Kanye slams Democrats for brainwashing African Americans, gets Trump’s support

Kanye West rips Democrats, gains support from Trump/(Andrew Harrer – Bloomberg)

Kanye West slams Democratic party.

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LOS ANGELES — Make blacks great again? Kanye West is no longer a Democrat and for that he thanks his Lord and savior Jesus Christ. During a recent chinwag with radio maven Big Boy, the 42-year-old lyricist ruffled some Democratic feathers when he spewed a series of erythrogenic remarks about liberals; claiming their culture proselytizes death and penury. Yeezy also accused Democrats of brainwashing African Americans. “We’re [black Americans] brainwashed out here, bro. Come on, man. This is a free man talking. Democrats had us voting [for] Democrats with food stamps for years,” Kanye said.

“What are you talking about? Guns in the ’80s, taking the fathers out the home, Plan B, lowering our votes, making us abort our children … Thou shall not kill.”

Kanye’s credo was met with approbation from conservatives, most notably President Donald Trump who said he’s a fan of the rapper’s communiqué and new album, “Jesus is King.” But, there’s a syndicate of blacks who are absolutely pissed; many of whom were Kanye supporters. When asked if he harbors trepidation of alienating his adherents, Yeezy replied: “I’m only afraid of my daddy, God.”

Do you agree with Kanye?

Are Democrats bad for blacks?

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  1. He is being straight up real this man is being true to himself and real with all of us

  2. Bullshit Detector

    Kanye does a lot of talking, but he never says anything. We are living in an Occult nation. I don’t like it, and I would rip the crown straight off of Jesus’ head TODAY if I seen the bastard. Kanye is not a visionary just a MF who speak too much. Kanye is still a puppet and it’s sad. You can’t intellectualize BULLCRAP. Forget christ…GOD WANTS TO DESTROY THIS OCCULT SYSTEM 👌 and kanye using jesus to keep the false knowledge alive. Kanye just not that dude. Sorry not sorry. Kanye can take his philosophy to hell. Black skin head nigga bye! 😂 out here like a bitch getting lipo. Nah, he can’t rap to me no more. Kanye recognizes a younger generation not going to church so he capitalizing on that, and the dummies eat it up because they are know nots.

  3. Shellie Carlisle

    I am so impressed with what this man s saying. He sounds like he truly loves Jesus. I just wish he was speaking some repentance for all the blasphemy he has put out there over the years. Keep praying for him brothers and sisters💞💞

  4. Kanye I freakin love you bro

  5. Free man speaking. 👏🏼 thank you Kayne!

  6. Please speak about your wife and the Kardashians and their destructive influence on our society please..
    True faith is based not in pride, but in sincere humility and fear before the Lord -a brokenness of Spirit regarding our sins, true repentance of sins
    Stay rooted in the word of God not your own wisdom

  7. Kanye is just a guy who knows what he wants to say but can’t express himself properly….plus he’s married to a kardashian, so that must be tough on the brain

  8. Demetria Smith Miller

    THE MOST HIGH GOD is dealing with Mr. West.
    I am “”NOT”” to judge him, nor say he is doing good or out of Order.
    But, I do know when “”THE MOST HIGH GOD”” is dealing with a person, and conditioning them. Everything is going to seem (( STRANGE, UNUSUAL, & MISUNDERSTOOD )).
    This happens when our “”HEAVENLY FATHER”” Is conditioning & building a personal relationship with his Earthly Children..
    Mr. West seems “”SOME-KINDA-WAY”” now days. Just give him some time, and Everyone will see & finally understand this process he is going through !!
    All of this is going to work.. *THE MOST HIGH GOD DO NOT PLAY, & NO ONE CAN PLAY HIM*

  9. Master Of The Craft

    Kanye is doing some great things. Block out the hate! Wow Kanye

  10. man, I bet he was rooting for jesus when he was writing lyrics like “I made that bitch famous”, or making a music video of him screwing a girl who was obviously supposed to look like Taylor swift. Kinda taints the idea of religion and faith. and you wonder why people dont take it serious anymore.

