Ice-T’s wife, Coco, is catching hell for ‘breastfeeding’ their 4-year-old child

Ice-T’s wife, Coco, still breastfeed their daughter/Getty Images

Ice-T’s daughter still sucks boob.

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NEW YORK — Ice-T’s daughter, Chanel, is almost 4 years old. Yet, his wife Coco still pops out the mammary gland whenever the kid becomes ravenous — drawing the ire of fans on social media. Coco raised eyebrows when she posted a pic on Instagram that shows Chanel sucking her embonpoint on a private jet. The photo contains the caption “still wants the boob.” Coco also said it’s “more of a comfort thing” that “all mothers that nurse know.” TMZ caught up with Ice-T on Wednesday at New York’s Paley Center to get an elucidation.

The “Law & Order” star said everybody should chill the f*ck out. Chanel’s breastfeedings are spasmodic. “They make it [seem] like the baby only breastfeeds,” explained the 61-year-old rapper. “Every once in a while [Chanel] wants to get close to her mom. That’s what [kids] do. She eats food.”

“She eats f*cking cheeseburgers.”


Let’s hope it’s not processed meat from McDonald’s.

Anyway, do you agree with Coco’s decision to continue breastfeeding?

Is Chanel too old for that sh*t?

Is it Ice-T’s job to siphon Coco’s titties?

Share your thoughts.


  1. Wrong. The child will suffer from nipple-withdrawl syndrome. A child that stays on the breast this long will struggle with outside relationships. Four years old on the breast is ridiculous.

  2. It also speaks to coco’s sexual hangups…she likely is closet bisexual.

  3. How she breast feeding with fake breasts so she still in diapers too 🤯🙄🤡

  4. Breastfeeding a 4 year old
    Me:Come again nigga 🧐

  5. 4 yrs old still breast feeding?????? Yo little ass better sit at this table and use this bowl and fuckin spoon

  6. donald chambers

    Girl stop it ice can suck them

  7. fuck dat…… let me take chanel’s place

  8. Jesenia Gonzalez Uhlig

    First day of 3rd grade….
    How was your summer? “Oh great… I spent the summer in different places, different ✈️, 🚕, 🏖, saw my daddy on the set of Law & Order, saw him audition for New Jack City 2 & oh oh oh oh & let’s not forget I went away to camp and also my mom went with me everywhere & the best thing of my summer is I got to make all the women & men everywhere I went jealous because I got to suck on my mommas tits🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. I only click here for the big boobs

  10. To each their own but that is a little odd for a 4 yr old to still be breast feeding. She will eventually need to stop when the child starts school come on now.

    For God sake the child has teeth!! I know it hurts!!

  11. All humans are posed to drink breast milk y’all dumb if you think otherwise

  12. I honestly hated breastfeeding. I dont even like my man sucking my tits let aline a child. I did pump however. My daughter already has her full set and. Shes not even 2. She eats wayyyy to much. That breastmilk wouldnt fill her up. No way!

  13. Coco nasty 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  14. My son is 4 I couldn’t imagine putting my tities in his mouth wtf he has teeth

  15. That’s disgusting and sad smh why would Ice T allow that?

  16. Them tities

  17. Ummm… Let’s see how this is going to go when she goes to school soon. She is going to wonder why none of her friends suck on their mommies still. When babies get teeth, it’s time to pump and put it in a bottle or cup. There is nothing normal about breastfeeding a freaking 4 year old. Mentally, something is wrong here. Get help, now! This is just disturbing.

  18. LoCheree White

    You can actually breastfeed until the child is 5. Is it weird, sure, but women have been doing it for decades.

  19. That’s that white people shit🤦🏾‍♀️

  20. I’ll suck them big titties !!

  21. Had to click to read the comments I already know they are hilarious!!!🤣🤣🤣

  22. Barbara Hineline

    😁👍👋 Ice-t you all around rock and especially in supporting your beautiful wife in her choice to breastfed
    her precious daughter beyond the first year. I
    Breastfed my daughter well into her 3rd year and she is now 29 and a well adjusted grown woman. Seriously, people need to chill the hell out bout it.

  23. Michael Powers

    Yes ice-t…cheese burger!!

  24. Just tell people the truth Coco and Ice- T wanna talk about Coco breast feeding so they can give some publicity to give attention to how big her boobs are! Ice T should just be honest and say “hey could everyone pay more attention to my x wife’s boobs!?” Just be honest!

  25. Hell, I’m surprised that Coco’s breasts r real to begin with.

  26. As a mother thats just completely wrong, I dont care if your child is between 2 and up you need to stop breast feeding before they turn 2 that’s grown ass kid. What she need is some real milk.


  28. I mean it’s her body her kid. But I will say this my cousin breastfed her daughter until she was almost 6 years old and the “bonding” after 5 became more sexual for the child herself it wasn’t just comforting her she was obsessed with it she just loved breasts. And now she’s 21 and it’s caused her great emotional distress because she has separation anxiety she never wanted to stop even at 6,7,8,9 she begged for it even tho my cousin didn’t have milk left. It each to there own. Obviously this isn’t the case for everyone breastfed after 2,3 years old

  29. eXpress URSELf

    milk does the body good

  30. Breast Milk Is For A Strong Immune System She Is A Great Mom Go Coco😎

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