911 Burglary Call: NFL star Fletcher Cox threatens to shoot burglar with shotgun

Fletcher Cox threatens to shoot burglar/ClutchPoints.com

Eagles D-lineman threatens burglar. 

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NEW JERSEY — Law enforcement officials in Gloucester County have released the disturbing 911 call effectuated by Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle Fletcher Cox during an armed burglary at his New Jersey residence. While on the phone, Cox told the dispatcher, “I got somebody trying to break into my house and I’m about to blow his brains out right now… He busted my door – part of my door. I have a shotgun. If he comes into my house, I have a shotgun, I’m going to blow his brains out.”

The deranged malefactor, Corbyn Nyemah, busted out several windows with a baseball bat. He also concocted extensive vandalism to one of the vehicles. Following a police pursuit, Nyemah was arrested and charged with multiple crimes including burglary and criminal mischief.

Turns out, Cox was f*ckin’ Nyemah’s ex-girlfriend and he showed up at the property to rekindle their romance. When Cox and the thot spurned his ingress, Nyemah went Babe Ruth on their belongings.

Listen to the 911 call.

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  1. Americans for Truth

    Can you get to safety??? I’m in my house……. can you keep running and hiding………??? that’s the mantra of this country………

  2. See what happens when you mess with other peoples women

  3. I really thought he was gonna blow dudes brains out.

  4. therealsongstress

    You ain’t got to blow somebodies brains out bruh … yell at him

  5. 2 fukn simps in action…you dumb fckrs will never learn.
    Just pass that H0 along bc she belongs to everybody.

  6. chris pelletier

    What the fuck get somewhere where you’re secure , he is secure he’s protecting his house the fuck

  7. If ur wife would fuck soneobe else you shouldnt be in love w her anyway

  8. He should of blown the fucker’s brains out!!!

  9. Cops shouldn’t be telling him to go hide in a room, he has the right to defend his home.

  10. Fletcher “im bout to blow his brains out” Cox

  11. Fletcher cox is a piece of shit homewrecker

  12. Div7ine Heiritage

    So cops are lousy every where….great

  13. 78 Stankin Lankin

    Just what to expect from cheaters. Hide in the house with a shotgun.What goes around comes around

  14. willie williams

    “Can you get somewhere you’re Secured?”…..Dam!….I’m in MY HOUSE….
    This Shotgun is Here to Close the Deal!……

  15. Jeremy Mitchell

    Funny tough black men hate police but who did he call when someone wantex to kill him for fucking his girl.What a pussy your fletcher cox why you hidong behind a gun lol

  16. WhyTheHorseface

    He showed excellent restraint to not shoot. wow. I woulda lost my shit and started firing.

  17. Who’s hiding in their own house?? B### this my house!!

  18. Cox if it happens again shoot first and ask questions last..

  19. Blast his ASS!!!!!

  20. If a person breaks into my house while I’m home the last fucking thing I’m going to do is hide when I have a gun next to me. I’ll wait until the fucker comes inside and then I’d blow his brains out just like Fletcher said.

  21. Oh my fuck! Can the police please stop telling homeowners to flee, or go hide, and just send the cops? Jesus…. I know nobody wants to allow homeowners to actually defend themselves, but guess what? Tough shit. Shotgun. Either you boys get here with cuffs, or a body bag; but this is his house – and he has the right to defend it by any means necessary!

  22. Lol if you fuck somebody’s girl shoot them a fair one pussy. You weren’t gonna shoot no one . COrBaN wAs hIsNaMe 🐀 rat ass 🧀 fat fuck

  23. This dude likes other people’s pussy/OPP

  24. Wolfman IsBack

    I guess that pussy is almost to die for

  25. Fletcher: “I’m about to blow his brains out.”

    Kevin Heart: “It’s about to go down!” 😳

  26. Javaris Walker

    Have to be armed, strapped or whatever you call it these days police dispatcher conducting a damn interview while he’s defending his home. Typical “one time” always late to the party unless it’s a doughnut or free coffee party. Response times are horrible for people who should know their “beat”. Another thing why hasn’t Oprah or Jordan both billionaires done anything to stop the violence in Chicago. Seems about WHITE I guess.

  27. richard escobar

    Fletcher Cox just randomly chills at home with his shotgun.🤣🤣

  28. TrailingSkies27

    Fletcher “First your wife blows me, then I blow your brains out” Cox

  29. I hate when you call 911 they ask the dumbest questions! 911: sir do you see anyone outside.
    911 caller: 😐 I’m telling you if they break into my house I’m blowing their brains out

  30. Sir, can you get to a safe room?
    Why? I got a shotgun, this room IS safe.

  31. Fletcher Cox is a bad ass

  32. Ricky Fontaine

    Thats gotta be a messed up feeling ur wife goes and sleeps with a d linemen whos like 340 pounds and super rich.. Like you can’t whoop his ass you cant outspend him and he’s probably bigger below the belt thats why ur wife is with him. I feel bad for that dude lol.

  33. I’m not hiding in my own home.
    They better hide from me.
    I’ll shred them with a shotgun.

  34. LMAOOOO! This is seriously some bullshit. You are in your OWN HOUSE and the stupid police saying “Is there somewhere you can go?” Like bitch, this is my shit, I can go wherever I damn well please and have the right to defend myself and my property.

  35. Mmmm, is he tryin to creep up on another’s mans wife/girl again?

  36. Should of blew his fucking head off. He would of blew yours off if the tables were turnt my g. Once you enter into a man’s domain with intentions on taking or harming his family & children it’s a BODY hit em wit the shottie🔫🔫🔫 #callthemeatwagon

  37. Michael Parrish

    When u mess with another mans wife u should expect them to come to ur house duhh!!!!

  38. Messing with fletcher cox. Guy must be enormous or fucking crazy

  39. Cox was giving dudes girl some cox and he didn’t like that

  40. Niqqas

  41. Even if you’re married a bitch is really never yours!#Nevertrustanybitch. As long as there’s social media! There will never be any loyalty! There’s niggaz in every bitches inbox in this world! And she’ll like niggaz pictures while you right next to her! And tell you I don’t be in it that much, I just communicate with Friends and family!! I don’t talk to any guys! Check out the bitches DM!!! 💯💪😎🤳 Any and every bitch!! I promise. Same result!!

  42. Warren Morphis

    This is how ninjas get killed…over skanky bitches….she knew this mofo was comin for her ass – and didn’t give a shit if he got killed or not…..

  43. Beverly Taylor

    That’s right fletcher defend that white women, you Ninjas are a piece of work. Always up a white womens ass😏

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