Homicide Video: Black cop murders white woman after she kept callin’ him “N*gger”

Black cop shoots white woman after she calls him N-word/Bodycam

Black cop smokes armed white lady.

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BOSSIER, La. — The District Attorney’s office in Bossier Parish, Louisiana has exonerated black police officer Patrick Edmonds Jr. in the deadly shooting of Shannon Rupert who called him a “n*gger” repeatedly prior to gunfire. Rupert, a middle-aged white woman, was also armed with a pair of scissors. The fatality transpired in a hotel lobby on October 25th. It was also captured on video. Bodycam footage shows Edmonds pointing his gun at Rupert as he orders her to relinquish the weapon. “Put the f*cking scissors down!” Edmonds yelled. “You’re gonna have to shoot me n*gger!” Rupert replied.

After she calls him the N-word multiple times, Rupert “aggressively [approaches Edmonds] with scissors in hand” and he retaliates by letting his gat explode. She died moments later. District Attorney Schuyler Marvin sent Police Chief Shane McWilliams a missive on Monday to elucidate the investigation.

“Based on all evidence reviewed, it is my firm opinion that no crime was committed by the officer as his actions constituted justifiable homicide,” Marvin wrote in the communiqué.

What’s my take?

When descrying the video, you can tell Edmonds had a significant advantage in strength and weaponry. That’s why, instead of shooting Rupert, he should’ve knocked her upside the head and took the scissors. Now, had it been a male assailant, Edmonds would’ve had every right to smoke his ass.

But the situation should’ve been handled differently because it involves a woman.

That said, do you agree with the DA?

Was the homicide justified?

Watch the disturbing video and judge for yourself.


  1. Black officer kills white suspect. When are we rioting guys? Lol.

    Fuck this crazy ho.

  2. So why can’t he have just tased her

  3. Some Things In Life

    She so gangsta yo!

  4. Meth is a helluva a drug.

  5. I see why he shot her but I wonder why he didn’t taze her?

  6. It pisses backup off because they never arrived in time to put more bullets into her. Never seen a cop not kill if there is a very slight chance they can justify killing someone. He could have used a tazer or his stick to disarm her but it requires compassion and moral for human life in which they all fail to have.

  7. Mohammed Alajmi

    What the hell she is woman & she had only sicssors he could tize her or spray piper spray rather then killing her dom cup

  8. Sheepdog Wrangler

    This was not justified at all, its flat out murder. There was no reason to use lethal force, he had a taser and could have easily used it. To say nothing of the fact she was not attacking him, she only moved closer to him and was clearly not in a rational mental state to begin with. Not to mention continuing to rant like a loon about dropping the scissors after putting two rounds in her and seeing her dying on the floor, while still aiming at her. He is mental and very clearly intended to kill her and he flat out says he would. She should have been tasered, period. He belongs in prison for murder, period. If a normal person shot someone under these exact circumstances they would be brought up on charges

  9. In my opinion she wanted to die, suicide by cop, unfortunately.

  10. StevesWatchinYou

    I feel like it woulda been worth a shot to try and ask her what happened/are you ok? Like get her talking about why she’s all fucked up and maybe she woulda calmed down. Idk. That roll though! 👌🔟

  11. Black cop kill white drug addict. Nothing to see here! Maybe that cop was scared for his life but 1 shot would have done the trick. Maybe a taser or some of his training. Oh wait I forgot our law enforcement are all scared rookies

  12. Robert Steinfein

    Regardless of the circumstances…I think we all can agree she was stupid as fuq for walking up on the police like that with scissors in her hand…the fuck else yall thought would happen?

  13. Why do American cops insist on killing people? She was armed with scissors for god’s sake. It’s apparent within the first 5 seconds that she’s not mentally well. In the age of identity politics, people with mental illnesses and the like are thrown under the bus

  14. The nextinline

    Justified? How is this justified? So you’re telling me that cops don’t even need to use the taser anymore? They just open fire at anyone who’s moving towards their direction? I guess all those good cops who do everything they can to avoid shooting suspects, are just…losers, right?

