganda disguised as unfunny comedy.
    If there was no laugh track no real person will laugh when watching it.

    Just dumb trash for the mundane masses.

  13. All blacks do is talk about race but claim they cannot be racist

  14. Excellent Show!!!!!! I love this show!!!!! The Connection with the white and black family is great!!!!! In this day and time, we need a sitcom like this!!! Congratulations to The Neighborhood!!

  15. hey! i like this show

  16. This so called show is a psychological f*ck-job


  17. Cedric and the white dude is funny on here but overall a flop. The 2 men who play the kids of the black couple the oldest he seems to old to play the part and the fat one sucks at acting. The writing is whack

  18. Wayne's Hammer

    I like the show keep up the good work. Glad to see my favorite new girl and 2 broke girl characters in show. Plus Ced can’t forget Ced. Everybody hating on the show give it a chance it’s pretty funny

  19. Operation: EXODUS

    The neighborhood is pure garbage just an attempt 2 make black people believe they’re equals in this racist society. It is NOT funny @ all. Give the black family reparations & let’s see how popular that is 2 FAKE folkz

  20. If things were reversed and a white couple treated a black family that way , holy moly! THIS is a horribly racist show . Not a hit

  21. Cancel this reverse racism bullshit

  22. Do people actually watch this?

  23. George Rockwell

    This shit is cringey.

  24. most racist shit on tv

  25. Tawonga Chenga

    Wtf??? The neighborhood is good!!!

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