Court Video: Ex-cop Amber Guyger gives “tearful” testimony but still found guilty

Amber Guyger gave tearful testimony/Dallas Morning News

Amber Guyger found “guilty.”

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DALLAS — Emotional testimony was given in the murder trial of former Dallas police officer Amber Guyger who was found guilty in the fatal shooting of 26-year-old Botham Shem Jean. Now she’ll spend the next 10 years lamenting her actions. The homicide transpired September 6, 2018 at the Southside Flats Apartments in Dallas, Texas. To compound matters, Guyger is a white chick. Jean was an unarmed negro. Here’s what went down: Guyger, who was off duty but still in uniform, entered Jean’s caliginous apartment against police orders and opened fire — shooting him in the chest.

Afterwards, Guyger told investigators she thought she had entered her own unit and shot Jean thinking he was an intruder. She also failed to give CPR despite being trained to do so.

After initially being placed on paid administrative leave, Guyger was terminated 18 days after the fatality. Later it was learned she exchanged explicit text messages with Jean prior to his death. Lead prosecutor Jason Hermus grilled Guyger during cross-examination on Friday.

A tearful Guyger admitted she felt ‘like crap’ for shooting an innocent man. “I feel like a terrible person,” she said on the witness stand. “I feel like a piece of crap. I hate it, I hate it. I hate that I have to live with this every single day of my life… [I wish he] was the one with the gun who killed me [instead].”  

Guyger said she warned Jean to put his hands in the air, but he didn’t listen.

She told the court she shot him out of trepidation.

Guyger also confessed to having a dalliance with her married patrol partner, Martin Rivera.

Jean was on the couch eating ice cream when Guyger busted into his apartment.

Do you agree with the guilty verdict?

Is 10 years enough?

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  1. Naeem Covington

    I hope she rott that’s straight bs

  2. This is bullshit. She un-lawfully entered a man’s home, and killed him. That is murder in the commission of a crime. I refuse for even a millisecond, to even CONSIDER a self-defense play here. She is NOT above the law of common-man. If any of US “regular-folk” would have pulled this shit, we’d be under the damn prison. #PlainAndSimple

  3. FUCK. HER.

  4. This lady is psychotic, she broke down and said she wished he had the gun and that she wished he had shot her instead, even between her tears she’s trying to make this deceased man look like a “thug”, fact is that if this man had the gun both of them would be alive today. #Lockherup give her the max, all those fake tears means nothing.

  5. Jonathon Thompson


  6. Whatever bitch

    give this bitch an award the best actress of the year

  7. i smell bullshit

  8. Baqaqi Pekhebi

    Our police are too paranoid! They all need mental health counseling every day.

  9. Patrick Cheptoek

    Even if it was her apartment, you just shoot without asking anything…?

  10. Acting is not her best feature.

  11. I guarantee she’ll be either let off or hit with an easy sentence 🙄

  12. I don’t think it was intentional

  13. Ohhh ladies and gentlemen…. there is a white woman crying….

  14. kittykattastegood

    White woman tears don’t move me.

  15. Now she’s the victim wtf white privlige to the max !

  16. Such an obvious intentional murder.

  17. Lord Jabberwock

    Wow. you’d have to be a complete retard if you genuinely believe this BS. Then again because she’s in Texas she’ll probably be free within a week. She, and her lawyers, will probably convince the jury that she killed a man in his own home by accident citing ‘Mistake of Fact’ as a legal recourse. This will most likely be enough to have for an acquittal. And once this blows over and everybody has forgotten about the incident she will be quietly rehired by Dallas police albeit in a minor role. This happens so often it’s a joke how easy it is to predict the outcome.

  18. So Sad that innocent man died sitting in his home.

  19. christopher burleigh

    If she were really sorry she would have accepted a plea bargain.

  20. Hope someone kills this bitch

  21. She being a police officier I hold her to a higher standard. Accident or not if the tables were turned and it was a police officer killed the shooter wouldn’t have a chance. She was negligent while armed with a police officers gun and killed a man who was sitting in front of his TV eating ice cream. There have to be consequences for this.

  22. Norval Henderson

    This woman should be hanged. If she doesn’t know who her apartment is she is insane. Should not be a police officer nor should she have the right to carry a gun. She should be prosecuted to the Max and sentenced to the max.

  23. Richard DiLorenzo

    Was this cop under the influence? I don’t care if the guy was black, white, pink blue or whatever. She entered this man’s home and shot him. I wonder if she had the decency to ask him what are you doing in my house? And maybe that could of been cleared up and he wouldn’t have died.

  24. She’s a cop and suppose to be trained to pay attention to detail! So am not buying it! She a trained officer and should be accountable for her actions! And how the fuck is castle law being used in her defense!?! That wasn’t her house!!

  25. She needs to get at least 15 years. It’s a shame that you can’t even enjoy a bowl of ice cream in your own home, without a racist intruder breaking in and shooting you.

  26. hopefully she gets shanked by a sistah in jail.

  27. She is a nigga lover

  28. Fuck the police!

  29. Fuck this bitch

  30. Bye bitch. Couldnt happen to a colder and more evil person or profession.

  31. Blondes are notoriously stupid. Case dismissed!👤🔫

  32. Justice served. She’s a murderer.

  33. Chubby Cheeked

    That beezy should get death penalty without a last meal. This is stupid. I dont wanna pay for murders to be in jail for ten years. If someone commits a murder and without a doubt is the murderer it should be death instantly and by firing squad.

  34. Only ten years🤬🤬🤬🤬

  35. Josediego Lopez

    10 yrs wtf female killer 🐖 alway get less time. She shoulda get life sentence .

  36. Brandon Williams

    Did they have a history? Did they have a disagreement or something beforehand?

  37. Convicted of murder, serves 10 years? I’m confused.

  38. My god, I can’t believe you people. This was obviously a mistake made by someone who was exhausted and scared. Yes, it’s a disgusting and horrible mistake. However, this woman isn’t a cold blooded murderer or a racist cop. The only racists I see are the baiting lawyers who have to make everything about race because they can’t form a rational argument, otherwise.

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