Child Abuse Video: Mother smokes weed, assaults infant child on “Facebook Live”

Tybresha Sexton abuses her child on Facebook Live/

Tennessee mom abuses her infant.

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CHATTANOOGA — Tybresha Sexton, 24, was thrown behind bars after law enforcement officials descried a Facebook Live video that shows the fugly chickenhead abusing her one-month-old daughter. The heinous crime took place Sunday night at the Bayberry Apartments in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Raw footage shows Tybresha smoking marijuana in the baby’s face as she bench presses the infant with rap music blasting in the background. The 40-second clip also shows Tybresha guzzling vodka before dropping the neonate like a sack of trash.

It’s about the saddest thing ever seen.

Several Facebook users watched the broadcast and alerted police. “She gone kill that baby,” one viewer wrote. When officers arrived at the apartment complex, an inebriated Tybresha claimed the reports were spurious. However, a handful of neighbors rushed to her apartment to show investigators the video.

As she was being handcuffed, Tybresha reportedly yelled, “I didn’t want that f*ckin’ baby anyway.” The child is now residing with her grandmother. Tybresha was charged with aggravated child abuse.

Watch the disturbing video.

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  1. Wow ladies this is not parenting in any form .

  2. who tf breed this beast I can’t believe crazy ass mother

  3. Monique Richards

    She looks like a transgender women

  4. Charge the father as well THEY ALWAYS GET AWAY

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  6. She is so ugly on the inside and DEFINITELY ON THE OUTSIDE

  7. Sasha Alexander

    Smh. She scaring the crap out the baby!!

  8. Nae Nae Smithe

    Who the fuck got this dust bunny pregnant??.. lock they asses up!!

  9. Keke L. Stewart

    Clearly she needs some help. Postpartum stress? Mental health? Both?

  10. Renee Henderson

    She is demon possessed. That is clearly visible in her eyes. If she wasn’t so evil, she would be a pretty girl. That girl hates herself and she hates her child and she hates every and anybody. She has absolutely no maternal love. Oddly, it did seem she had enough parental instinct to dress the baby in clean clothes. That’s a hell case.

  11. Please don’t give her the baby back.

  12. Im Jusbnme Always

    You pray about it and turn it over to God

  13. Dirty Dog

  14. This hood booger needs to have her vajay jay sewn shut, and she needs to be thrown in prison forever! She’s nothing but a menace to society!

  15. Zayanhn Marisole

    Bish look like a dude I use to haul heavy mental with🤣💪🏽. Ok sorry.
    In all seriousness throw her away and that stiff wig. The village will see after her children. With love and tenderness. Discipline when needed.
    Discipline NOT abuse.
    Can I just say there are soooo many ppl not being treated properly for Mental health issues and or Sexual,Emotional and Physical abuse issues. This is not an excuse for behavior but it is truly the reason.

  16. Looks like a drag queen man.

  17. Please Dear God, get that precious baby! OMG! 😱🙏👼🙏

  18. Don’t want kids? Prove it and get a partial hysterectomy. Just rip your uterus out please.

  19. Lekishia Witherspoon

    This generation think having kids are a joke they just want the kids for benefits damn shame some shit you just don’t do and have the nerve to record it FB live r u kidding me really smdh she need to be charge every charge that comes to her wow !!!!!

  20. Raggedy ass bitch! When i first saw the video, i said to myself, “ she don’t want that baby, she want them to take her away, that’s why she recorded it”. And the bitch confirmed it. Stop fucking without condoms if you don’t want to get pregnant🤦🏽‍♀️

  21. Mr.America Joe

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  26. The state officials will give the child back, to this monster, and you will be hearing about the child’s death, in the very near future.


  28. If y’all aren’t gonna say it, I will .. She’s a piece of shit that shouldn’t have been blessed with a child

  29. LaVada Benimon

    #freetybresha… Black kid’s are strong 💪👊 she’ll be okay. ( We need a go fund me page 😁 for her ) smoke too that

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