More than a dozen women are ‘accusing’ Gooding Jr. of sexual misconduct, groping

Cuba Gooding Jr pleaded not guilty/

Cuba Gooding Jr. pleads not guilty.

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NEW YORK — First Bill Cosby. Then R. Kelly. Now this. Cuba Gooding Jr. was arraigned in New York on Tuesday where he pleaded “not guilty” to groping women’s body parts. The handcuffed thespian stood before Judge Curtis Farber for his arraignment. He was later released. Cuba, 51, was arrested in June after he allegedly touched a woman’s breast at a Manhattan rooftop bar. The concupiscent actor is also inculpated on charges of ‘forcible touching’ and third-degree sexual abuse from a second accuser.

Another chick named Natasha Ashworth claims Cuba grabbed her ass at a soiree.

His next court appearance is scheduled for December 13th.

According to court docs, fourteen women are accusing the Oscar winner of carnal improprieties between 2001 and 2018. Their allegations include groping, squeezing, rubbing, biting, kissing, licking, genital grabbing and a partridge in a pear tree. Many, if not all, of the accusers could be sworn in to testify.

If that happens, Cuba is f*cked.

One of the alleged victims claims Cuba told her to “sit on my face [and] pee in my mouth” as he fondled her succulent embonpoint. Another accuser said he clasped her thigh, reached under her skirt and caressed her vulva. The alleged crimes took place at bars, nightclubs and restaurants.

“Defendant’s past behavior shows that he routinely approaches women while at bars or nightclubs with whom he has had limited or no prior interaction, and touches them inappropriately,” prosecutors argued in court documents. “Looking at these instances, it is clear that the defendant’s actions are intentional, rather than accidental, that he does not mistakenly believe the acts are consensual.”

Do you believe Cuba is guilty?

Should negroes become more circumspect when interacting with thots?

Watch the video.

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  1. Another one bites the dust.


  3. they are going after our black heros all of them,, stay woke

  4. Guys, please keep your distance from women! They’re on a rampage!

  5. ThePhilmoreslim 1

    So no Snow dogs 3???

  6. It’s hard to figure out what’s really going on with this.

    All it seems like is black celebs are going to jail. Whether he’s guilty or not – where are all the other white counter parts who should be going to jail?

  7. Dang they’re trying to R. Kelly everybody.. Free Kellz and Cuba & Bill ✊🏾

  8. Absolute sick individual. His career is over lol


    He is guilty.


    Show me the money!!!

  11. What was he arrested for??? Was it for him posing as a ” real ” actor???

  12. Victor M. Morales

    that’s too bad!.. free gooding jr

  13. Elemental Droid

    Free Cuba Gooding Jr!

  14. Monalisa Monalisa

    This Is what they do… They did it with Tupac and many other BLACK industry cats….. This Is what the white man does…. He allows you In the gate to get famous and then slaps you with false allegations to claim back all your fame and royalties untill you have NOTHING left… This Is part of what they do to BLACK artists and It will continue to be this way Untill Y’all start waking the fuk up 👌🏽

  15. Michael Streich

    Show me the EVIDENCE!

  16. The white man agenda is to destroy the blk man🤦😡

  17. Kimani the Incredible

    Men need to separate themselves from women or else’s these are the results . In the future men will decide that women serve no real purpose as well as sexual desires and emotions.

  18. It pains me that the black community are not seeing that the white supremacy are trying to erase the black legends from the world

  19. Y’all black men love them white women, keep it up y’all gone see….. look at tyga woods. Black women for me only.

  20. I just work a normal job and im 57 yrs old.still when new women are hired i dont even say hello,i dont talk to them unless its work related.because some women are just wanting to destroy peoples lives just for the heck of it.


    its because he black stop pretending we dont know why they doing this

  22. Talking WITH Tonya

    Wanna be around them beckys and them white mans women..didnt u learn from immit till…

  23. Kenneth Esau Point


  24. Kelsey Strouse

    There are plenty of sexual predators out there that abuse their position of power. Harvey Weinstein being the king of the lot. According to video PROOF, Cuba Gooding Jr. does NOT fall under that category. All these woman crying “wolf” make the world tune out real victims. As a woman, I believe all these woman abusing their position of power given to them by the “me too” movement and should be ashamed of themselves. This isn’t a race thing, it’s an attack against men period. It’s a shark fest savagely looking for power. A new tactic for climbing the social ladder. It’s disgusting! Call these women out as the predictors THEY are!

  25. Men better start waking up these woman are trying to destroy us


    Smell his fingers…

  27. Why do they have to have him in handcuffs though 🤔🤔

  28. If he was given the option of turning himself in which he did, why did they all at once feel threatened enough to have him in hand cuffs? I think it was more for humiliation and to show power, so maybe his attitude pissed somebody in the D.A.s office off. because he definitely isn’t dangerous and I believe his crime is classified as a misdemeanor .

  29. Are you serious ? A guy can’t pinch a girls ass ? Lmfao so he’s in hand cuffs for pinching some girls ass ? Weinstein never got charged for the shit he’s done but this guy pinches a butt and we’re going to rush him to court!!!

  30. those bitches need to stop. Body language said everything. Hoes pressing charges and making dollars. They give women (real victims) a bad name. .

  31. Man With A Plan

    These shitty ass white women want to complain about being touched, when they clearly were the ones that approached him first.

  32. Lyndell Chambers

    Damn he got caught touching the flattest ass possible

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