LeBron James catchin’ hell for Hong Kong comments as protesters “burn” his jersey

Adam Silver, Daryl Morey and LeBron James have a Chinese mess on their hands/ClutchPoints.com

LeBron James catching hell. 

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HONG KONG — LeBron James was in China, roughly 7,200 miles from the United States, and he’s still being called a “sellout.” Except this time it’s in a different language. The 34-year-old NBA superstar is catching hell from all angles after he uttered a series of deprecatory remarks about Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey’s pro-Hong Kong tweet in support of civil rights demonstrators; many of whom have lost their lives chasing basic liberties like freedom of speech. King James said Morey’s communiqué was “misinformed,” drawing the ire of Hong Kong protesters and 327 million Americans.

“We’re not politicians,” said James, the league’s most conspicuous player. “I also don’t think every issue should be everybody’s problem as well. When things come up, there’s multiple things that we haven’t talked about that have happened in our own country that we don’t bring up. There’s things that happen in my own community in trying to help my kids graduate high school and go off to college. That’s been my main concern the last couple of years with my school.”

Keep in mind, James sells a bunch of Nike shoes in China — a country of 1.4 billion — and he’s currently marketing his new movie “Space Jam 2” overseas. He’s also signed several endorsement deals with Chinese interest which includes the global promotion of the NBA2K video game. Even though it’s a bad look, James is siding with the communist country to eschew jeopardizing a billion dollar indenture.

In other words, he pullin’ a Jay-Z.

During a Tuesday rally at the Southorn Playground, Hong Kong protesters burned James’ jersey, stomped on his apparel and threw basketballs at his photo while chanting succor for Morey. After realizing everybody wants his head on a platter, James disseminated an elucidation.

“Let me clear up the confusion,” James tweeted.

“I do not believe there was any consideration for the consequences and ramifications of the tweet. I’m not discussing the substance. Others can talk about that. … My team and this league just went through a difficult week. I think people need to understand what a tweet or statement can do to others. And I believe nobody stopped and considered what would happen. Could have waited a week to send it.”

Texas Senator Ted Cruz lambasted James, accusing him of “kissing up to Chinese communists and tyrants” and “apologizing for murderers.” Do you agree with the Senator? Is James a sellout?

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  1. The Mexican Animator

    What a LOSER

  2. because its china , americans look down on chinese or chinese goods whatsoever its painful for them to see China has come back up to the top of the world , it hurts when they see an American being honest about China and hongkong . All of sudden ” freedom of speech” did not work for LeBron James . Coz he did not agree what moray said

  3. LeBron should just keep playing basketball and the dumbass people asking him questions about stupid China and stupid Hong Kong and stupid America and stupid stupid stuff that don’t matter all that matters to him is playing ball and taking care of his kids that’s all that should matter we are not the government we are not the president

  4. LeBron should live in China.

  5. john carioscia

    Without basketball Lebron James would be the tallest “garbageman” in the world, He should never open his mouth, except to eat.

  6. The school that LeBron “built” was funded by the US taxpayer. Check it out. LeBron has never even had a job.

  7. When LBJ criticizes the US, he is as wise as Martin Luther King Jr.
    When it comes to China, he is Mark Zuckerberg.

  8. Lebron said that statement based on money. And from that we could reasonably assume he also does a lot of things base on money including helping under previlaged kids . Maybe to sell more shoes. Who knows

  9. The king does wtf he wants 😎🖕🏼

  10. James needs to play basketball not a politician!!!

  11. Ball players should STFU and just shoot the f-ing ball. Leave politics to the big boys.

  12. Pol Pot Progressive’s

    LeBron don’t want to upset his Nike slave labor.

  13. I guess Hong Kong Lives don’t matter to Lebron.

  14. Lebron is a moron 👈😄🇺🇸

  15. [email protected] James. Would be in prison if not for NBA

  16. LeBron is a dumass, brain of a sparrow!!!

  17. Lebron James is a piece of $hit dirt bag.

  18. Lebron said nothing wrong

  19. You gotta be kidding me Lebron James has no problem critiquing our American government. But when it comes down to criticizing the communist’s Chinese government, he basically chose to “shut up and dribble”. Absolutely shameful.

  20. I’m not watching the nba anymore.

  21. Go easy on Lebron, all he has is a High School education

  22. Hey LeBron, have a thought of your own sir. We all know you support democracy. Don’t you have enough NBA China money by now. Keep your two cents to yourself and just play basketball. He and his family should move to China.


  24. $$$$$….in God we trust

  25. Sandor Clegane

    Says the guy who got his GED in the mail last week.

  26. 1022rebelreddog

    Lebron is a joke !! this shows u don’t have to have brains …just put the ball in the rim…damn

  27. SatanDynastyKiller

    LeBron’s Nike’s are made in Chinese sweatshops by 9 year old kids – of course he doesn’t want to speak out against Chinese govt.

    These are your heroes.

  28. Lebron has made it clear he only cares for human rights as long at it doesnt cost him money

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