R. Kelly’s income from royalties will be garnished to satisfy child support debt

R. Kelly ordered to pay ex-wife Drea $20,000 per month/TMZ.com

R. Kelly to pay $20,000/month.

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CHICAGO — “My wallet’s telling me no. But the judge is telling me yes.” Even though he’s incarcerated and unemployed, R. Kelly is still required to pay child support; except this time he’s been court ordered to satisfy the debt in royalties. According to legal docs obtained by TMZ, a judge ruled that emolument accrued from the singer’s song catalog will be garnished to recompense his ex-wife, Drea Kelly, to the tune of $20,000 per month. Kelly, if you recall, was thrown in jail a few months ago for delinquent child support. But he eventually came out the pocket.

Failure to pay shouldn’t be an issue going forward because Kelly’s royalties from music rights entities such as BMI and Sony continue to draw an exorbitant sum. Kelly, 52, will now use whatever funds he has left to combat a myriad of federal and state charges tied to rape and sexual abuse.

Do you agree with the judge’s decision?

Did Kelly trick us into believing he’s penurious?

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  1. Engracia Kadima


  2. Bradley Thirumurthi

    When this guy beats all the wraps and make a killer come back Ballin, I’ll be buying the next record

  3. Drea Kelly need to hope no female do not do Robert Kelly Jr the same way she doing rkelly

  4. Well he has to pay child support whether fans like it or not. His youngest son is 17 or 18, Buku already say that she doesn’t need the money but he has to take responsibility like a man so as long as she’s taking classes and not dropping out of school Robert has to pay the child support. Just because Drea getting his royalties that doesn’t mean she’s broke she didn’t make those babies herself he played apart in it to. It takes 2 to tango I’m proud of Andrea call her all the names but she’s getting everything.

  5. I’m confused. Most courts stop child support payments when the non custodial parent is incarcerated.

  6. Shirley Williams

    The money should go to the kids but in their name not hers because I get child support and the money I us it to pay my bills and my kids aka momma luv

  7. Andrea is a fucking Bum

  8. Learned My Lesson

    cheaper to keep her

  9. Yes he’s not that far behind on the child support, good idea to give her the royalty’s, when he gets out he’ll be done with it, he’s only paying for that last boy, Robert Jr. And this the last year, sometime next year, he’ll be done with it, I’m glad he’ll be able to breathe again, however Drea needs to know stripper poles are on sale on Amazon and they do hire elder women with decent bodies at strip clubs all over the world, maybe with a side contract, in case of injuries due to age and healing of hips knee’s and such 🤦🤷🙄🤐


    Just face it. R.kelly is done. Pay your debts to society and keep on moving.

  11. I always said he wasn’t broke, why do u think Steve Greenberg is still with him, if he was penniless as he said, he would have had a public defender..

  12. It’s over for R. Kelly

  13. Sharon Middleton

    Now he needs to pay ol’ girl her money for bailing his rotten a$$ out of jail earlier this year. He can also pay up Drea and his daughter’s college tuition while he is at it. SMH trifling shiftless negro.

  14. I knew his ass wasn’t broke! There was no way in hell he could’ve been!

  15. You don’t play with the feds…They will find out everything about you, your family, your childhood friends, your first boyfriend, If they come for you just give up and tell the truth….you can’t hide shit from them…

  16. Showing r Kelly some love 💕 he will be alright 👑🙏🏾💪🏾💖💖💖💖

  17. Y’all dumb if y’all thought he was broke this man wrote for everybody EVERYBODY……..

  18. Why is he still paying them kids been stop going to school

  19. Chachuwa Tanko

    The man sit in jail and he is not Working before sit in all his Business was block he can make good Money because of her and the other woman this woman is an evill person

  20. Go Drea 👏🏼

  21. Free dat nigga fu$k them hoes

  22. I believe Drea has been bought out by some high industry elites to keep her narrative going against her children father publicly which is one of the most worse sins anyone can do. Once she has served her purpose the devil will come back to collect and there will be a special place in hell for these types of people.


  24. This skank ass hoe suffers from malicious parent syndrom and parental alienation syndrome its weird that his family law attorney did not bring this up also these are grown as children who probably dont live with her..I cant wait for her to get what’s coming to her.!!

  25. Tanya campbell

    Drea has to pay her ex husband Alimony

  26. None Of your business

    I thought all the kids were over 18

  27. Bentley Akabueze

    Drea leave this man alone.
    He’s locked up now what do you want again?. sympathy or fame?.
    Scornful woman

  28. I think one important fact that nobody points out is that R. Kelly paid her a $50 million settlement!!! Wtf did she do with all that money??? There’s no reason their daughter would need to drop out of college when her mom’s net worth is 40 million dollars!!! You can look it up.

  29. Good on her. People would rather love R Kelly the pedophile and hate his ex wife. This world is so messed up!!!

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