1. Shameka Jenkins

    The only white boys who have my respect in rap.

  2. I had at least 3 tapes of this played them til the tape fucked up 🔥🔥🔥🔥 lot of younger people don’t know these where the first hottest white boys in history still the shhhh rip MCA

  3. 💞💞💞

  4. IamHeandHeisI Norsemen

    Fn hilarious.. damn I miss the good ole days..✌️, late teens, me and my boys getting fd up off the gray goose and the ole mad dog 20/20 original grape flavor.. Getting stopped by the local PD when police were actually cool,,, taking our cases of brew and letting us go,,, always bought an extra cause it became a weekend ritual for awhile. Getting stopped and bein like f it,,, 40oz of Colt 45,, in between my legs instead of handing it off to my boys to “hide this shit!!!” like many times b4, cops are like, f it,, just pour it out and be on your way… Getting older sucks arse… Hahaha!!! This world isn’t nothing like it used to be.. Fun, turned into oppressed.. This video always makes me laugh.. Reminds me of the good times..

  5. This is still better than the shit music put out today.

  6. And then we the public expect any difference from ignorant people just saying ♈♈👑👑👑🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🇨🇺🇨🇺🇨🇺🇱🇷🇨🇺💪💪😎😎😎😜😜🤷🤷🤷🤷🤷🤷

  7. That was a cold ass beat

  8. This was the MF shizznit back during my senior year of HS !!! C/O 87 !!! Classic hit that will NEVER DIE !!!!

  9. Siskel and Ebert gives it two thumbs up👍👍😁

  10. Cortez Charles

    Been rocking with these cats since 1985!

  11. I’ve been laughing off this video for years 💪🏿

  12. 1ring2rule3pigs

    Good song…..shit video.

  13. The production quality is off the hook!

  14. Kelli Michelle

    Nice job🎶

  15. Christian Frye

    damn I was in 6th grade when I first heard this , in 88 damn time fly’s , wow now I’m 42 sitting here thinking how I could do better if I could go back but , I wouldn’t change my life for nothing I love being pay check to pay check and a women who loves me for me not the situation I’ve created she ain’t with me for nothing but love and she knows I wold die for her

  16. I love the Beastie Boys. I still pound that old school Bass. The two 18″ Kicker Solo Baric L7 with two Kicker 2500.1 mono block amps one for each sub. I’ll put my shit up against anybody

  17. Popeyes Chicken

    blog king reached a new low with this one

  18. 2020 still got it bumpin

  19. Stooooooooopid

  20. One of the best and Hip Hop of all times Beastie Boys forever

  21. Pimpin Aint Dead

    Wtf is this corny carp here!!??!! Lol still kind of funny

  22. Awesome!

  23. This is just ugly! Dumbass raping the verse, moving his lips to the other parts! Fucking disgrace to this jam!

  24. Andrew Anderson

    How did white Jew Boys be able to be so successful in Rap?

  25. Banana Bicycle Seat

    Wow, I still know the words 30 years later

  26. this song is sick

  27. Shawnta Mcdonald

    Thee baddest white boys to ever have done it

  28. Possibly the GOAT rap group !

  29. The reason why I love hip hop! ❤️💯🔥

  30. Julissa Zapata

    Took a trip down memory lane and jamming to the beastie boys brings back soooo many memories (the good ones of course)back then when the world was a bit more chill technology (like iPhones & all that tablet shit wasn’t even around) people were just out here enjoying life living in the moment oh how I wish I could re-live those days forever back when mtv was music television and not reality shows 🥺y’all remember when the beastie boys preformed at the vmas? Man those boys had a personality like no other always made it fun to watch them (rip to an icon mca 🙏) Im glad though that I got to live through the good days

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