Eddie Murphy returns to his roots

Eddie Murphy shines in new Dolemite flick/LaTimes.com

Eddie’s Dolemite straight hilarious. 

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LOS ANGELES — “Way down in the jungle deep, the bad ass lion stepped on the signifyin’ monkey’s feet.” Yessir. Eddie Murphy’s “Dolemite Is My Name” is now available on Netflix and, can’t lie, it’s hilarious and very well done. Gotta admit, was a little skeptical of Eddie at first. But his ’70s portrayal of Rudy Ray Moore definitely passes the eye test. Co-stars Wesley Snipes, Mike Epps, Snoop Dogg, Chris Rock, Keegan-Michael Key and Craig Robinson are equally crackerjack.

But, what stands out most is Dolemite’s intransigence in conjunction with the pecuniary obstacles he overcame during his improbable ascension to stardom. After putting up his royalties as collateral, Dolemite secured a handful of high-interest loans to finance his blaxploitation film.

Even though his Kung fu style of thespianism drew jaspé reviews, Dolemite’s initial sex scene is must-see theater. Truth be told, dude was originally camera-shy about partaking in pornography mainly because he’s a corpulent negro with a gut. So, rather than patronize a fitness center, Dolemite morphed the erotica into a comedic skit.

Here’s what transpired: The director (played by Snipes) called in a voluptuous white chick with a juicy embonpoint and had her ride Dolemite’s phallus while the filming crew concocted an orgasmic earthquake in the background. Like I said, it’s must-see theater and funny as hell.

Again, “Dolemite Is My Name” is now available on Netflix.

Watch it ASAP!

Blog King’s Rating: 5 out of 5 popcorn bags

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  1. Just watched this movie and I’ll be honest , I absolutely expected to laugh cause it’s Eddie But bruh, I was laughing so hard I my side was hurting ! Especially if you grew up doing this era. I was too young to go see rudy ray Moore back then but man I sho wish I had now. Man,get some folks together and check this out if you wanna laugh a while and see Eddie work his magic.

  2. Just watched it and got 2 say it’s as good as thought..WICKED…ide watch it again but got work in the morning 🤬😡 take 2 tomorrow 👍

  3. Welcome back Eddie. We’ve missed you

  4. The Stand Up Comedy King Is Back

  5. Eddies back baby✌️

  6. David Lee Roth

    nobody else could have played Rudy Ray Moore… and wesley snipes’ character was outstanding. 5 muthafukin stars!

  7. The Implication

    This movie and he’s about to do some stand up again. I hope this is a resurgence for him. He seems to be trying to get back to his roots.

  8. Eddie is playing as an Eddie Murphy character. Didn’t even try to sound like Dolemite. And that’s what helped make Dolemite who he was. His strong and authoritative voice. Great cast.

  9. Eddieeeeee where u bin m’thr fkr! Finally glad your back…

  10. I just finished watching Dolemite on Netflix! I loved it!!!

  11. Dope movie

  12. Vintage eddie Murphy havent laughed like this in so long

  13. Vicente Fernandez

    Welcome back, Eddie. Missed ya.

  14. Martin Barshai

    “Dolemite is my name and f—ing up motherf—ers is my game!”

  15. Wow! Eddie Murphy is 58 years old but he looks like in his early 40’s!!!

  16. Eddie Murphy Has Never Been Better! Hilarious!!!!


    He never left 😎

  18. Had to stop watching this after 30mins, so much swearing its unreal how the hell is that funny. Gotta say Eddies acting is on point.

  19. Santino Williams

    This was sooooo good, hats off to Eddie Murphy and all the exceptional cast who brought Rudy Ray Moore’s story to the big Screen, very well presented with good performances as well.

  20. Eddie was raw and brilliant when he first started out in the 1980’s, he made some classics. Then he sold his soul and has since being making nothing but crap. This looks like the return of the old Eddie Murphy, welcome back

  21. Best movie I’ve watched in a very long time💯

  22. Death Before Dishonour

    2hrs I wish I could get back. ZZZZZZZ

  23. Great film 👏🏾👏🏾

  24. Just watched it…. absolutely fantastic ☆☆☆☆☆

  25. Eddie pulled it off. Take this from a real Rudy Ray Moore fan. Eddie peed on my skepticism.

  26. eddie is still king 😍

  27. Absolutely glorious Rudy Ray Moore dolomite movie. Eddie Murphy killed it. I wish big Daddy Kane could have made the cut..😁

  28. This movie was absolutely great. Had me smiling from ear to ear the whole time

  29. Saw it today and after a few minutes, the first thing on my mind was “This movie would be such a great fit for Bernie Mac and Charlie Murphy”. Great movie anyway

  30. Prince Rahming

    This movir was fukin AWESOME!!! I never knew about Rudy Ray but heard a lot about him…this movie made me start looking up his whole career…Eddie Murphy always does an awesome job in any movie and Wesley played the zhit outta that part and the big chocolate beautiful blk woman just melted my heart I wanted to marry her at the end of the movie she look absolutely delicious!!! What was amazing is to to realize that they played everyone involved in putting the movie together…t

  31. Attorney That Rides

    I liked the part at the end when Dolemite was the only one who saw a positive in the negative review. More films like this should be made with Kung Fu, Titties, and funny comedians from the black community!

  32. I love me some Eddie Murphy 😍😍

  33. Best shit in years!!! Thank you!

  34. This s*** had me crying 🤣🤣🤣😎🤗🤗🤗

  35. Looks like eddies back to his best again 👍👍👍

  36. 🎶”Ring a ling ding dong, ding dong ding” 😂😂🤣💀💀

  37. I watched the movie Sunday while having lunch and didn’t realise I’d finished it,let alone had pudding and four beers.
    Amazing freaking movie, watched Dolemite straight after

  38. I wish John Witherspoon was in it. R.I.P “pops also to Charley Murphy and Bernie Mac. Rest in paradise gentlemen ❤

  39. Fuckin amazing film!!
    The casting was genius!!
    I can’t stop watching it.

  40. Never been a huge fan of Eddie but he is phenomenal in this movie (as is the entire cast).

  41. noneya business

    Blacksplotation movies made by black to keep black where they belong. The real racist are your own people against you using you.

  42. Squirt Reynolds

    I absolutely loved this movie! Had to go on Amazon prime after this to watch the first Dolemite movie though. Seems like Netflix should have contracted the rights to all the Rudy Ray Moore flicks prior to releasing Dolemite is my Name.

  43. Such a groovy movie!! has it all…the titties, the kung fu, the comedy 😁 loved it!!

  44. dolemite was an undercover fag according to his manager foster corder thats why Eddie plays the role so well

  45. DAYUM , first Pryor, then Mooney, now Dolemite, ??? at this point whom in Hollywood AIN’T gay. ???

  46. Why everybody’s getting their panties up in the bunch you can look at the guys movies the way he walks and talks you can see he’s gay that shit ain’t no secret

  47. Rio Ras souljah

    Don’t be mad at this elder Rudy Ray Moore always looked gay to me he and alot of others don’t get upset or less some of y’all bi curious or gay a real man can tell he was anyway without this brother saying anything in my opinion and no disrespect to the women but of course y’all mad because most women in America has kissed,a woman sucked a breast or went downtown and are ashamed of it but a real man will never try homosexuality because our manhood is worth more than gold even if we’re poor

  48. Oscar for Eddie Murphy


    I knew the first time I saw him he was gay. Onlythetruth

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