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Discrimination Lawsuit: Robert De Niro “accused” of workplace discrimination


Robert De Niro slapped with $12 million lawsuit/

Robert De Niro catches a case.

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MANHATTAN — Robert De Niro faces litigation from his former employee at Canal Productions. Graham Chase Robinson, who started working for the company in 2008, is suing the surly Oscar winner for gender discrimination and sexual harassment claiming he treated her like his “office wife” which included “gratuitous unwanted physical contact.” Does that mean he groped her derrière? Even though she served as vice president of production and finance, Robinson claims she was often coerced to perform “stereotypical female duties, like housework.”

Office etiquette was an even bigger issue. Robinson claims the 76-year-old thespian pulled out his dick and “urinated during telephone calls” while routinely showing up at work wearing only his “pajamas or a bathrobe.” Robinson, 37, was “forced to resign” in April. Now she’s impecunious and unemployed.

Oh, there’s more.

The lawsuit, which was filed Thursday in Manhattan, alleges De Niro left Robinson several menacing voicemails. One time she failed to answer the phone and he cussed her out. “You f*cking don’t answer my calls? How dare you! You’re about to be fired. You’re f*cking history,” he said in the recording.

In addition to that, Robinson claims she was called a “bitch” and a “brat.”

F*ck an apology. Robinson is asking the court for $12 million of De Niro’s dinero.

“Robert De Niro is someone who has clung to old mores,” the lawsuit states. “He does not accept the idea that men should treat women as equals. He does not care that gender discrimination in the workplace violates the law. Ms. Robinson is a casualty of this attitude.”

It should be noted De Niro ain’t the most amiable dude in the world. His black wife, Grace Hightower, is divorcing his ass and, earlier this year, he snapped at the press — calling them “scumbags.” He’s also a strident disparager of President Donald Trump. Does Robinson have a strong case?

Is this merely a money grab?

De Niro thinks so. He’s suing her too.

Listen to the disturbing voicemail.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. WoW ! It’s NO SURPRISE that real-life Wuss who tries to ‘act’ like a tough guy De Zero, is really a Woman Abuser . Anyone who didn’t see this coming is either blind or brain dead !

  2. Women are such whack-jobs! As much as I love men, it’s women who make me glad I’m gay. Squishy, noisy, bloody, yeasty, chatter boxes who blame men for everything. I’ll bet that the US could turn into a hard core matriarchy where women controlled everything and men were left at home naked, chained to the bed, with a box of jars to open, and women would STILL find a way to blame men. Empowered American women? In the face of #MeToo and Take Back the Night? After 150 years of women’s suffrage, women still love to be victims. Women keep themselves down far more than men ever could, but blaming men is easier and allows them to be sad, little baby victims. Men, fuck yeah!

  3. Shocking, who would have ever though. Such an upstanding, well spoken celebrity, a true gentleman and American icon.
    I hope her lawyers cut your dipping dark balls off

  4. Well you look at this… smh i have nothing but respect when it comes to his acting job… but outside of that i have no respect for. He’s he bashing our president and look at him another liberal retard on the bad lime light…isnt this priceless 🤣🤣🤣

  5. Robert Deniro is an unpredictable ticking time bomb. It’s obvious by his bizarre behaviour. He’s been lashing out at different people and using profanity on national television.
    Shame on the different stations that have entertained Deniro’s potty mouth.
    He needs to either go to a rehab or jail and the key needs to be thrown away.

    I’m not sure what it is about many celebrities that gives them such a sense of entitlement.
    Ps Deniro… you’re an old and bitter prune. And you’re old news.

    What goes around comes around.
    Your behavior should not be tolerated. You have anger issues.

  6. Here we go another stupid woman clamming sexual harassment heres an idia how about when and if a movie star sexually harasses a woman why not come out when it happens instead of 30 years down the road are woman just desperate to be rich that they have to accuse men of doing this ???????????

  7. Another fucking CUNT sniffing around for money! You fucking WHORES using that Metoo BULLSHIT movement to get an easy paycheck. You fucking CUNTS are PATHETIC! I say us guys get together and start our own movement and call it “Fuck you, Metoo”!!!

  8. De Niro is a low life that is full of himself !! How dare he speak to Employee like that . Sue him and teach that foul mouth disrespectful excuse of a human being A huge lesson.
    Some times the greatest lesson is learned by hitting the wallet

  9. Crazy De Niro is a bigger scumbag in real life than the characters he plays in any of his movies.

  10. haha I love it. Mr. De Niro, that’ll be $12 million Dinero… plus fees and court costs. Better call your cousin, Vinny!

  11. It’s obvious that there was some type hurt feelings DeNiro had over Ms Robinson leaving his employ. It’s too bad he could not have reached a settlement with her and not had their work relationship parting of the ways go so badly. It seems that they may have worked well together for a long time and that he wanted it to continue but she wanted to move on for whatever reason. I hope for both parties they can settle and not have this drag out for both their sakes.

  12. Hahaa karma Bitch!! And he calls Trump unhinged and crazy and gangster?? Haha yeah Bobby shut the fuck up old man. You been exposed. 😂😂😂😂

  13. There should be some sort of time limit on lawsuits like these. How reliable is the evidence at this point?

  14. His assistant had a problem assisting him. Oh no. God forbid she be required to do her fucking job. An assistant who doesn’t assist and misappropriates company property while not assisting should be yelled at and fired. Just a hint…maybe when getting a lawyer to sue for gender discrimination; get a lawyer who is a different gender than you, so you don’t look like a Queen Bitch who eats her yearly intake everyday of Carnation Instant Ugly and Old Looking Hag Who Wakes Up With A Case of the Fuck Arounds.

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