‘Batman’ cast revealed, Zoe Kravitz lands ‘Catwoman’ role, Jonah Hill is the Riddler

Zoe Kravitz will star as Catwoman in new Batman film/MovieWeb.com

Zoe Kravitz lands ‘Catwoman’ role. 

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LOS ANGELES — The cast of Matt Reeves’ “The Batman” is beginning to take shape and we’ve learned Zoe Kravitz will star as Selina Kyle, a.k.a. Catwoman. Also, Robert Pattinson will play the Dark Knight, Jonah Hill will portray the Riddler and Jeffrey Wright will oversee Gotham City as Commissioner Gordon. Filming is scheduled to begin in the UK in January. Reeves, if you recall, took over as director after Ben Affleck stepped down. So there’s going to be massive rejiggering.

Rather than produce a mimeographed replica of Frank Miller’s “Batman: Year One,” Reeves said the new motion picture will give moviegoers a “defining” and “very personal” narrative about the Dark Knight. Zoe, the eccentric daughter of rock icon Lenny Kravitz, has appeared in several films.

Her credits include “Mad Max: Fury Road,” “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” “Rough Night,” “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald,” “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” and “Big Little Lies.” Zoe also did the voice-over of Catwoman in “The Lego Batman Movie.”

So she has some feline experience.

Are you impressed with the cast?

Will Zoe make a damn good Catwoman?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Octavia Spencer would be a great Catwoman.

  2. Zoe has a long resume of supporting roles in big movies. In that respect her wealth of experience should bring a lot to the role

  3. Everyone is going black, next will smith is going to be batman

  4. catwoman is supposed to be white

  5. Everything is black and gay this days

  6. I hate this casting. I would prefer someone more like Pfeiffer…

  7. Oh I want to get away
    I want to fly away
    Yeah yeah yeaaaaaah

  8. My pick is vanessa kirby ❤❤

  9. just make everything black, kinda tired of this.

  10. I have 100% faith in this character casting, it’s the same with the wonder woman actress she only had small roles,no one really noticed her till wonder woman, I feel the same will happen with kravitz

  11. I can already feel the sexual tension between Robert’s Batman and Zoe’s Catwoman. So I’m sold.

  12. Relative Points Now

    no thanks…this whole movie can just burn

  13. I think she will do a great job I loved her in fantastic beasts 🙌🏼

  14. I think whoopie Goldberg should be cat woman

  15. People keep saying that black people are replacing white characters but in reality it’s mainly mixed females that are replacing white characters.

  16. How about we make the character the freakin way they were created????

  17. Eartha kit was the original sexy cat woman😺 so this fit is perfect to me, meowww. Go Zoey😻😻😻😻

  18. I’m uneasy about this casting. The reason being that part of the rumors about her casting was that WB was looking for an actress of color for the role. Let me just get this out of the way right now, I am NOT racist. I can understand if WB and Matt Reeves were just looking for a good actress, not caring about race. However, the character wasn’t black in the comics. I know that films are not the comics. I also want to be clear that I think it’s great that roles are being given to diverse people. I am concerned because I think this is a well-meaning step in a wrong direction. I am afraid that in an attempt to be inclusive of the minority, the majority are being excluded. That’s still discrimination.
    I don’t know which rumors are true. My concern may be for naught, and I hope it is. And once again, I just want to make it very clear that I am not racist.

  19. I hope Zoe will play an original character and not Selina Kyle. Just like Halle Berry. Blackwashing a character is racist.

  20. @cellmate1: I don’t think any Zoë Kravitz fans ever feel underwhelmed or don’t wish she had larger roles. I can’t wait to see what she does with it she’s got this spark of crazy that’s always surprising. I do think an Asian actress would have also been a great choice but I think she will change your mind.

  21. Raheem Clother

    She’ll definitely be the sexiest Catwoman

  22. Gregory Hamilton

    Zoe is perrrfect for this role!

  23. Politically correctness, YET. again… geez.. when are these Hollywood fools going to stop this black shoving Bulishit!

  24. The Funny Side Up

    They better model her character after the Michelle Pfeiffer-Selena Kyle with the edge, use of the whip and the dominatrix meets Arkham catsuit.

  25. The only reason she got cast as Catwoman is cause she’s born into privilege and she’s got major pull due to famous parents. Also these people have to sign their name in blood to get their names up in lights, bottom line.

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