  15. K ssssssooooo you couldnt just taze the bitch? Oh, no, that would be too much like right. Justified homicide my ass, you just wanted to kill someone, admit it. Knowing you couldve just tazed the bitch, this will eat at you for the rest of your life, unless you dont have any type of human emotion which is crap cuz ya did cuz you alledly claimed you felt your life was in danger. Thats a load of crap so i guess you training plus common sense didnt do anything for you. Hhmmm

  16. Shines light into the eyes of a scared delusional woman from behind counter – high powered beam equal to a car headlights and causes temp blindness sometimes – draws gun – causing alarm and panic in the woman who is clearly having a breakdown – from behind protection of a desk draws gun a point blank range – Should be pepper spray or tazer or even just a flashlight would have dissabled her as its 5000 lumes of light beam causing the person to have to hold and cover eyes when at full pulse – tells her hes gonna kill her next and does it – so so wrong

  17. You should have tazed her ass first.

    You failed Police.

  18. @JUSTIN B…. What is your thoughts on All THE UMARMED BLACKS GETTING SHOT & KILLED BY POLICE …….Go head I’ll wait…..

  19. Why couldn’t he use a taser??

  20. White privilege did not work out too well on this day. RIP

  21. A real man would not have murdered that woman. He would have helped her. Blue Isis strikes again at the first sign of opportunity. Imagine the hero that cop could have been if he had been a little bit more patient with her or maybe even just taken the safety scissors from her hand.

  22. MrQuicks class

    Big man with bullet proof vest shots and kills small woman with Scissors. Merica……..

  23. Maurice Muhammad_3

    This was funny 😂 to me the flip and all.. The best part it was justified!! She was high on her whiteness and in truth it caused her Death… She said shoot me nigger… And she got her wish… And Black people are a little more safer because a racist is dead… It’s time to celebrate 🎉!!! Truth has come to you ~

  24. Pussy cop. 2 shots? No taser. Roast this pig.

  25. Bossier City Police do not carry tasers.

  26. He is weirdly going ‘ drop the scissors ‘ after shooting two bullets into her chest – keeps saying it – not normal response – Shows no concern for the poor woman who is on the floor dieing – no natural concern for her which you see normally present in officers – normally there is a sense of concern – even panic when they have killed someone – just nothing

  27. Couldn’t go hands-on with that boomer? Not even shit-talk her? Pansy. ‘Course, the case law pertaining to less-lethal force is just plain FUBAR, so go figure.

  28. Unnecessary. But we live in a world where we are constantly told women can do everything men can do. Which includes physical force. So now she is dead. Twenty years ago, she would have been taken down without a mark on her.

  29. Second person he has killed since he is been on the police force, June 2018. This guy has a problem.

  30. Luis Armando Avalos

    Boy do they hate when the tables are turned!!!!

  31. Really…he needed to KILLED her because of scissors.?! thats weak!

  32. That cop wasn’t justified in this shooting. A black cop shoots a white women, shooting is justified, if it had been a white cop shooting a black women that officer would be charged with murder. America has the worst record of police murder in world. This officer just enjoys shooting people.

  33. Freddy Valentine

    Maybe a little too much force? What the hell.. she was a threat but the police officer didn’t have to kill her like that… such lack of empathy. Couldn’t the police officer have used a taser instead, and cuff her on the floor? Maybe this veteran had a little too much fun in the battlefield.. just my opinion

  34. Where’s ‘White lives matter ‘ ?

  35. She should’ve just complied 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

  36. Rest in piss crackhead


  38. Juliana McFarlane

    Now y’all white supremacists wanna talk about using a taser for once 💀 now y’all wanna act like you have logic. If someone came after my tiny ass with scissors best believe I’d shoot them too!! I don’t have enough fat whatsoever to protect me 💀

  39. None of Your Business

    When a black man is unarmed y’all wanna justify his death but when a blonde ugly gargoyle is armed and threatens the mans life, it’s not justifiable???????? What if it were a black man?

  40. Coward ass cop with murderous intentions smh “I will kill you” instead of just disarming her with nonlethal force. Lost of natural affection in these last days. Smh

  41. sent Express right to Jesus 🙏📿🤲

  42. Deus Xplicitly

    Praise this man for putting this dangerous pale bch down

  43. People always got something to say if it was a black man he would’ve been shot jus for running away with no weapon the bitch had a weapon running towards the cop take her down accordingly

  44. Im glad that Thug didnt hurt that officer.

  45. He feared for his life…case closed.

  46. He could have tased her from behind the counter. Poor coo coo bird was high as Judy garland 🤦🏾‍♂️


  48. Stupid redneck bitch nice shooting tho made the bitch do a standing flip 😂

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