“Claws” actress Niecy Nash is divorcing electrical engineer husband Jay Tucker

Niecy and Jay are calling it quits/TMZ.com

“Claws” star is gettin’ divorce.

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LOS ANGELES, Cali — Niecy Nash, 49, is headed to divorce court and it may have something to do with giving an exiguous amount of blow jobs. The “Claws” star and her husband — Jay Tucker — are calling it quits after 8 years of holy matrimony. But, you should know they’re severing ties on amicable terms because they’re way “better [off as] friends than partners in marriage.” The couple released a joint statement, saying, “As we go our separate ways now, we feel fortunate for the love we share — present tense.”

If you recall, Niecy and Jay (an electrical engineer) cemented their nuptials in front of 200 witnesses during a televised conjugal ceremony on TLC. A few months ago, Niecy disseminated some connubial guidance to fans in an exclusive chinwag with Essence Magazine.

The curvaceous actress told the girly publication, “A BJ a day keeps the divorce attorney away.”

Do you agree with Niecy’s oral sex reasoning?

Is daily fellatio the key to maintaining a healthy marriage?

Watch Niecy’s interview.

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  1. Marriage ain’t shit because people ain’t shit. The society we’re living in now is all about “SUPERFICIALITY”, securing the bag, sex, getting high off of drugs, and social media.

  2. I kinda felt something was wrong because she hasn’t wore her ring in pictures for a while on Instagram 😔

  3. I guess a blow job a day really dont pay. They just did the Oprah couples special too. I do wish them well.

  4. Adam G. Westwood

    She probably got too busy for her morning blow jobs lol smh I wish she kept that to herself.

  5. Sharissa Davision

    Everybody getting divorces these days makes me wonder if marriage is all that it cracks up to be.

  6. Faithful Wisdom

    I guess blow jobs couldn’t keep him,you tried Niecy!!!!!!

  7. He is fione though. Oh well another one bites the dust. This makes number 2 for her.

  8. beautyfyewitAlaina B

    Shiiit they way she was getting it in on Claws… hubby might not been to happy seeing that jk…jk…
    But oan.. folks been having divorce parties. 🤦🏽‍♀️

  9. No more bj

  10. I guess a blowjob a day didn’t keep the divorce papers away. 🤷🏾‍♀️.But all jokes aside I’m really sad to hear this. I thought they were so cute together

  11. I knew that was coming…. he was sherry Shepard ex husband friend and look how that turned out.

  12. Noooooo😢 this gave me hope

  13. Awww..I hate to hear that. I really liked them as couple. 😳 Good Luck To Them Both.

  14. I guess sucking his dick every morning didn’t work?!?! 😲😂

  15. Now she can get with roller 😆

  16. Chess Checkers

    Some younger dude tapping that ass….i get the cougar vibes from her

  17. i feel like people stay in marriages too long and get married too often.

  18. Marriage is overrated these days. Men and Women focus on your health and wealth.

  19. A bj a day helps tho…..ijs

  20. Charles Johnson

    Somebody tell Neicy Nash I got a BIG crush on her…and I think she’s ON TO SOMETHING..Oh, I just wish those juicy lips was smooching me …that ninja just couldn’t handle what comes with being her man..🙆‍♂️🙇‍♂️..”NO MO TALK!”

  21. Marriage is a joke. You get tired of having sex with the same person.

  22. Prayer a day keeps stuff away

  23. Another fake Hollywood couple/ marriage. Niecy Nash is the person who set Up Sherri Shepherd with her ex husband, and the relationship flamed out after 2 years. Therefore, I’m not surprised that the Queen Bee’s match makers marriaged crashed and burned after 8 years.

  24. The same thing you did before marriage keep doing it,most pull the bait and switch,mine that why 3 months later I was loading her shit on a truck,3 months later she back to wanting to slob the knob,no thanks,BYE !!!!!

  25. Evanescent Euphoria

    I guess her jaws got tired.

  26. Damn ain’t gon lie that nigga selfish, 😂😂😂nigga gettin his jimmy waxed every morning getting emptied by those lips and still broke up. 🤦🏾‍♂️.

  27. ReelVanLife Living

    Her mouth was always filthy. I did not like her talking about bjs or anything sexual. I guess I’m just private like that. Yes we can have girl chat but only behind close doors. Publicly is a no no for me. I’m private about my relationship and I’m private about my body too. I let people wonder. I wish the both of them well. Divorce can be challenging.

  28. Just be private and work on your marriage without broadcasting everything you do. Kerry Washington is good at it and I forget she’s even married.

  29. If anybody take love advice from a woman is stupid. The bible say women can not love. She only loves one thing. HERSELF.

  30. she can suck my dick right now

  31. Sharpgirl's Serious

    Becareful about bragging on your relationships cause you never know what may happen. Then the people on Social Media will dog you, constantly replay and remind you about what you said and did ! They can’t wait !

  32. “A blowjob a day, keep the divorce attorney away ” ? Shitttt ..That’s What’s Up ! LOL 🤔😃😜

  33. Amanda Phillips

    Desna is the shit💯 that show is nuts n the looks she gets in her eyes jus scream BOSS😎I love her

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