School Fight Video: Black teacher is jailed, charged after ‘beating up’ a white student

Tiffani Shadell Lankford fights her student/YouTube

Substitute teacher pummels student. 

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KYLE, Texas — This week’s “I F*cked Up a Good Job Award” belongs to 32-year-old Tiffani Shadell Lankford, a black substitute teacher, who was arrested and jailed after she beat the sh*t out of a white special needs student. The sanguinary ordeal went down Friday afternoon in Spanish class at Lehman High School in Hays County, Texas. The ass-whuppin’ was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows Tiffani thwacking the 15-year-old several times in the countenance before tossing her to the floor and stomping on her head.

But, it should be noted, the student hit Tiffani first.

Deputies with the Hays County Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene. Tiffani is charged with second-degree felony aggravated assault. She’s lookin’ at 2 to 20 years. She was also fired. “We take the safety and security of our students seriously,” Karen Zuniga, the school’s principal, wrote in a statement. “We took swift action when this incident occurred and will do everything necessary to protect our students.”

Tim Savoy, a spokesman with Hays Consolidated Independent School District (CISD), said Tiffani had filled in 18 times as a substitute teacher without incident since joining the school district in late August. The student, who was knocked unconscious, received treatment at a nearby hospital.

Word on the street claims the teen used the N-word prior to throwing the first punch.

Could Tiffani’s deportment be construed as self-defense?

Watch the disturbing video.

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  1. Teacher gets cold cocked square in the jaw FIRST— SMH! Teachers are powerless to stop kids from disrupting class and Kids are SOCKING THEIR TEACHERS in the mouth now? — and expecting them to roll over as always!


  3. She shouldnt have swung on the teacher first, like the article says she did

    Wanna act grown, catch a grown persons as whooping.

  4. Daaaaaaaamn!!!

  5. I wonder what the girl said to set psycho teacher off?

  6. where does blog king find this shit? Hehehehe!

  7. What happens when you don’t share Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich.

  8. Fuck that kid…the little crumb snatcher swung first 🤷🏾‍♂️

  9. She’s facing 2 to 20 years in prison for aggravated assault. She’s going away for awhile.

  10. Animal Instync

    I hope white b*ch so sorry for her skin color.
    Im Black i hate white people.
    Penation for all bad thinks what whitee do.
    For blacka slavalery, genocide of jews and native americans, colonialism, imperialism.

    Personaly im very active BLM member and i do all what we can do to punish white people.

  11. john mcallister

    So first this kind of shit happens, then, when all the whites have fled the neighborhood/city, you got the same blacks whining : “white people are so racist, look there’s no white around, it’s a ghetto now, we are the victims here, gna gna gna slavery, gna gna colonization, gna gna give us money”.

  12. They are just like us, but no brain.

  13. Anyone see that porce of shit teacher on the street, beat her ass silly. Hell, i start a go fund me page to raise money to pay someone to do it rite

  14. White ppl love to talk shit till something like this happens then all of a sudden they play the victim #SameShitDifferentToilet

  15. looks like a RACIST attack to me,.. oh that’s right, blacks can’t be racist.. rolls eyes! We all know if the teacher was white and the student was black, the incessant screams of racism would be echoing throughout the universe as we speak

  16. Sad how the color of a human being is being brought up throughout this post. Both human beings misbehaved in this situation. First, the student hit when the adult was in her personal space, and neither action or reaction should have occurred. Second, the grown adult assaulted her in return, and it wasn’t self-defense. It was a beating from a grown adult woman to a young, immature adult.
    As you can see from the video, the student was not physically capable of inflicting severe harm with her strike. Sad, how the media is creating ugliness between the races, and we are falling into it. The grown adult should receive prison time for the vicious assault, and the teenager hopefully learned a lesson not to solve problems with your aggression. Both ladies should be in our prayers and receive the healing that they need.

  17. That head stomp lol. Ghetto.

  18. I hope this teacher gets jumped in jail dies there.

  19. conspiracy woman

    Not to justify what the Black American substitute teacher did to the White or whatever race the teenage girl exactly is due to whatever the situation may be the Black woman was supposed to stay professional in her profession at her job, but everyone should put their last dime on the situation and think twice why it happened and it couldn’t be no more than some racist or some other etc etc bullshit coming from the teenager and NOT !! the substitute teacher. Brutally honest.

  20. Allegedly the student called her the n-word and slapped her that’s why the teacher attacked her. Smh

  21. I dare someone to hit my daughter like that, I’ll be the one finishing it and ending up in jail.

  22. Attempted murder, adult stomped on child’s head. This could be a racist act, as well.
    The adult must go to prison for several years minimum.

  23. I know how evil students can be…. but Damn!

  24. bitch student started it

  25. queenbeethatme100

    No amount of hitting by a student justified that. Lawsuit.

  26. I don’t even know if Tyson would’ve stood a chance, DEADLY RIGHT HOOK for the knockout.

  27. Jasmine Dempsey

    Young adults these days have little to no respect for others.. I’ve seen young adults students scream and disrepect teachers throw objects etc you see this all the time in the news. If the race of the individuals were reversed would it have the volume of attention and outrage ? This incident should be thoroughly investigated. What did the student say did she spit in the teachers face before striking her ? Yes the teacher used excessive force. However, the student struck the teacher first let’s not forget this.

  28. thank god I'm an american

    If that was my child the teachers family would be making final arrangements today !

  29. Edward Soda Jerk Miranda

    Someone’s getting college paid for 😊

  30. This teacher is a menace to society.

  31. Make Students Respectful Again MSRA…

  32. The girl hit the teacher so it is fair game

  33. Animal Instync
    Not only are you a racist you are also a domestic terrorist.

  34. The teacher had a prior offense for a 2014 domestic violence incident. Are there any standards for being a teacher?

  35. seydamazingnails

    Why is that teacher dressed in sweat pants and a jacket lol

  36. Right the Wrong

    What in the hell was this teachers reasoning? She was definitely in the wrong profession! I hope she gets what she deserves.

  37. Some sad shit

  38. Omg this lady should not be near any children 😡😡😡 WOW. If she has children take them away. Scary 😡😡😡

  39. Everybody in the comment section shut the fuck up okay, this woman should not go to jail for what she did. yes I said it. because these students today don’t give adults no respect because you have this new law you can’t hit the kids, and that’s why these kids put there hands on us and talk to us the way they do, no one don’t agree with what I’m saying fuck everybody in the comment section from top to bottom

  40. gorilla tactics

    WOW she beat the shit out of her

  41. Karma is a [email protected]#%$! Have fun in your new gated school, called Prison. You will be able to exercise your substitute teaching skills in a yard full of knuckle heads!

  42. county sheepdog

    1. Assault
    2. Child abuse
    3. Child Endangerment
    4. Assault w/ deadly weapon
    (stomp to thew head)

  43. Looks like to me the little bitch got exactly what she DESERVED.

  44. Fuck the Dumb Shit, the student slap the teacher first!!! These teachers can only take so much.


  46. Well, this bish is the wrong business.. Hey, become a female boxer

  47. Shes so dam dumb for lettin a kid get under ur skin like that….

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