Racism Video: Trina snaps in Walmart

Trina goes off on racist Walmert shopper/TMZ.com

Trina snaps on female shopper. 

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MIAMI — While patronizing a Walmart shopping center in Florida, Trina damn near caught a case when a white shopper allegedly called her a “n*gger bitch” after they bumped into each other in an aisle. The profanity-laced tirade went down in Cooper City, Florida, a suburb of Miami. It was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows the 44-year-old rapper cussin’ out the Caucasian lady as they stood face to face at the counter. “Say it again you dirty ass bitch!” Trina screamed as she pointed her finger in the woman’s countenance.

“I’m a n*gger bitch? Say it again! I dare you…”

A concerned bystander quickly called police as a handful of customers started yelling and screaming at each other. Witnesses told investigators the woman told Trina to “watch out, you n*gger bitch” after the aforementioned collision. Officers tried to file a report, but Trina declined.

Instead they gave her an escort to her vehicle for safety purposes.

The perpetrator was allowed to leave the property without interrogation.

Watch the crazy video.

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  1. “I dare you to say it ” doesn’t sound like it been said..

  2. Y’all keep listening to Trump, he gonna get y’all fuked up REAL bad!!!!!

  3. Who the hell is Trina?

  4. She said it once , y she need to say it again!…go ahead and give her the business with no delay please!

  5. SAY IT AGAIN !!! Oh she didn’t know walmart don’t have no security haha I mean the kinda security that would risk there life trying to touch Trina . Then dude calling police mother fckn 4wat ?? She stepped to him like CALL WHO YOU WANNA CALL !! He took 2 steps back that wayyy 🤣🤣🤣 say it loud SHE BLACK , SHE PROUD 👏👏👏👏👏 she still that BTCH !! THE BADDEST BTCH WALKING

  6. y’all know how disrespectful that word is… its going to get to a point where people are going to get enough of that shit and damn explode…and this is just a prime example…STOP FUCKING with folks! Your card will get pulled PERIOD

  7. Trina was fina put them paws on her

  8. Okay! When motherfuckers starts getting bodyslam. You’ll rethink using the n-word! We are not playing! Slice a Bitch!

  9. I wish Trina had slapped that bitch into next week

  10. The girls probably a democrat

  11. It’s crazy the type of disrespect that’s out here in the world and sometimes you just got to stand up for yourself and demand respect especially when it comes to racism

  12. I would’ve said it again so I can get some of that money (I’m not white).

  13. As she should, some white ppl think because they got a orange chetto in office they themselves can say what they want . Not in 2019

  14. I hate when someone get loud.🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ all that hollering. When i get upset i get quiet if i aint already have slap or punch u in the eye🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ i talk less.. and if a tear fall u better run 4 ur life…🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️ why uma run my blood pressure up 4 i handle my business humbly.

  15. Racists are nothing more than bullies and underneath the surface bullies are just hateful cowards. Not to mention, hatred is always a indicator of insecurity. When you hate someone (regardless of the reason), it’s because you feel threatened by them

  16. HumpWhales Fun times

    Exaggerated the situation again instead of being the bigger person realizing some people are at a loss and the generation of inconsiderate racists will die out soon enough instead we’re making scenes and causing problems that nobody needs the lady’s wrong but sometimes just shutting up and knowing they’re a scumbag is better because a disturbing the peace charge isn’t fun

  17. Trina taught us how to be da baddest 🔥

  18. Say it Again? FOH! You supposed to cut that devil on sight if you bout it. screaming and yelling in public is corny.

  19. Trina shoulda smack that pale face hoe!!!

  20. WTF is wrong with white Americans?!

  21. unapologetically me

    Okay but what lead up to that comment I’m sure the person didnt just walk by pick a random girl to call a N?! You never see what caused the whole fight to begin with 🤨 people need to start filming the whole damn story lol

  22. It’s as if people really expect them to change they are who they are and always will be this country’s Foundation is built on racism so stop expecting something different from them

  23. Uncomfortable Truth

    “SHOCKING”?? Really??? She said it, n you didn’t do shit!!!!! Had it been a black woman, you wouldn’t mine losing your fake hair fighting, but since it’s a white woman, you’ll wait til she say it 3, 4 more times before fighting….. punk ass

  24. Trina should’ve just DIVED on her 💯💯💯 it should’ve been Mayonnaise EVERYWHERE

  25. Juiceplus Adrienne Hicks

    Reallly??? Trina has been needing to get publicity lately, her album didn’t pop off, Nicki wouldn’t do a video, Trina is in a Walmart and out of every Black person there, shes the one who gets called a N. Word, lady disappeared, Trina doesn’t want to even file a complaint…seems a little Jussie smollett to me🤔

  26. I love me some Trina

  27. Hyqueenity Tmc


  28. Black people are so sensitive to a little 6 letter word.

  29. I would have spit right in that bitch face, Trina did good… They start shit then always play victim

  30. Michael Steven

    This is disgusting behavior. There are families and children who have the right to shop without this idiot screaming. No excuse for exploding in public profanity and anger. I guess cause she didn’t want to show weakness in front of her entourage??? Is she in a Walmart or State Lockup ??? Be the better person in a bad situation. ( I guess homegirl didnt take the high road on this one. )

  31. My name Trina too. And I get the same way when someone get outta line. I feel her. Dumbass white ppl man smh. Prejudice and racism is still very much alive. Smh what us black ppl have to go through

  32. Dear white people we are not our ancestors. You’re dealing with a totally different breed

  33. Y’all why she at Walmart???

  34. I’m so sick of these racist azz people. Just go live in the woods, grow your own food, raise your little racist babies, and leave everybody else tf alone. There is plenty of wilderness left and I assure you, nobody wants to fxxk with any of you.

  35. taneisha blair

    Trina just lost her mom that lady is dealing with alot and that was just the icing on the cake

  36. Who cares!!!!! Being called out the N word is a normal thing NOW 🤣💯

  37. TheBestFighter

    Trina’s the typical ghetto black female. Always loud making a fool out of themselves

  38. She should of beat the brakes off that dirty hoe..

  39. music lover1984

    Trina was mad she’s lucky she didn’t get her a$$ beat but then she could sue trina and have her arrested for assault.

  40. William Schutz

    I’m more shocked that Trina shops at Wal-Mart.

  41. rolanda parker

    White people are the most hated race it is 🙄🙄

  42. This is the reason why i will never date a black bitch they don’t have no self respect nor class

  43. of course the white man is calling the police on the black woman…

  44. I don’t blame Trina 👏💯 she made that white bîtçh ran outta Walmart 😂😂😂😭😭

  45. Chris Kolumbice

    I get being upset about something like this but we as black people can’t act out of character every time a hateful ignorant person wants to bring you down. Laugh in their face and say God help you and walk away. Devolving to their level is not helpful.

  46. Scarface tonymontanna

    I’m so glad my baby checked ✔ her bitch ass…. Love you Trina🌹💖🌹

  47. So it’s ok for her to use that word in every song she’s ever been on but it’s not ok for someone to say it at Walmart
    Makes perfect sense

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