Elderly care staff members “encouraged” senior citizen women to fight each other

Elderly care staff members abused senior citizens/Winston-Salem Police Department

Workers abused senior citizens.

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — This week’s “I F*cked Up A Good Job Award” belongs to Marilyn Latish McKey, 32, Tonacia Yvonne Tyson, 20, and Taneshia Deshawn Jordan, 26, who were thrown in the slammer after they coerced two elderly residents to fight each other. They’re also accused of abusing senior citizens with dementia. The elderly fight club took place on June 21st at the Danby House assisted living facility in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Marilyn, Tonacia and Taneshia were employees. According to police reports, the nefarious trio encouraged two 70-something-year-old women to kick each other’s ass then filmed the encounter.

Marilyn also shoved one of the elders back into her room.

After receiving reports of senior citizen abuse, the Winston-Salem Police Department and the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services conducted an investigation. “When you’re talking about someone who can’t take care of themselves, we’ve got to give specific attention to that,” said Lt. Gregory Dorn. Marilyn, Tonacia and Taneshia were arrested and charged with assault.

They were also fired.

“Danby House has a zero-tolerance policy for the mistreatment of those in our care and, as such, McKey, Tyson, and Jordan were terminated immediately in June when community management was alerted to this situation,” said a Danby House spokesperson in a statement.

“Administrators have been working closely with the Winston-Salem Police Department throughout its investigation to ensure justice is served. Additional staff training and a more rigorous vetting process for all new and existing employees at Danby House has been implemented.”

Do the elderly care workers deserve a lot of jail time?

If not, what punishment is suitable for these ladies?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. What a bunch of psychos

  2. Lovely, they’ll probably claim racism since they will have to face charges. This country no longer holds blacks responsible for their actions. That’s racist.

  3. The worse part of all this is that because of today’s political climate they won’t get any real jail time or fines. Maybe some community service and probation but that’s it. The sad part is the two groups of of people who need our protection the most ( elderly & children) are the two groups that are brutalized the most. And its mostly done by liberals.

  4. BythepeopleForthepeople

    This is the confirmation of the fact that there is abysmal impulse control on these cunts. 😡 Not to mention confirming with THOSE actions their 80 average IQ!!
    At least the old people with dementia have a justification; they can’t help their condition!!
    P.S.: I got finished watching Apocalypto and THAT is more civilized than those sacks of shit! 😜😜

  5. The first rule about elderly fight club, is that you don’t talk about elderly fight club

  6. I think it’s just sickening to the core…. I say throw em to the sharks 🦈JB!!!!

  7. CrimsonAngel xoxo

    This not only shocks me it really pisses me off. My stepdad passed away three years ago after battling dementia for six years. This is fucking horrible!!

  8. Fucking lowlifes!! Hope they get their asses beat in jail!! Hope they rip their hair hats off!

  9. Pearce Fennell

    QUEENZ FUCKING SCUM I like to be indifferent to most things but these cunts , get the rope

  10. Kelly Lawrence

    Those poor women are so scared. They don’t know where they are or who they are. Imagine being that terrified. Bitches need to hang.

  11. GTharo McScrooge

    those damn “Queens” are at it again! 😆😆

  12. Mikail the Stray Cat

    All I can say is as follows:

    You have to be a Very Special Kinda Fucked Up to do shit like this😿

    I can’t answer your question regarding what punishment would be fitting for the crimes of these “Ladies” (and I use that term Very Loosely), but if it were up to me…well let’s just say that I find this to be yet another example of why I am a Big Fan of the idea of bringing back Death by Firing Squad (No Waiting)😼


  13. Well, just look at the pics of the women working at the nursing home who were running the fight club…I guarantee they aren’t joining MENSA anytime soon. Look, people shouldn’t put their parents in those kind of places anyway, but if you absolutely have to, make sure the staff doesn’t all look like those chicks. Your parent is guaranteed to be abused and neglected on some level if that’s what the staff is almost entirely made up of.

  14. I hope they get the maximum penalty for this…..maybe they’ll have to fight big mama in prison

  15. Just when I thought humanity couldn’t go any lower, you see this…I think all of them should be rounded up, paraded through the streets naked to the chants of BEAT THEIR ASS! BEAT THEIR ASS!

  16. Christian Rubino

    Blacks. What a shocker.

  17. These sub-humans should BE HUNG PUBLICLY! NOW!!!

  18. Black supremacists

  19. Harry Browneigh

    You leave your loved one in the hands of a retard ooga booga …don’t be surprised.
    They all hate white people. They hate Mexicans and Asians as well.
    All they know is hate.

  20. The family members should organize their own fight club with these knuckle draggers.

  21. 20 bucks says there won’t be riots for this. #ELDERLIVESMATTER

  22. 👎👎👎 Close that place down and send those Women to prison for Life 👈

  23. I just can’t believe three intelligent beauties would take part in this mischief.
    They look so sweet.

  24. Families need to check on their love ones in these facilities staff is understaff CNAs shift load per resident is 18/20 total care 12/14hrs per shift it is wrong what happen to those residents visit your loves not when the nurse calls and only on holidays visit them .

  25. The weakest in all of society are children and senior’s and the disabled, It’s sad to think that this is what we have to look forward to at our weakest times in life, Day care senior centers and rest homes … Seriously I am worried !

  26. Sigh……. They need prison time and a good old a$$ tapping from the family…….

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