Will Smith breaks down “Gemini Man”

Will Smith joins Stephen Colbert on Late Night/JetMag.com

Will Smith talks “Gemini Man.”

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NEW YORK — “It’s just me, myself and I.” Will Smith appeared on ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ on Tuesday to discuss his new film, “Gemini Man,” and the convolution of starring opposite himself. The 51-year-old thespian portrays a veteran hitman who squares off against his adolescent clone. In other words, he’s going to kick his own ass. “What he did with this film is really spectacular,” Smith said of director Ang Lee. “He’s trying to create a new reason for people to go to movie theaters.”

When descrying the film (preferably in 3D), moviegoers will see “the first-ever 100 percent digital human” — that being the aforementioned clone who’s likeness was replicated from Smith’s earlier projects such as Six Degrees of Separation and Men In Black. “It’s not me playing the character,” the actor explained.

“It’s a 100 percent digital character.”

Surprisingly, Smith’s ‘Fresh Prince’ dramatis personae wasn’t even considered for cinematic duplication; mainly because Lee is not a fan of the iconic role. “For Fresh Prince, he’s looking at my character and says, ‘I don’t want any of that in my movie,'” the actor joked.

When asked what advice he’d like to give his younger self, Smith flipped the script.

“I feel like that younger version of me, there’s a certain naivety to youth that is powerful,” he said. “When you don’t know something, you’re aggressive. I would ask my young self for advice… For the last two years, I’ve been trying to recapture that youthful fearlessness.”

Gemini Man is now available in theaters.

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  1. Will Smith vs Will Smith. My money is on Will Smith.

  2. the sad part is that 99.99% of all theaters will NOT show his movie as it was meant to be seen in 120 fps 4k 3d

    only 14 theaters are showing it in the high quality

  3. why didn’t jaden play the young guy?

  4. I think if Jaden did play his father’s character younger self, he would’ve had to buff up and eat to be bigger. Unless they just used his face.🤔🤔

  5. why the fuck this look like it made in da 90s

  6. gaaaarbage

  7. Psychos Advocate

    Will Smith is a fantastic actor but my god is his script a fuckin joke!

  8. Man I can tell that Gemini man is going to be deep.

  9. So Will Smith is so awesome that only he can beat him.

  10. Priderice Rice

    Nice CG ! But the story doesnt sound promising.

  11. Dankasaurs King

    Will Smith: “You’re weak.”
    Will Smith: “I’m you.”

  12. Rothko Karbine

    This looks stupid as hell.

  13. Normie Rockwell

    Holy shit I have to see this!!!

  14. Seems like a good movie. They should have got a good actor to star in it

  15. Taylor Craig Newbold

    Will “do anything for money” Smith

  16. IPrince Majestic

    Movie is garbage. Career is over. Dude always playing in whack movies. Black people aint supporting you with all that weird LGBTQ stuff you on bro.

  17. ~ INTERESTING movie, but too much dialogue, too much hetero-normative b.s., not enough plot significant to the future. Disappointing, engaging,, BUT not a high recommendation here. Sorry Wll ~ Cheers, DAVEDJ ~

  18. It would have been better if they didn’t tell us it was him chasing himself

  19. If it’s just the “2 of us” We could make it if we try

  20. Loved the movie.

  21. Will Smith needs to stop being in movies, he sucks, give it up negro

  22. Laporsche La Belle

    Gemini ♊️ because we are the best sign duh we’re 💎 gems 😝😂get it lol 😝

  23. Mr Castle Airsoft

    Saw Gemi man was ok

  24. It’s like John Wick but shitty. Black people dont hunt lol.

  25. I love you will, but the movie was SHIT, the S to the T!!!!

  26. Will Smith reading script: Oh, shiii!! Do I get two checks???

  27. Brandon Lkhagva

    I didnt even know it was out.

  28. Albert The Hun

    All respect Will Smith for his acting carrier but we are sick and tired of movies featuring black people as main characters shoved down our throats. He even ruined the Genie from Aladin.

  29. Paulo Hernandez

    Good thing he’s got bad boys..smh

  30. It bombed because Will Smith cant act. No matter what character Smith plays it always feels like Will Smith just playing a character….the same exact way every damn time. He has no range at all.

  31. Destine DeBramaletta

    Older Will Smith: Old and busted
    Younger Will Smith: New Hotness

  32. I Really enjoyed this Movie!

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