Domestic Battery Video: Airline pilot “brutalizes” co-worker on the plane

Airline pilot treated co-worker like a punching bag/ABC News

Mad airline pilot clocks co-worker. 

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DENVER — This week’s “I F*cked Up A Good Job Award” belongs to Republic Airways pilot William Thomas, 36, and his female co-worker, Marisha Sporer, who were both fired and arrested after getting into a bout of fisticuffs on the plane. The domestic battery incident took place on September 14th during a layover at Denver International Airport. It was also captured on video. According to police reports, William and Marisha decided to sever their Ike & Tina-esque relationship while on duty. Moments later, the 29-year-old inamorata confronted William in the cockpit about something in his cell phone. That’s when and all hell broke loose.

“They both agreed to break up so Thomas went onto the plane and sat in the cockpit and Sporer went to the gate,” said a police spokesperson in a probable cause affidavit.

“Sporer became angry and went onto the plane to confront Thomas. Sporer grabbed Thomas by the neck tie and slapped him in the face with an open hand three times. Thomas retaliated by grabbing Sporer and striking her in the ribs with a closed fist.”

William also expectorated into Marisha’s countenance before punching her in the jaw. Both crew members were busted and face charges of assault and disturbing the peace. They were also terminated. Fortunately, there were no passengers on the aircraft at the time.

“We are aware of a situation that occurred last month involving two of our employees,” said a Republic Airways official in a statement. “We investigated this matter and took appropriate action consistent with our belief that such behavior is unacceptable.”

Even though Marisha hit him first, was William wrong for thwacking a woman?

Is it infelicitous for co-workers to date and/or sh*t where they eat?

Was the tryst ill-fated from the outset?

Watch the disturbing video.

Share your thoughts.


  1. Republic Airways. If we can’t beat our competitors we will beat our employees

  2. That is why you shouldn’t date anyone on the job.

  3. never show a bitch your cell phone

  4. she must have some bad pussy for him to beat her like that

  5. People just dont know how to walk away gracefully anymore

  6. to be fair she got 3 slaps in the cockpit before the bout we saw on camera so she had a 3 point lead in the opening round, then landed a 4th slap for 4 points.
    Thomas gets 3 points, 2 for landed hits and 1 for arena control where he backed his opponent into the wall but loses the fight altogether because hes a white Male and his score is lesser than marisha’s
    so marisha wins! see you both in jail

  7. Vernon Niles jr

    She strong 2 take a punch like that didn’t fall down he couldn’t knock her out he shouldn’t hit women and it cost both their job’s 👎👎😠


  9. And we wonder why planes are crashing at an alarming rate!

  10. She hit him first. Was he supposed to just keep letting her hit him? Yes of course that’s right.

  11. Never slap your man, ladies! Never!!! And never look on your man’s phone either!!!

  12. Voice of Reason

    Marisha looks like a dude. Maybe the pilot was duped into touching her peen?

  13. Charlie Charles

    real men dont hit women

  14. Notice the body punch , leaves no marks. He has done this before

  15. A real tough guy beating up a woman. He needs to have his face caved in

  16. He should not be a pilot.. That is scary.

  17. Mutual combat. No charges necessary.

  18. he is a coward and anyone who thinks it’s okay is also stupid he hit a woman what if he hit a man it would be lights out

  19. Never Republican Again

    Coward Punk Beat Up a Woman on video for all to see. Regardless of her actions .. A Man should NOT Beat a Woman.

  20. She got mad he was smashing another chick! lol

  21. What was on his cell phone?

  22. Jeeez hit her with the 1 2 uppercut combo…

  23. He spit on her which is assault with bodily fluid so she shouldn’t be arrested for slapping him you’re allowed to defend yourself and he stepped into her space and started assaulting her

  24. Equality 😂

  25. Disturbing? How?? All I see is a man helping his fellow co worker reshape her ol pumpkin head ass.. 🤷🏻‍♀️..

    Hahaha 😂 domestic abuse is sad but I agree don’t date your co workers!!!.. we spend lots time at work than at home now these people were seeing each other at home then work. They’re asking for drama 🤦🏻‍♀️… although it looks like she’s the victim here I’m glad she got fired too. It’s not just the mans fault it’s hers too so it’s only fair they both get fired otherwise she would feel like she’s invincible and try to date another co worker and it’s a never ending story. We never know what if she started all of this and just poked at him so much that he blew up and hit her. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  26. They both did wrong and in all they should have known not deal with it at work just wait until you got home to fight about it

  27. Lmfao they seem perfect for each other

  28. If the girl started it then she deserves to get punished

  29. sometimes you gotta smack a bitch

  30. Who would hit a woman that is just messed up.

  31. Imagine their fights while at work: ✈️
    Pilot: I’ll take this plane down with everyone I don’t care…
    Attendant: Do it, I’m not the one texting other flight attendants.
    Pilot: I swear to go if you keep pushing me I’ll kill us all.
    Attendant: I’ll tell your wife.

  32. Rule #1: Never date your coworkers

  33. Lorenzo Corleone

    never shit where you eat

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