San Francisco 49ers lineman D.J. Jones proposed to girlfriend at football game

D.J. Jones popped the question on Monday Night Football/

49ers lineman got himself a spouse. 

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SAN FRANCISCO — D.J. Jones, a 24-year-old defensive lineman for the San Francisco 49ers, scored two huge victories on Monday Night Football. His team pummeled the Cleveland Browns 31-3 and, prior to kickoff, he proposed to his girlfriend — Kayla Fannin — in front of family and friends and received a resounding “Yes!” The indelible occasion took place on the sideline in Levi’s Stadium. The betrothal was also captured on video. The bride-to-be never saw it coming. About 2 hours before game-time, D.J. implored Kayla to gaze into the sky.

As soon as she turned her noggin, the 300-pounder got down on one knee and popped the question. The rapturous damsel went f*ckin’ nuts. Seconds later, D.J. slipped a shiny new rock on Kayla’s ring finger to make it official. Hell, they’ve been together for a few years so a proposal was imminent.

It’ll be a Monday night they’ll never forget.

Watch the romantic video.

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  1. Marriage is for broke people junior. I hope you know that animal well because after you say i do to her, she owns you.

  2. ProudRacistAntiSemite

    Blacks don’t like to settle. Sticking and moving is what they do best. Single black female syndrome is rampant with these folk. They should acknowledge that this is a problem in their community.

  3. All she has to do is dial 911 and say he grabbed my wrist and his NFL career is over and his bank account is destroyed

  4. Isn’t that the same problem they have in the redneck communities too???

  5. FYI! More black men marry black women but they don’t publicize that much. Truth!!!

  6. She said yes because she not stupid.. Marry him. Have a couple babies and she set for life.

  7. G ay AF to propose on a football field….WTF

  8. Awwww, he bet her half his stuff he’ll never cheat.

  9. She is black #Shocking

  10. ReportingFromMars

    What a fool! An outdated union and you propose to a chick with fake hair and you’re a NFL player. See ya on ESPN 30 for 30

  11. Soon as he falls down and scrapes his knee and can’t play anymore, she’ll be off to the next ball player.

  12. An honest black man actually proposing instead of knocking up 3 different women. Nothing says he still won’t but congrats

  13. Another one fooled there is nothing to gain from marriage for men

  14. Malcolm Patterson

    7 years and 2 kids later, she will divorce him and secure the 💰💰💰…😄😄😄

  15. Don't buy the cow

    why nigga why??????

  16. hair weave will have them bankrupt in 3 years

  17. Beautiful couple!

  18. nigga pussy whipped

  19. Sexy Chocolate

    the world needs more of this from our men

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