Antonio Brown slams NFL, says league extremely racist against black players

Antonio Brown calls NFL racist/

Antonio Brown hammers NFL.

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MIAMI — It’s probably safe to assume Antonio Brown’s NFL career is indelibly fractured. The 31-year-old receiver lambasted the league on Thursday with a profanity-laced tirade via Twitter. Brown’s bombardment comes on the heels of former Cleveland Browns safety Jermaine Whitehead’s racist communiqué on Sunday. “Imagine conforming to a system — giving it a 100 percent — to see them treat me like this is unfairly,” Brown tweeted. “Making money off my sweat and blood. F*ck the NFL. I’ll never play in that sh*t [league]… treat black people the worse! Clear my name and go f*ck your self.”

It’s been a turbulent nine months for Brown. The Pittsburgh Steelers traded the 9-year veteran to the Oakland Raiders for a bag of peanuts in March. But Brown coerced a contractual egress after threatened to beat the sh*t out of Raiders general manager Mike Mayock during practice.

Sources said Brown called Mayock a “cracker” and a “devil” in front of the entire team.

After getting jettisoned from Oakland, Brown signed a one-year deal with the New England Patriots for $15 million. But he was released amid allegations of sexual assault. Britney Taylor, a former gymnast, is the complainant. Has Brown finally burned all of his bridges? Does the NFL have a race issue?

What’s my take?

It’s clear there’s a faction of negro athletes who have a problem with their white, gray-haired, billionaire employers. Even though the NFL is 70% black, the league is owned and operated by 32 elderly and/or middle-aged Caucasians; many of whom are staunch Republicans.

That’s a bad admixture to say the least.

That said, jaundiced negroes like Brown are wrong for hatin’ on proprietors who have the right to run their business as they deem fit. If black players are truly fed up with white authoritative figures, they can simply start their own league. Sh*t, this is America. Nobody’s putting a gun to their heads.

See, black athletes like Brown have plenty of mazuma to effectuate new commerce. But many are too busy procuring gold chains and chasing vulva to execute that type of entrepreneurial prescience. That’s not the white man’s fault. Besides, the NFL has a culture problem; not a racial one.

For example… if all 32 owners were black, would the NFL operate under a different business model? Would Carry Underwood be asked to perform the “Sunday Night Football” song or would the privilege go to Beyoncé? Would there be mo’ black general managers, black coaches and black quarterbacks?

Again, the NFL is ran by a conservative preponderance and that’s reflected in both the culture and business model. Acquisitive negroes like Mr. Brown need to buy a clue instead purchasing diamond earrings and mink stoles. The door of opportunity remains open.

Blacks are most culpable for not walking in.

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  1. Timothy Harrison

    The nfl is a big raping money hungry beast… and we can’t get enough of it…we’re f#@kd

  2. Matthew Jay Evans

    Don’t drop the soap

  3. Interested learner

    Fuck all you white bitches, AB too real, we really targeted in this country make a nigga hate white people I’m talking shedding blood watching souls levitate.

  4. Here are the 3 things he should have been careful of.
    He’s a black man, with money, that puts him in the spot light. So he should have been protecting himself. You cant get away with certain things like others. When you want a good life for yourself, then protect yourself. And dont be stupid, doing stupid stuff and saying stupid stuff. That money want protect you, but that light shining on you get very hot.

  5. ALL Black Sports players must seize to play any Sport. Lets see what that does.


  7. Donna Jai Adams

    Football is corrupt and needs to be called out. Horrible

  8. Carl DiFrancesco

    😭😭😭it’s cuz I’m black!!!
    FUCK YOU CHILD MOLESTER 🖕🏻🤨🖕🏻🤔give em 12years and 12inches……then chop his dick so it dont happen again

  9. I’m worried about this dude, this is seriously getting out of control. This ain’t gonna end well.

  10. Antonio Brown needs to go to a mental hospital

  11. That dude out of control. The white supremacist Society screws with all of us but he can’t be whining when he making millions. SMH

  12. Oh the irony of an alleged rapist having a serious issue with other people using and controlling his body. Yikes

  13. AB, just a dumb ass. All he had to do was STFU. Patriots protected him from the media. All he had to do was play , make the money and show others he was trying to be professional . I get it building your brand ; do it PROFESSIONALLY !

  14. He says f**k the NFL……
    …..until he realizes that being a has-been sucks….and unemployment really, really sucks!!!

  15. Why is it always a race issue? It’s not because you’re black, it’s because you’re a mental case.

  16. I really like this guy, he’s hilarious! But I don’t like the cussing…..

  17. Well at least this let’s me know the NFL is not rigged or set up cause he definitely would of blew that up whole cover-up

  18. Donnie Woodland

    The whole reason he’s doing this is because he thinks like a child if he gets signed everyone will be looking at him to prove it and if he can’t people will forget about him and that’s the killer getting forgotten!

  19. This poor bastard has been knocked completely retarded. If his actions weren’t enough to convince you, then just read the Twitter posts. As much as you try to feel sorry for the guy, these posts are too damn funny. I think OJ Mahomes has a better chance of playing again.

  20. Raidersssssss Baby !!!!
    This dude is a clown !!!
    Bye bye 👋

  21. He’s right about how they mistreat blacks tho

  22. He should just go to the chiefs

  23. Wait until the banks come and repo his shit and he finds out that regular jobs don’t pay like the NFL.

  24. He’s crazy as hell but I like him😂

  25. AB is a racist! Mad because white people are still his boss and sign his million dollar checks. Sad bastard!

  26. Aquatic Scrotum

    McDonalds is hiring.

  27. Antonio will be broke in one to two years, good luck in your next job at Walmart bro!!, they sell great beats headphones to drown out your agent advice

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