The Black Sunflower: D-Twist tributes his hometown with new “Trillmatic 2” album

D-Twist drops Trillmatic 2/

D-Twist releases Trillmatic 2 album.

The Black Sunflower

KANSAS CITY, Kan. — With Kansas City’s music scene on the rise, Rapper D-Twist tributes his hometown in his latest album, Trillmatic 2. It’s no secret that Kansas City has a growing and thriving music scene as many popular artists of various genres have found their passions within its city limits. D-Twist is a noted rapper from Kansas City, Kansas whose talents continue to persevere. The lyrical vibe throughout the album is undeniable as he showcases his range with the switch of his flow from verse to verse. You’ll definitely want to experience the full album.

But here are a few standout tracks.

T2: This opening track begins with a transcending beat as D-Twist lays down this clean, fluid verse while his pride for his city is more than apparent. His name rings true as you hear the changing bounce and rhythms of the beat and the flow stirs you. As a dope lyricist, D-Twist wastes no time in delivering both jokes and jabs with each line.

Dumb It Dumb 3: Dropping quick punchlines back to back, D-Twist holds your attention on this track from start to finish. When I got to this track on the album, I immediately had to play it back so I could catch all the gems. With the bopping beat echoing, this rapper drops visuals with his words, giving his fans his notorious “barzzz”.

Waiting 2 Exhale: The perfect mixture of Jazz and R&B blends together with such coolness and KC realness with this track. Soulful singer, Codak Carter floats over the track effortlessly as his voice lifts you to match the high of the vibe. A mellow melody from D-Twist’s voice coupled with the smooth hook and bridge, “Waiting to Exhale” is riding music at it’s finest.

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