Most Graphic Video Ever? Teen commits “suicide” after watching “Joker” movie

Gleb Korabljov killed himself/YouTube

“Joker” movie inspires suicide.

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MOSCOW — In a stomach-churning development, 18-year-old Gleb Korabljov took his own life just hours after descrying the “Joker” movie and he live-streamed the impermanence for the entire world to see. The sanguinary ordeal went down last weekend in Russia. Uncut video footage shows Gleb making a reference to the ultimate scene in the controversial film where the Joker was supposed to commit suicide on live television. After he goes into a discursive tirade, Gleb pressed the barrel of a shotgun against his cranium and pulled the trigger. It’s the most horrific thing ever recorded.

Despite annihilating box office records, the Joker has garnered massive opprobrium for being “too terrifying.” One Twitter user wrote: “I walked out of this movie #Joker BAN THIS MOVIE!! It’s a psychological approach on the mind! I was rooting for him until shit got real… Oh man…”

Another user added, “Literally just walked out of a screening of Joker. Way too terrifying to be there with all this going on the way the movie glamorizes gun violence and mental health issues.”

Watch the video.

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  1. Cumitsumsuicide

    I saw the unedited version before they removed it. Fucked me up a little bit and really wish I hadn’t seen it.

  2. Thats no way to get a head in life.

  3. He tried to calm down but lost his head. The first thing that went through his mind was the bullet!

  4. Glass Half Full

    At least he only killed himself

  5. It says something about the state of affairs today when the best thing said is he didn’t take people with him.

  6. Jason Voorhees stepbrother

    This censored video sucks

    I want to see blood and brains

  7. It wasnt suicide, he was trying to fix that terrible haircut.

  8. Tony Montana's nephew

    They blocked out his face. Fuck cancel culture.

  9. I smell a lawsuit

    His family should sue Warner Bros for making that fucked up movie

  10. I wish I’m not a mentally fucked up person.

  11. BringBackTrump

    Cancel culture sucks! I want to see this shit uncensored.

  12. They blocked out the hole in his head. Can’t see shit.

  13. Pizza Delivery Guy

    This man clearly needed help. Where was his family?

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