Browns free safety Jermaine Whitehead threatens to ‘shoot’ a radio broadcaster

Jermaine Whitehead tweets racist tirade/

Whitehead made murderous threat. 

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DENVER — Just moments after his Cleveland Browns lost to the Denver Broncos on Sunday, Browns free safety Jermaine Whitehead logged into his Twitter account and disseminated a profanity-laced tirade towards fans and media members. The polemic included racist dialect and death threats. Most of the vitriol was directed towards Browns radio broadcaster Dustin Fox of 92.3 who tweeted “Whitehead’s tackling today is a joke.” Whitehead, who whiffed on a pair of critical tackles, got ran over by Broncos tight end Noah Fant during his 75-yard catch and run in the second quarter.

The 26-year-old veteran responded to Fox’s tweet with an R-RATED commination.

“Come get it in blood bitch made ass lil boy,” Whitehead tweeted. “I’m out there with a broke hand… don’t get smoked fuck ass cracker.” Whitehead also threatened to shoot several other critics before his Twitter account was abruptly suspended. Browns officials are obviously pissed.

“Jermaine Whitehead’s social media posts following today’s game were totally unacceptable and highly inappropriate,” the team said in a statement. “We immediately spoke with Jermaine upon learning of these comments. The Browns in no way condone that type of language or behavior.”

“This matter will be further addressed internally,” the team added.

Whitehead was waived shortly after sending the tweets and his NFL career appears over.

Did he deserve to lose his job?

Is there too much pressure on professional athletes?

Share your thoughts.


  1. If this guy wasn’t playing professional football, I don’t see how he could stay out of prison for very long.

  2. Aren’t death threats illegal?

  3. His English teachers must be proud!

  4. Naymon Newbern

    How about waive the damn coach

  5. If it had been a white dude dropping the N word he would have immediately been cut and likely banned from the NFL. But since it’s a brotha they’ll deal with it internally.

  6. I guess you a free agent now blood 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. Kemba StepBack Walker

    Pays a guy millions to rip another mans head off. Fires him for making threats on a phone screen

  8. This shit’s crazy. What do they own you when you play in the NFL? How can they tell you what to do with free speech? How is it free if we need money to live? Basically you get free speech or you get money. Pick one


  10. Only the Browns Lol

  11. Let me get paid millions of dollars to play a game.

    Also let me get called out on twitter and cry a little inside because I’m self conscious about my tackling.

  12. He tweets good with a broke hand.
    Tackling, not so much

  13. Bye Bye you idiot!… what is wrong with you?… so childish and immature let me know how flipping burgers is going for you..if your lucky enough… you’ll probably screw that up 2!

  14. Raaaaacist!!! This is how blacks really feel about white people. Wake up.

  15. Keith Kinoshita

    Damn this nigga mad?

  16. Cleveland players have been yapping their traps for months. Cutting this guy is a distraction from the other garbage within the organization. The inadequate, incompetent owners and management can point to the swearing 🤬 kid and deflect responsibility for their own behavior and attitude. Cleveland is junk and a metaphor for their ownership!

  17. Sad no more paycheck

  18. The idiot that wrote this, “Blogking”, said he used racist dialect. If it had been a Caucasian that used the “N” word I’m sure Mr. Burgerking wouldn’t say he used racist dialect. At least you did slide it in your blog that he said something racist as watered down as it may be.

  19. Jerry Phillips

    Guys of today don’t understand that social media is not your friend. If I was an athlete I would have a mandated account but I would not be reaching out to fans and responding to shit. If I am a millionaire athlete I would think I would have bigger fish to fry than to squabble with some coach potatoes on the internet. Having character, humility and confidence is not something everyone has, you have to develop that through maturity maybe my man doesn’t get it yet. After losing money he should though, I hope he doesn’t go Antonio Brown on us.

  20. This racist hatemonger should never play in the NFL again. His death threat is a crime and he should be prosecuted for the crime, a hate crime !

  21. TheyCallMe MISTERWheat

    He can now go hang with Antonio Brown and discuss why they’re out of the NFL…(must be “whitey” keepin’ them down.) Certainly, nothing they did.

  22. AB : “I’m making the biggest Twitter gangster in the NFL!”

    Jermaine Whitehead : Hold my beer…

  23. big dick bandit

    Racist MF

  24. How you gonna get fired on your day off?! Smokey voice

  25. Robert Carlson

    He should have just went home and slapped his coal burning fat white girlfriend around

  26. You can take the brother out of the hood…but you can’t the hood out the brother!!!

  27. Devonte Saunders

    Lost his job over comments gtfo of here he let 💭”them”💭 get the best of him if its something bothering that much get off/out of social media while you still can.

  28. Imagine being a racist black guy but your name is whitehead 😂😂😂

  29. Always have a troll account when famous.

  30. They fired him because he sucked, but now can conveniently blame his tweets and maybe not pay him because of morals clause violations. He is a dumb , shitty stupid bastard. Use Twitter to say good things about your shitty team and make it HARDER TO FIRE YOU DUMBASS. You can say nice things- you don’t have to mean it.

  31. Alfonso Albano

    Now do u see why people say the N word when a black person says cracker it takes a better person not to say it its not cool

  32. Mad Trucka Max

    What a dumb ass

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