Girl Fight Video: A woman in Virginia was ‘severely’ beaten, suffers two black eyes

Girl fight in Virginia captured on video/

Girl fight video went mad viral. 

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RICHMOND — Law enforcement officials in Richmond, Virginia are investigating after a hoodrat beat the sh*t out of another thot during a bout of fisticuffs in a Deli parking lot. The ass whuppin’ went down in front of the S&S Fast Mart at 2201 Jefferson Davis Highway. It was also captured on video. Raw cell phone footage shows the two malefactors squaring off as nosy rubbernecks gawk in amusement. The bellicose chick donning the gold wig eventually body-slams her rival to the pavement with what appears to be a wrestling technique then proceeds to thwack the wounded damsel repeatedly in her countenance. After the fight concluded, the loser suffered two black eyes, a busted lip and a swollen jaw.

She looks absolutely terrible.

Watch the disturbing video.

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  1. Either them soft ass punches was lethal or she have really soft tissues in her face

  2. SirenaRosenfeld

    i was too distracted by her wig coming off and her baldness

  3. Damnnnnn, when I seen her eye 😲😲😲 and I thought sis wasn’t hitting her hard enough. 😂😂😂 and she saying let’s do it again, bitch please… She got you looking like something from the Syfy channel. 👽👽👽 have a seat!

  4. Gotta hand it to chick in the pink shirt. She knew when she was beat and said ok that’s enough and walked away. All them other ratchet hoes trying to get them to fight more

  5. Daaam! fuck kind of cell phone camera is that !!1??

  6. He Say She Say How ‘bout ME Say

    Bitch looked like Future at the end of the fight 😩😩😩😩

  7. Shorty lookin like Martin after he had the boxing match wit hit man

  8. Rashan Lawhorne

    You dumb NIGGAS watching two black women fight instead of helping stop the fight
    Smfh this society going to hell

  9. She wasn’t gonna stop until both eyes were black

  10. When black women fight you know……their hairhat coming off lol

  11. Spinoca Kelley

    Oooh FUCK her EYE 😳😮

  12. Damn!!!!!


  14. Bambi_Rain💧


  15. Black people.

  16. 98% of these fights involve black people. Just saying.

  17. jordanhearns87

    Everybody on here like Dammmmn 🤣🤣🤣that’s all we can say…..”Eye can Knot”🤣

  18. Black people are their own worst enemy.

  19. typical black people behavior nothing to see here folks

  20. onieshia napoleon

    Fuck everybody coming on here being racist. Black ppl this, black ppl that. Every color existing in this damn world has done bad shit. Stfu and have several seats. No color is innocent.

  21. “You got knocked the fuck out!”

  22. Ignorance at its finest. Be proud.

  23. Raymond Williams

    The way she got her ass whipped was knot 🗿supposed to happened.

  24. 😆 omg!

  25. Lmfao she thugged out

  26. Both of them probably got played by the same dude SMH!

  27. Captain Obvious

    baby in the pink got fucked up

  28. Black women cause chaos and destruction in america daily but some how never get locked up

  29. Misslegacy 808


  30. Sad that you get off on shit like this.

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