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Dreamy McMugshot said ladies sent him “thousands of dollars” while imprisoned

Meeks profiting big time from incarceration/

‘Mugshot’ model finally opens up.

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LOS ANGELES — Damn, crime really does pay. Convicted felon Jeremy Meeks [aka Dreamy McMugshot] said strange women sent him missives in the penitentiary in conjunction with exorbitant amounts of mazuma after his handsome mugshot went mad viral a couple of years ago. Jeremy, if you recall, was arrested during a gang sweep in 2014. He was a member of the Crips at the time. After serving two years, Jeremy was manumitted in 2016. Many ladies still refer to the 35-year-old redbone as “Prison Bae.”

During a one hour chinwag on Chelsea Grayson’s “What’s Your Water” podcast, Jeremy opened up about his profitable incarceration and what’s in store for the future. Jeremy said female fans sent him “two, three hundred letters … every night” in addition to putting “thousands of dollars” on his books.

Promiscuous chicks were basically throwing him the vulva.

Not bad for a guy who’s parents were heroin addicts.

Jeremy also received a lucrative modeling indenture following his release which caught him completely off guard. “I had never seen a contract in my life. It was French to me,” said Jeremy who grew up penurious in a housing project. “I never thought anything like this was possible.”

Jeremy, who was once shot 5 times, refers to himself as a “pretty nigga.” He currently co-parents with ex-wife Melissa Meeks but he has legal custody of Jeremy Jr. Topshop heiress Chloe Green is Jeremy’s ex-fiancé. Word on the street claims he’s currently dating actress Erica Peeples.

Even though he started at the bottom, life is awfully good for Jeremy right now.

He’s filthy rich and bangin’ the hottest chicks in the entertainment industry.


Villainy really does have benefits, huh?

Watch the intriguing interview.

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  1. Appalling interview ! He ain’t no role model , he left his loyal wife to be rich and famous .

  2. for every million dude like him…..1 succeeds…..he doesn’t even seem below average intelligence but damn what bad life decisions he’s made………

  3. Everybody has a story 🙏🏼I’m glad he shared his. I have so much respect for him now

  4. I hope this guy lives the rest of his life in a way that makes himself proud, healthy, secure and prosperous.

  5. Trust me. She gave him some puzzy after this interview. Most women would . PITY PUZZY.

  6. Who made those boots??? I think those… probably couldn’t afford them…but stunning..
    Oh yeah interview was cool too

  7. I love how she acts like he should be commended for not committing crimes anymore. He’s wealthy and famous now, why would he need to sell drugs or commit theft or hurt anyone? I’m sure he works really hard! Give me a break already!!

  8. He’s a beautiful man! After listening to all this I want him to win and keep winning what a blessing. I think he still loves his first wife go back to her .

  9. He is definitely hot but he seems like a really cool dude. Wishin him all the best for the rest

  10. Ladies are so stupid and care only about looks.Women are so shallow and dumd and they complain when they get their ass beat and cheated on.If my daughter brought home this Trash id throw his ass in the street.Hes telling you hes trash and this Chick doesn’t hear it because of his looks.Ignorant.

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