Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar divorcing husband for the second time

Congresswoman Omar is divorcing her husband/TMZ.com

Congresswoman gettin’ a divorce. 

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MINNEAPOLIS — Ilhan Omar is headed back to divorce court. The embattled Minnesota Congresswoman filed dissolution papers on Friday seeking a severance from her estranged husband, Ahmed Hirsi. They have three kids. The divorce doesn’t come as a shock. Scuttlebutt ran rampant when the wife of Ilhan’s campaign consultant — Tim Mynett — filed for divorce after accusing her husband of having a dalliance with Ilhan. “As with all marriages, this is intensely personal and a difficult time for their family,” Ilhan’s representative told TMZ.

“For years, Ilhan and Ahmed have been the object of speculation and innuendo from political opponents and the media. This has taken a significant toll on Ilhan, Ahmed and their three children. Just like any other family navigating this kind of transition, Ilhan wishes to have their privacy respected for themselves and their children and will not be commenting any further.”

Ilhan married Ahmed in 2002. They separated in 2008, reconciled in 2012 (while she was married to another dude), then remarried in 2018 (after she divorced that dude). Ilhan has already packed her sh*t and moved out. She’s leasing a swanky penthouse apartment in Minneapolis.

Should Ilhan keep her legs closed and stay single for awhile?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Cazuz Yare ahmed

    Ilhan is every men’s dream girl, daughter, woman and mom. Man all most everyone in her country (America) doesn’t like her but she keep shinning out of their ignorance and racism comments. Love ❤️ this woman 👩.

  2. Varinia Jackson

    This Omar woman is lucky that she was born in the USA. Cheating on her husband with a married man. According to her religion she would be either put in jail or even stoned. Why in Heavens doesn’t she stop all her BS and get out of politics!?!.

  3. Dennis Kettinger

    She will write a book. Suckers will buy it. She then will be a millionaire. Then move into Marthas vineyard next to the Obamas. Then global warming will raise the sea level and drown all.JaJa

  4. Who would hit that? Some guys have no standards

  5. Special Needs Werewolf

    Who will get the camels?

  6. Andrea Dgeorge

    too late you evil witch. you are no longer flying under the radar. you should have kept your big mouth shut. you need to go home and run your mouth there.. you married your brother, you are disgusting.

  7. Chris Scribner

    Going back to her brother?

  8. This woman is an under cover ISIS member and should be shot!

  9. She should not be here at all. Let alone in our congress. She’s A FRAUD! And it would not surprise me if she’s a spy as well!

  10. Patriotic Justice

    Omar: saying how evil America is while freely doing here what would have her brutally executed in her home country.

  11. Wake up, get rid of this lying, traitor. Besides her illegal practices, Omar’s character and beliefs are dangerous to America!

  12. Trident Bonneville

    Deport the dog !!! Enough of her hate.

  13. If you like kissing a butthole then she’s a perfect face for you to kiss the sewage just oozes out of her mouth💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💣💣💥💥💥💥 boom!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Americans are being fooled by this thing called Omar. C’mon People, rise up and lets help this Alien go home to planet called “who gives a f%$#”.

  15. Task Force Dragon

    Fucks her brother and insults veterans.. What a woman

  16. LOVE IS BLIND!! and obviously these men do not need glasses👓, they need a dog🐕 and a clamp in the nose, when she remove the bucket from the head and rest of the outfit. Ufff…😷!!🤦

  17. Any other country your head would be chopped off

  18. Get her out of my Congress thank you

  19. Whats worse than your wife cheating on you with your brother ? ..Your wife cheating on you with HER brother !

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