Court Video: Jared Chance gets 200 years following the ‘mutilation’ of Ashley Young

Jared Chance sentenced to a century behind bars/Grand Rapids Police

Murderer gets two centuries in prison.

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GRAND RAPIDS — Jared Chance, 30, will spend the next century or two behind bars. That’s because on Thursday he received a lengthy sentence of 100 to 200 years in prison for the grisly dismemberment of 31-year-old Ashley Young. The mutilation took place last year in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Kent County Judge Mark Trusock issued the comeuppance. Jared had a chance to accept a plea deal that would’ve made him eligible for parole after 31 years. But he chose to stand trial and was found guilty of multiple crimes including second-degree murder.

According to court docs, law enforcement officials discovered Ashley’s torso in the cellar of Jared’s Grand Rapids residence in December. The rest of her cadaver has not been found. Jared and Ashley were definitely acquainted. Both were spotted together at a bar in November prior to Ashley’s quietus.

“Jared Chance, I hate you,” said Ashley’s mother, Kristine Young, while giving her victim impact statement. “I want to rip you limb from limb and discard you, just like you did to Ashley. … You threw her out like trash and she was your friend. Why?” While holding a container of Ashley’s cremains, Kristine added, “If I want a hug, I have to hug a box.”

Andrew Rodenhouse, Jared’s attorney, told court members nobody knows how Ashley died.

The convict will be 130-years-old when he’s eligible for parole.

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  1. It only costs .25 cents for a bullet to the head and save tax payer’s dollars. More environmentally friendly as well.

  2. Proof that God exist. 100 year sentence still doesn’t fit the crime. God will give that man PERFECT Justice. It could be that in hell his body will be torn for all eternity….every day. Terrible for the family.

  3. fromthemixingpot

    prison is too good for most criminals

  4. Why waste our tax dollars on this one.
    Perfect example that there is no doubt of his guilt. What a waste of money and disservice to his victims.

  5. The man got what he deserved – actually they should have just cut him up while he was alive and put him in the garbage can.

  6. send him to hell now!

  7. I’m glad he didn’t take the plea deal. Rot in hell.

  8. Another horrible killing by a white guy and Republicans keep on saying all killings are donee by “illegals.”

  9. Wheres the Death Penalty? This Butcher should have no chance of doing this Hieness Crime again on anyone else. Execution is the Penalty. When he gets released,in future,who wants him as a neighbor?

  10. Plea deal for that? O..(letter and word omitted) please. The point of charging for a crime is due process..take the criminal to trial and no excuse for a known murderer ect to ever ever know what life on the outside is like from personal experience. No reason is the release of a known murderer or leniency in any way shape manner of form. The sloppy behaviors of lawyers and judges is obscene.

  11. barf o’kavanaugh

    66.666% commit the most heinous crimes.

  12. Instead of 100 years in lock-up, how about 30 minutes in a pit with starving lions?

  13. Another trump supporter behind bars makes America great again.

  14. What this is punishment? three free meals a day, free medical and dental, free entertainment for life.

    How can I sign up?

  15. “I want to rip you limb from limb and discard you, just like you did to Ashley.” Why? That means you’re just like him. A heinous act is a heinous act. Hate, but control your actions, don’t let your heart desire to harm, God will repay if He decides to, and you’re not God.

  16. How on earth was a Plea Deal even offered?

    This waste of flesh should be killed very slowly, and then thrown for wild dogs to feed on….

  17. What kind of nutcase carries around a dead persons ashes? The Mother is crazier than the murderer.

  18. This man needs to be hung till dead. I can’t get free food, bed, lights, clothes, water, and medical till I die. So how is he in-titled to free everything for a crime. Our laws are messed up. So the tax payers pay for this man to life free till dead. Don’t the citezen see something wrong with this or is just me.

  19. Yet another white crime this week

  20. The world is much worse than before. Absolute insanity.

  21. He doesn’t deserve to live, I hope you die in prison as well.

  22. I am so happy that man is in prison for the rest of his life

  23. Wtf dude you’re mental asf 😮 smh 😧 R.I.P Ashley 😢

  24. Should have taken the great deal plea bargain – dumbass

  25. Andrew Campbell

    I can’t even begin to imagine how this poor mother felt when that bastard took her baby away from her. Rip sweet darling Ashley 💔💔 💔💔💔🙏🙏 🙏🙏 🙏💔💔💔💔🙏💔🙏🙏🙏 🙏🙏

  26. RIPLemmyKilmister

    He’ll be elligable for parole at 130?

    That’s way too lenient.

  27. Karen Parker Sandberg

    Bravo jury!⚖

  28. Most satisfying sentencing ever! 🙂

  29. Enjoy the rest of your life in prison, you piece of human SHIT, you dont deserve to breathe the same air as normal people !! What a psycho !!

  30. I think waiting to die with an death penalty conviction is horrific. But to know that YOU will die in jail . Is a kind of torture that can’t be underestimated.. to think about why you are there every day has to be torture ….

  31. Unstoppable Goddess

    Dear Other judges and courts, PLEASE TAKE NOTES ON HOW IT’S DONE!

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