Stephen A. Smith becomes highest paid sportscaster at ESPN, role will increase

Stephen A. Smith makes ESPN history/

Stephen A. lands massive new deal.

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BRISTOL — Stephen A. Smith was already rich. Now he’s downright wealthy. The 52-year-old sportscaster reached an agreement with ESPN on a lucrative 5-year extension that will pay him $8 million per year. The new indenture tops Mike Greenburg’s salary of $6.5 million, making Stephen A. the highest paid sports personality in the network’s history. “For the Jay-Zs, LeBrons, Shaqs, and others I don’t consider them the American Dream. I consider me the American Dream,” Stephen tweeted.

“You got a one in a billion shot to be them, but you can be me. You can go to school, you can work hard, you can make it and be Stephen A.”

Once word got out, many celebs logged into their Twitter accounts to send the Winston-Salem State University alum their approbation. “Congratulations to my friend @stephenasmith for his huge new deal with ESPN,” tweeted Earvin Magic Johnson. “Continue making history.”

In addition to the remuneration bump, ESPN will augment Stephen A’s presence on the network. His métier includes ESPN Radio, NBA Countdown, First Take, ESPN+ and Sportscenter.

Congratulations Stephen A!

Like Magic said, “continue making history.”

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  1. He deserves more. You ever see ESPN without SAS…. it’s bad lol

  2. They should pay him more. I mean Colin Cowherd makes 10m perv year…

  3. Sold his fucking soul to Satan….sacrifice his mom

  4. Hardest worker on ESPN and even has his own espn radio show. He ain’t got no family and dedicates himself 100%. I don’t think I’ve seen a harder working black man lol. ESPN couldn’t afford to lose this guy to FOX and join shannon and skip, man that would be one hell of a show.

  5. Not bad for a brotha that attended a division 2 school

  6. I’m making $6 mil.

  7. Good for him, glad to see the brother getting paid!!!

  8. curteyethecat700

    Makes me wonder will espn have more layoffs this summer after signing SAS!?!

  9. You know what Molly and Max has more power and pull over him still lol well shit I’ll say it all the white host if he gets out of pocket they’ll get him out of here still

  10. SAS don’t forget what ESPN did to you years back when you made your comments that caused you to get suspended. Leave ESPN & go to FOX. It would be GREAT to see you on guest spots with your old buddy Skip, & watching you debate Shannon. Make it happen!

  11. Well deserved 💪🏾

  12. I’ve been reading, watching, and listening to Stephen A. Smith for close to 20yrs. He’s paid his dues. He’s managed to stay relevant. He deserves every penny.

  13. As long as he stays away from critiquing women, they will allow them checks. This fool just a richer slave and the slavery is his choice.

  14. If I was Steven A, I would ask for 12-15 million/year. Shoot, if he went solo and create his own platform with his massive following, he could make more!!!

  15. Mr.Smith IsThatYou?

    Boooo…. I miss STUART SCOTT!!!

  16. So this fucker getting more money then nba player wtf

  17. Cinex Annihilation

    Stephen A. Smith deserves it. He is the best one there. This could have been Jemelle Hill and Michael Smith. I liked them together.

  18. Give the man the money he deserves, that man is putting his vocal chords on the line with all that yelling. 😂

  19. Christopher Clark

    Michelle Beadle about to sue him for sexual assault charges…you know she big mad 😂😂😂

  20. gmshadowtraders

    He is a WINNER! A lot of haters, whites and especially black females will be gunning for his black ass to be fired or go to jail. At least one brotha is at the top of the game. Do it for the team bruh!

  21. the sellout sold his soul

  22. Well it’s about damn time they paid the man!!

  23. Hes the only reason I sometimes watch ESPN

  24. Good for SAS brother worked hard for it Congratulations to that man for putting in the hard work he deserves it peace ✌✌✌✌

  25. SuperCaliFragiListicExpiali DopeShit

    If you close one eye and squint a lil’bit then cover the sides of his head with your thumbs to make him look bald then he kinda looks like Steve Harvey 😂😂😂😂

  26. Ciaobella Amour

    Must be nice 👍🤷🏽‍♀️💯 💰💵

  27. that nigga lucky

  28. I bet molly gonna want a raise

  29. I think Stephen A should move on to bigger and better things . His personality is dope

  30. Stephen Smith hates his skin color so much he tryn’ to look white. Hahah…sucks to be blackie….

  31. can a nigga borrow a mil?

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