Unfit mothers left 6 children in a burning apartment while they partied at the club

Ryana Davenport and Gevona Smith charged with murder/Fox17.com

Mothers charged following inferno.

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NASHVILLE — Ryana Davenport, 24, and Gevona Smith, 26, were thrown in the slammer on Monday after the moronic damsels abandoned a sextet of children in an apartment fire while they shook their derrières at a nightclub — resulting in the death of Ryana’s 9-month-old daughter. The fiery ordeal went down July 7th at Hickory Lake Apartments in Nashville, Tennessee. Ryana is the mother of two victims. The other four kids belong to Gevona. It took authorities two months to issue an indictment.

According to police reports, Ryana and Gevona drugged the children with cold medicine to make them fall asleep. After the kids dozed off, the imbecilic thots went to Madison nightclub for twerk purposes. While ‘Dumb and Dumber’ were out gyrating their hips, a fire broke out at Ryana’s apartment.

The slipshod pair left a candle burning which caused the conflagration.

I’ll say it again.

The doltish babes didn’t have enough sense to put out the candle with 6 kids in the home.


When Ryana and Gevona returned home around 2 AM, fire crews were busy extinguishing the inferno. Five of the children were treated for smoke inhalation. But the youngest, 9-month-old Jream Jenkins, didn’t survive. Police later learned the kids were left unattended without a babysitter.

Ryana and Gevona were arrested and charged with murder following a two month investigation. They’re also charged with multiple counts of child neglect and child endangerment.

Should Ryana and Gevona receive a lengthy prison sentence?

Did they leave the candle burning on purpose?

Share your thoughts.


  1. jacob anthony pereyra

    Stupid hoes

  2. OMG! 😏😓😒

  3. Manospondylus Gigas

    Loving your children, if you do, doesn’t make you a good mother. You belong in jail and should be forced to have your tubes tied you are not qualified to be a mother.

  4. No excuse in the world should be accepted! A loving mother would stay home! Rather than leave her children to go clubbing. under no means can you classify this as an accident

  5. Young ladies still wanna get they Grove on I get it but when you have a kid you gotta knock that shit off. Them babies come first, fucking sad.


    Bitches going to jail

  7. 🙏🏾🙏🏾😢lord be with Ryana in this hurtful devastating time

  8. @Asia Rose: I don’t have no remorse for those mothers. They shoulda had their ass there with them babies.When you have kids,all that clubbing and shits stop. They need to be held accountable for this.No questions asked.

  9. Victoria Harris

    Making America great again

  10. Benjamin O'Connor

    If the children were at least thirteen years old, then they would be fine without their parents

  11. This sort of thing sadly seems to be happening more often.. people becoming more and more foolish in life just to have a good time.

  12. Jeremy Helland

    Why couldnt they leave the kids with their fathers

  13. Child neglect.

  14. Captain Obvious

    willing to bet they have done this many times except this time they got caught

  15. That’s messed up

  16. Orange Tamagotchi

    Geez when will people learn that being a parent has never been and will never be easy. Stop having unprotected sex if youre NOT ready to take care of something😧

  17. Another example of the me generation.

  18. I hope they go to jail and get they ass beat! Pathetic unfit mothers

  19. Now they can spend the next 20 years shaking their asses in prison

  20. Where are the fathers during this time?

  21. … let’s not forget also , about what started the fire.

  22. dumb bitches make me sick

  23. Typical irresponsible foolishness

  24. But since they’re black women they will not be held accountable or responsible for their actions.

  25. Damn shame

  26. fuck these hoes

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