  11. Big boy looks great!

  12. Hollywood Gold

    Black Americans are NOT African Americans, you are Americans with African heritage. Also, your culture is American culture. And that’s part of the problem. Black American don’t want to join team America. Now I agree you need to create you’re own, but if America is so bad to the black people, there are 54 countries in Africa, move there and show us all how it’s all done. OR join team America and claim it. I think black Americans are blinded to their OWN racist behavior. In my personal opinion, black people are the MOST racist in America todays.

  13. Kanye is an inspiration to those who are straying from God or have strayed. A great example of God’s power, using someone so vulgar at one point, and making him a great speaker to show Jesus’ love through his platform. Beautiful

  14. Why do Black Democrats believe Trump is the “slave master” as BigBoy said??? Tell me ONE THING Trump did to harm any black people??? Nothing! Trump has IMPROVED black lives — all people’s lives! Wake up Dems! You are being BRAINWASHED!!

  15. i am a muslim but im happy and proud of him.. i think he is misunderstood

  16. this man reminds me of trump

  17. Kanye the rapper to kanye the pastor.

  18. I thought Kanye was a genius. If he was such a genius like he says he is, he would have INVENTED a religion, not become a follower of an ancient one. Now Kanye sounds like an average Christian. He’s not saying anything new, and this world needs NEW truths.

  19. JESUS IS KING !!!

  20. Democrats hate mah nigga here, they want us to hate them whites people so that they can control us.

    Remember, they are the party of the kkk, jim fucking crow and they fought to keep us in slavery, brought planned parenthood to the hood to kill our unborn brothers and sisters.

    so miss me with that liberal bullshit.

  21. WTH Kanye…you making sense…..LOVE

  22. Cute little cat

    God bless you Kayne. I’m sooo glad you are speaking out against the establishment and all the fake Hollywood s***, people telling us what to think and to not believe in God etc. We were a Christian country until the Deep-state communists eventually took everything over. I don’t support mainstream media and fake news anymore. For more than 20 years I haven’t listened to them. I listen to myself and Gods direction. We need to find ourselves again as a country, as a people, and you are helping to facilitating that positive development and healing we all need after decades of brainwashing.

  23. Great interview! Big ups to Kanye, everyone’s not going to get it, keep lifting up Jesus! To God be the glory 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  24. sasha butterfly

    “Why you did this album?” “Because Jesus is king!” 😀😀💓💓

  25. Friendly Ghost

    The only sane man in Hollywood. This guy has always been special and real.
    Maybe some thoughts are not fully formed or tangents like a mother fucker but truth / good spills out this mans soul

  26. Wow I’m fascinated by him right now!! This country needs this right now!! So happy for him and I really love how his mind works!! Good for him!! Thank you Jesus!!

  27. LoveKanye ! He True Christian man of Christ 🦅🇺🇸 Turn your back on victimization! 🥰 Love it ! The Fear and Love of God are the Victory ! 👍

  28. LoL hes so fucking retarded.

  29. Jesus is King!! My Lord and Savior!!

  30. Need to pray for this man. DEMONcrats killed Martin Luther King for almost setting free blacks enslaved, who was a Republican. Y’all don’t wanna hear this.

  31. Be careful people. This is the man who was making records with Jay Z, a man who said he sold his soul to the devil, a man who made a video talking about “he is a monster”…yet he is saying that 10 years ago he was already thinking about God? Be careful who you follow… When he speaks about “GOD” does he mean the GOD the father, or is he talking about Satan, God of this world…



  33. Everything he’s saying has been said before are people just that stupid?

  34. Justina Ragland


  35. 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 this amazing man has come full circle. Bless you Kanye and peace up!!

  36. I used to not like Kanye. But now this cook sounds fucking more retarded than ever. Glory Jesus talk, but gives credit to Jesus and Christianity as if that garbage religion never lied or changed to the will of greedy Kings. All religion is garbage. And now this leech is latched on to a giant Christianity tank to suck on. Cries racism, but Christianity is the most racist and evil organization on the planet. Pope’s and the Vatican have special lawyers for sexual allegations. Christian churches lie to get hefty donations and tax exemptions. Now this retard is latching on to the gravy train.

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