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Nicki Minaj marries “ex-con” inamorato Kenneth Petty in fast shotgun wedding

Nicki Minaj happily married/

Nicki Minaj is hitched & happy.

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LOS ANGELES — “I’s married now!” Nicki Minaj is officially off the market. The 36-year-old rapper married her high school sweetheart — Kenneth Petty — over the weekend, ending months of connubial surmise. Nicki disseminated the communiqué on Monday via Instagram, telling her 106 million followers her new moniker is “Onika Tanya Maraj-Petty.” She also posted a video that shows the date of holy matrimony “10.21.19” along with a pair of “bride” and “groom” baseball caps.

The shotgun wedding is hardly a surprise. If you recall, Nicki and Kenny were spotted purchasing a marriage license in June. They originally hooked up in high school before rekindling their romance a year ago. Kenny, a registered sex offender, served time for manslaughter and rape.

But Nicki said the past is the past.

They’re ready to move forward as husband and wife.

Are you happy for Mr. and Mrs. Petty?

Will their coalescence last?

Share your thoughts.

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  1. All in the same year her ex Safaree married Erica…. a coincident, I think not.

  2. Last name matches worst yet this will be a disaster. He will cheat then take half of her money with no prenup. Then she will be crying as some victim.. now she might to ride it out to safe face but all this will happen if he doesn’t play his roll. There are to many hating females out there that can’t touch Nicky but will go for this nobody as male she pick up… Watching with popcorn…

  3. She is a sick person. I’m so done. Hope she goes away for good. She is a disgusting human being and the worst role model to lil girls. Two dark souls. She is living her karma! She is still angry throwing shade. She is pretending she is happy with this pedophile rapist murderer.

  4. Lmfaoo not only did she find the right nasty man for herself but also that last name fits perfectly 🤣😂🤣😂
    Hopefully she was at least smart enough to get a prenup

  5. YOU GUYS ARE VERY IGNORANT IN THESE COMMENTS THAT WAS HER BOYFRIEND AT 16-17 and NOW THEY ARE TOGETHER AGAIN! Not like cardi b who didn’t even know offset but married him for publicity

  6. She’s definitely not wifey material. Side chick parts maybe but you know what they say, “Can’t make a ** a housewife”

  7. It won’t last, the bitch is going through a major midlife crisis. Seriously

  8. He’s Ken and she’s Barbie ❤️ How perfect could that be ? Plus her new name, Mrs. Petty 😂 this is SO Nicki lol can’t get over it

  9. Nicki Minaj is so blinded by this guy’s dick that she can’t see in front of her she’s going to be one of them stories on ID Discovery where her what’s it called American monster where they find out the husband’s been killing people raping women behind their back living a double life either that or he’s going to take her for a ride on her money but he is not going to stick around raising no kids I don’t see him to be that type of man whatsoever and I feel bad for Nikki I really do

  10. I will see if its really love 6 to 12 months from now… ijs. Not about to congratulate them just yet. Something just seems odd and funny about this but I could be wrong 🤷‍♀️

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