Empire Season 6: Terrence Howard says ‘goodbye’ during chat with James Corden

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Terrence Howard discussed Empire. 

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LOS ANGELES — Empire kicked off its 6th and final season Tuesday night minus a prominent member of the Lyon ménage. Jussie Smollett’s dramatis personae — Jamal Lyon — was written off towards the end of last season after he allegedly falsified a police report, claiming he was the victim of a MAGA hate crime. During an appearance on “The Late Show with James Corden,” lead actor Terrence Howard commemorated Jussie’s métier despite his ostracism from the Fox television series.

Jamal played the homosexual son of family patriarch Lucious Lion, Terrence’s character.

“I mean the show kicked off because I took my 4-year-old son and put him in the trash can because he had worn high heel shoes down on the stairs,” Terrence said, referring to the show’s first season. “I was so proud of that young man that played my son because he still loved me at the end of it. And all he wanted to do was get closer to me.”

“And then, out of nowhere, you know, he’s snatched away from us,” Terrence continued.

“So it’s like now he was the heart of our show and now it’s like our show is on a heart and lung bypass machine. Because the heart is gone, but we’re still hoping there’s going to be a transplant and hoping somehow it’ll come back together. I’m sorry to bring you guys down.”

Terrence made it clear he’s going to miss Empire but he also said “thank God” the denouement looms. When asked why, he replied: “Well, only because my character [Lucious] has never had a good day. My son will commit suicide, I’ll go and kill my best friend and then I’ll sit up and have eggs and complain about the yolk being runny in the morning, as if I don’t care. And then the next day I have to go and love my wife, but then go and try to sabotage her at the end of the day. I’m a complete sociopath and psychopath.”

Terrence also said he’s done acting, at least for now.

“I’m so done with pretending to be people and I just want to be real for a minute, you know?” explained the 50-year-old thespian. “Like Colin Farrell told me when I was in Ireland. He said, ‘Why don’t you just not bathe for a month and smell yourself and see who you are.’ I don’t know about not bathing, but I do want to know who the hell I am… it’s time for me just to be Terry for a little bit.”

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  1. Why is Terrence talking like Lucious in a real world ?

  2. Efasa Moto Dany


  3. Empire started my freshman year in highschool and is ending my sophomore year in college ! I truly will miss this show ! Thankyou for every season ❤️❤️🙏🏽

  4. Shareeka Smith

    I’m so hurt that this is the last season. I👏🏾Love👏🏾Empire👏🏾

  5. Remy Washington

    iam going to miss this show

  6. Mannnnn I don’t want it to be over and I need Jamal back now!

  7. debra Colliflower

    It’s so sad to see the show ending WHY!!!!! It’s been my favorite show the whole time I want Lucious and Cookie together

  8. This sad why does it have to come to an end. 😢💔💔💔💔

  9. Sherly Hyppolite

    I understand why jamal isn’t here but he been in this since the beginning😢

  10. ndris schaila kouassi

    It’s hard 4me to say goodbye to empire always to every good thing comes an end😟😟😟😟😟

  11. So y’all really gon just forget about Jamal ?

  12. Empire can’t end😭😭

  13. Mashiah Mitchell

    I can’t wait for this to come out on Netflix so I can rewatch all 6 seasons

  14. Zalfata Abdillah

    No Jamal? 😲😲

  15. It’s GARBAGE!

  16. Whyyy did Jessie smolet have to f it up

  17. Crazy I been watching empire since I was a sohmore now I’m graduated time flys

  18. Lucijan Nikolic

    Just one more season that’s sad 😞

  19. Desharde McGuffie

    I love Empire ❤

  20. Decorio Alexander

    This show is actually good without my baby Jamal😭😭

  21. Andre 😍

  22. I Miss Takeem❤😢

  23. I’ll miss Jamal so much but I won’t have time for that because soon I’ll be missing the whole show

  24. I got so excited when i heard jussie smollett singing until i looked at the screen and saw it was mario singing 😢 i miss jamal aka jussie

  25. Chimidley Joseph

    This show is still on?

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