Sexual Assault Video: Cuba Gooding Jr. is caught on tape groping woman’s derrière

Cuba caught on video booty-grabbing/Associated Press

Cuba Gooding Jr. ‘busted’ on tape. 

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NEW YORK — “Show me the heinie!” In a kinky development, TMZ released a new video that shows embattled actor Cuba Gooding Jr. pinching a white woman’s ass at the TAO nightclub in downtown New York. The alleged booty-grab went down around 4:20 a.m. on October 28, 2018. Surveillance footage shows an inebriated Cuba clasping Natasha Ashworth’s derrière with his right hand as he saunters past her. Then he backs up and appears to touch her ass again.

The two experienced a series of contretemps afterwards.

Natasha claims she told the concupiscent thespian to keep his f*ckin’ hands to himself. But Cuba, 51, refused to take her warning seriously, telling her, “Aw, that’s no fun, and I didn’t [touch your ass], I touched your back.” The “Jerry Maguire” star was recently indicted on multiple counts of sexual assault and forcible touching. Cuba has more than a dozen female accusers. Do you think he’s guilty?

Is it time to smell his fingers for corroboration purposes?

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  1. That was her BACK come on now.

  2. Women are scandalous now days.i guess porn ain’t doing it for them they need something easier smh lol

  3. Jimmy Cracked Corn

    blog king you sir are an asshole

    he didnt touch her ass, he touched her back

  4. She thought he was OJ in real life 😂 angry white women = check

  5. Will Zimmermann

    Oh dam why was this not the first video that was released if she isn’t suing she should some other dude had to step in

  6. Omg I don’t think this was assault. She look white .. doesn’t surprise me 👎🏾

  7. Bugzy Benjamin

    SMH her butt must have been smoking weed because it is really HIGH 🤔

  8. People listen. You don’t touch people repeatedly over and over when they don’t want you to touch them. I was at a bus stop and a man got off a bus cussing out this woman in front of her husband for being rude and walking all over the top of his daughter and not moving over then telling him and his daughter that they should have moved over. Okay, if that’s the truth then, hell, I can see why he was angry. But then, he came the f*** over and started pushing his body allllllll the f*** over on my body over and over showing how she walked over his daughter. Hell, how the f*** did that make me feel? I didn’t like that shit either!!! When someone says “don’t touch me” or pushes your hands or body away and gives you eye contact, then they are letting you know that they want to be touched. Don’t be defending shit like OJ or Bill Cosby shit because somebody’s famous. Now, I wasn’t there, I don’t know if he touched her butt or not but he sure kept putting his hands on her several times.

  9. You can clearly see that he ABSOLUTELY DID NOT TOUCH HER BUTT


    It Look like he touch her side not her butt well her but is flat so it’s part of her side not being funny , nothing to see here folks move it alone.

  11. French Vanilla

    So am I the only one that saw him touch her butt! You people don’t know how slick these perverts guys can be. It’s never really a or grab. But they do it in a sneaky way. You definitely touched her butt🤷🏼‍♀️

  12. Angel Maldonado

    Old pervert! I’m sure he was drunk as hell to be groping that woman like that. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  13. George Skondras

    Well it looks like she’s trying to stop him.. from repeatedly touching her.. people on here acting like he’s all innocent just because he’s famous 💀.. f*** the creep should learn to keep his hands to himself

  14. Elizabeth Duncan

    Boi! have you done lost your damn mind!!!!??? hell if you wanted to touch a “flat board” … there’s plenty of them at your local lumber store! Smh

  15. He’s STUPID he continues to touch her. WTF is wrong with him?

  16. You’re telling me that out of all of the alcohol and drug infused parties, sexual orgies, satanic rituals so on and so forth….a reach around the back is what they choose to “expose”? Why? Because what’s really going on is what’s being hidden. Evil and wickedness is not an anomaly, it’s the norm. So I’m supposed to believe that all at once all these women coming out as “victims”? This is clearly an orchestrated effort to assassinate his career and character. He must not have paid his dues to the powers that be and this is the cost. The price for fame out weighs its perks and when your name is signed and your soul is bargained what would you pay to get it back??? Jesus is coming soon and we need to keep our lanterns burning bright for the world to see and have a place of refuge.

  17. You could tell shes shook when he goes behind her again. She avoids giving this clown her backside. Yea FK that the [ I WAS DRUNK ] excuse dont work 4 me

  18. No way she should get money for that shit. Maybe an appology but thats about it.

  19. Mr Night Williams

    Wow, this is yet another public lynching of a black man. I wonder how many other men touched her back try to get at her that Night.

  20. I would call that my lower back. He did not pinch her….men do yourselves a favor….Just walk with your hands in your pockets because you can’t get in trouble that way….at least it’s safer. I am on the Cuba team from what I see.

  21. Daniel Rodriguez

    There’s no ass to touch 🧐

  22. This man needs to keep his hands to himself and stop going after white woman , he thinks he get a pass bc his a actor . These shot woman going to get him locked up look what they done to Cosby

  23. Wait….. where’s her butt?

  24. Amber Lafferty

    Holy shit is this what’s considered sexual assault these days? If you ask me it’s an insult to women who have really been sexually assaulted to put something like this in the same category.

  25. Miss Opt1mistyc

    @CubaGoodingJr, I have watched nd enjoyed almost every movie uv starred n, hwevr, n my opinion, ths particular video definitely shows inappropriate touching on ur part whether ur intentions wer innocent nd non-malicious regardless of hw you try to deny it. Is ther not one celebrity tht can fess up to ther mistakes nd/r poor decision(s)? Before you lose ur credibility, own up. Why follow th footsteps of ur fellow artists nd others? Throw urslf on th Mercy of th courts pleading temporary insanity of bein “Stardrunk”, Punch-drunk r jst plain drunk. Validate these Women by offering thm an apology nd a substantial settlement. Tht won’t excuse wht you did but it’s a start. Be tht standup guy, tk som time off nd resume ur career wth dignity nd integrity. I realize ths is easier said than done but th cameras aren’t lying nd mor than likely these Women aren’t either. ijs

  26. He literally DID TOUCH HER BUT. I had to watch it a few times to see it but it is when he first walks pass her!! OMG….He should KNOW BETTER!!!!!


  28. It looks like he touched her back. But a flat butt can be mistaken for a back.

  29. Money hungry hoe

  30. Ray Ray Dewitt

    He’s a scumbag I knew he was a weirdo after his performance in Radio

  31. He touched her lower back as he was about to go around her. There was nothing sexual about it.

  32. A black man barely taps a white woman on the back and they make a federal case out of it! Meanwhile, white police officers shoot and kill black men and they get away with it SCOT FREE! Where is the justice?

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